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  1. Simple rule: never gamble with money you are not willing to part with...then it doesn't matter what the payouts are. If you win something, it's bonus. For the record...the massive casino/hotels in Vegas are paid for almost exclusively through slots. The gaming tables are just a way to bring in the high rollers and potential for a big take by the casino. But don't think for a minute it's not the slots that pay the bills!!
  2. Funny how vacations vary from person to person...we spend mornings rushing to get things done and on the road to work...so, we love sitting down and being waited on in the MDR (if we aren't pressed for time...i.e. meeting for an excursion)...it's nice to sit and relax, order a meal, take your time eating and enjoying each other's company...good thing we are all wired different or the buffet or MDR would be overcrowded. LOL!!
  3. Besides the Fit Bit bracelet, do they make a wrist band specifically for the Medallion? Where can you go to order Medallion "stuff" prior to traveling to the port? Thanks in advance.
  4. I will be boarding right after you disembark! Smooth Sailing my friend!!
  5. So, take this for what you feel it's worth...I received a message from the guy that posted the above photo...he confirmed with his contact working there in Italy...that is indeed the Sky Princess. The reason the Seawalk doesn't look correct is because they had problems with the panels when they took it on a test run and had to pull them off. There will be panels covering the openings as opposed to the Royal or Regal. Like I said before, no reason to believe the guy is intentionally misleading anyone...but I will consider his confirmation to be legit. Either way, 130 days from now I'll be on her and sailing the Caribbean!!! Yippee!!!
  6. So much for that, I guess. Strange someone would post a picture on a Sky Princess page of another ship. I see no reason they would want to deceive the readers. Apologies to everyone for a false alarm!!
  7. Hence, the reason for this conversation. I'm trying to confirm the validity of the photo.
  8. Thanks for posting this. It seems the other photo could be mistaken. The gentlemen said the ship has made 4 test runs and should start official sea trials in 3 weeks. I guess we will know if the site you posted shows her sitting alongside the dock. Very strange!
  9. I didn't take the picture, but it was posted on a Sky Princess Facebook page by a gentleman that has been following the progress of the build. I see no reason he would post a different ship and call it the Sky. That being said, it's why I posted this, because I too thought it was going to be a different look.
  10. Saw this picture of the Sky Princess on another site. They just completed some test runs and everything has checked out well. One thing you can see in the picture, though, is the Seawalk. I'm glad to see they included it in the plans!
  11. No, not in Italy...it was in Garden City SC. I'd love to get his opinion but he passed away a number of years ago.
  12. Definitely looking forward to giving it a try! May need to go to an Escape Room locally and get some practice in so I don't look like that "lost" guy! LOL!
  13. Dad owned an Italian Restaurant when we were kids/teenagers...he would enjoy this selection...some really nice dishes.
  14. It has always been our first stop (if it's on the itinerary) for Eastern Caribbean cruises.
  15. I can't speak for the Vow Renewal itself, but I would imagine you could do it the same as the regular Wedding. Our Son and DIL were married on board and it was a beautiful ceremony. It was done on the first Formal Night at 2:00 in the afternoon. Princess did an awesome job on the flowers, the music, the documentation and even had a nice room for the reception. I highly recommend it!!
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