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  1. Perhaps a silly question, but don't the balconies have dividers? If so, I can't imagine the virus makes it over or around the divider. If not, recommend staying off the balcony while they are out!
  2. The incubation period for the virus is approximately 14 days, maximum...2% of people experience symptoms in the first 2 days and 2% experience symptoms after day 12...so, if you have been off the ship for at least 12 days, it is very unlikely you have the virus (at least from being on the ship)...2% chance at best!
  3. Not sure how much time you've spent in a hospital, but patients are brought their food. That alone mitigates most of the risk of someone licking their fingers in the buffet line. Those medical professionals are also more adapt at knowing how to control the spread of germs. It's only the same environment in the fact you are on a ship, but nothing about how business will be done is the same.
  4. I think there is a major difference to consider. If the ships are used as Hospital ships for non-critical patients, the people controlling the movement, care, and feeding of those patients will have medical credentials. If you have nurses and Medical Assistants caring for these folks, the chance of a Noro virus popping up are slim and none. I think it is well worth any risk if hospital beds in major cities, like NY, can be freed up for COVID-19 patients...that's a no brainer!
  5. Excellent review...I'm really enjoying it. Looking forward to your report back (and maybe a few pics) from the Winemaker's Dinner. Enjoy!!
  6. Can you use it to buy Future Cruise Deposits? If not, I'm all for either the casino option or the pay it forward option. You can put a smile on your own face or put a smile on someone else's...which will also put a smile on yours!!
  7. That's a fair point. It just so happens that on the Regal, the mini's were on Caribe. I understand the balconies on some ships are smaller on different decks, but either way, we would rather have the extra interior room and the couch then a larger balcony. Curious though...what ships do you recommend staying on Caribe as opposed to taking a free upgrade to a mini?
  8. We always use a Princess Vacation Planner and it has worked out great. We had 6 couples going on the Regal last year. 4 of us booked with the same Princess Planner...the other 2 with their own TA. It just so happened that all 4 of us were offered an upgrade from a Balcony to a mini-suite at no charge. Of course, we had 6 balconies all together, so when we said absolutely, the other 2 couldn't get in on the deal because they booked with the TA. Eventually, they got an upgrade and moved in the mini's near the rest of the group, but it cost them an up-charge. Anyway, long story short...we have never had an issue with a Princess Planner...used the same one multiple times and she has been awesome!!
  9. On Sea Days, our favorite morning spot (just after breakfast) was the Wakeview Bar...best Spicy Bloody Mary on the ship. One of our favorite St. Maarten excursions is the Rum Punch cruise that takes you around the massive yachts...basically all around the lagoon area...then drops you on the Dutch side for 1-2 hours to tray a restaurant or shop. A bus then picks you up and head's over to the Market or you can ride back to the dock. All along the way, of course, is music playing and rum punch flowing!! It's a pretty fun time. Thanks again for your review...the pictures are incredible. Bravo!!!!
  10. We really enjoyed the String Quartet as well. Those young ladies are very talented! I really enjoyed your review. Now I want to go back on the Sky, but won't make it any time soon! :(
  11. Not debating where any of the deaths have occurred...just the fact that the virus is nothing to take lightly. I pray for the lives of all of God's children, not just the ones with good healthcare. The point being...the virus is dangerous and should be treated as such. BTW: the flu stats are based on worldwide deaths, so not just deaths in countries with first world healthcare...they still don't even come close statistically to the coronavirus.
  12. Seems to be a lot of misinformation going around, especially the idea that the coronavirus isn't as dangerous as the "normal" flu. Fact is, the flu kills about 1 in every 1000 people that contract it. So far, the coronavirus worldwide has killed 1 in every 49 people that have contracted it. That makes it 20 times more likely to kill you than the normal flu. I highly recommend you take the disease serious and avoid areas/locations/situations that could infect you. Good luck to those traveling in potentially bad areas either by necessity or by choice.
  13. Beautiful dog...we love our Goldens!! Great review of your trip...thanks for taking your time to do this!
  14. Beautiful dog...we love our Goldens!! Great review of your trip...thanks for taking your time to do this!
  15. I always pre-purchase a few cases of water because I like to carry it with me everywhere I go...and the cost is relatively low. Don't drink sodas, so I can't help you there...but like previously stated, you can carry your own on. We always bring wine and pay the corkage fee and although we do our fair share of beer and fufu drinks, we never get the drink package...have never come close to drinking enough drinks to make it worth the cost, especially on an itinerary with a lot of ports. Port days usually equal less time to partake on board.
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