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  1. I can't speak for Home Depot (don't have one in our area), but for Lowe's, you can go online and apply for a My Lowe's Card. It's not a credit card...just a card that has a member number on it. Go to any checkout and present the card, they scan it and you get 10% on anything you purchase! And I do mean anything. From a light bulb to the refrigerator it goes in and anything in between. I highly recommend it for any retired or active duty military.
  2. We have 5 mini-suites on the Caribe deck on the Sky for 7-14 Dec. As far as I know, if it's like the Regal, we will be able to open the dividers between them. It sure makes for a nice way to mingle with the entire party. And for the record...it's a Mini-suite, which by definition would mean it's a smaller version...or if you like, it's larger than a balcony room, includes a nice couch for extra seating, and a tub/shower combo which is much roomier than a standard balcony.
  3. We actually had 5 cabins and received free upgrades from balconies to mini-suites. That was on the Crown.
  4. Thanks for the review. There are 12 of us heading there in December on the Sky Princess. I can hardly wait to check it out!!
  5. Look, I understand the need for regulations, following them to the tee, and understanding the consequences for not doing that. In my business, when I don't, people die. The entire point I was trying to make from the beginning is people are overreacting (IMHO) to the issue. The guy screwed up and it needs to be fixed. Banning Carnival Lines form US ports or everyone going to sail elsewhere is an overreaction. Fining the company and ensuring they fix the problem is the best road forward. That's all I was advocating for! Thanks, though, for the very informative posts. They were good information to know for future discussions. Cheers! Gotta go!!
  6. Nah!!! Those are the best guys to have a discussion with. Of course, being a professional myself I find it quite amusing that I like most professionals can't really see the forest for the trees because we assume others know the intricacies of which we speak. Sometimes looking at an issue from the lowest common denominator is the best way to understand the underlying reason and thus make it easier to formulate potential fixes. For what it's worth: I plan on taking cruises with Princess as often as I can and their indiscretion hasn't pushed me away from that decision one iota!
  7. Seems simple enough to me...guy makes mistake by pumping gray water back into holding tanks and discharging it when there was a potential for some oil in it...so, I say let's shoot the guy at sunrise to make an example to people for making a mistake and then maybe they won't make any more. Or, we can use a little common sense and realize the guy made a mistake that in reality had no long-lasting impact on the environment, but was in a protected area...hand out a fine for such a discrepancy (which they did). The other violations are all consequences of the one poor judgment and has no other impact on the environment. Bottom line: if people are going to go crazy and boycott Carnival lines for such a discrepancy, then fine...more room for me and mine!! I personally think it's Much Ado About Nothing!!!
  8. You are correct...it's all about where they dumped it. In the Gulf of Mexico there are an estimated 200,000 barrels of oil that seep from the ocean floor into the water every day. Mother Nature is pretty awesome and takes care of cleaning herself and her waters. It's because they dumped in protected waters that they were busted.
  9. Senior Frog's was closed in December of 2018 when we were there last. It was from the hurricane and never was re-opened. I know you mention shopping, but if you feel adventurous, taking a boat over to St John's and seeing the National Park over there is well worth the time and effort.
  10. That's very true...but when it is the customer using the organization (i.e. taking a cruise on a Carnival ship), that is of our free will and whether we want to incur the higher costs because of Carnival's indiscretions. For the customer that is the small business person, or port worker, or the employee of the line, they are punished when the action was not something they had control over. I am glad their well-being was part of the judge's consideration!
  11. Congrats...you managed to miss the main point of contention with my response: the idea of punishing the customer because the organization erred (regardless of the severity) is not a good precedent to set. You punish the offender. That is exactly what the judge has done. Now, whether or not you feel the punishment is severe enough is up for debate. But the tens of thousands that would have been adversely effected by keeping Carnival ships out of US ports would beg to differ.
  12. Best deal ever...we had 6 balconies in December on the Crown and were offered free upgrades to 6 mini-suites. I'm guessing Princess had too many folks reserving rooms for a balcony guaranteed and they didn't have enough of them left. It would have to be a really good deal though to move from a balcony to a mini if I'm paying extra dollars!
  13. Unless it's head's up!! Then it brings you good luck! I only pick up a penny that is head's up.
  14. Actually, what's insulting is you presuming the General Cruising Public is unable to understand the real issues of this case. I personally think the judge did the right thing...made a point to Carnival, helped the tens of thousands of people potentially effected by such a ban, and appeased the climate change supporters by tightening the noose a little.
  15. Just looked at the Deck Plans and it sure looks to me like Deck 16 (Lido) has the glass inserts in the floor of the skywalk. It would make no sense to have the skywalk jutting out from the ship and then not have the glass floor. Could be crazy or wrong (or both), but I sure hope the floor has glass...we have friends going that haven't been on the other Royal class ships so haven't experienced the Skywalk.
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