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  1. Hi chasing sunshine, sorry can’t help with your questions, just wanted to say we’re on that sailing, really looking forward to it x
  2. I have a slightly different question regarding the Premium drinks package, we are in a Sky Suite, if we decide to eat in our stateroom one evening would we be able to have a glass of wine with our meal that’s included in the drinks package?
  3. We booked about a SS2 a month ago for a sailing next August, we got our cabin assigned 2 days ago, I called to ask for it to be changed the same day and my request was accommodated
  4. Hi we’re on the Constellation, not sure if that’s M class, I called X and spoke to a really helpful agent who swapped us to 8127 so very happy with that, we’re on UK t and c’s as well
  5. Thanks everyone for your helpful advice, we aren’t traveling until August next year so we are still a way off final payment, anyway I have called X in the U.K. but the call was answered by a US agent who couldn’t have been more helpful and we’ve switched to 8127, purely because of the comments regarding people using the lift being able to look onto the balcony, also the cruise cost of the SS2 accessible cabin was a little less than the SS2 GTY we booked, so I asked if that could be applied to our cruise (fully expecting a no answer) and whilst the answer was no, she offered us an extra $200 obc which I’m very happy about, this is my first experience of X and so far I’m very impressed
  6. Can I ask which SS they gave you, we’ve just been allocated our GTY SS2 on Connie, I’ve started another thread about whether I should ask to change, they’ve allocated us 8121 which is accessible and right by the elevator, I’m worried it may be a little noisy x
  7. Having booked a GTY SS2, we’ve been allocated accessible suite 8121 on the Constellation, it’s next to the elevators, but I can see that 8127 is still available which is next but one to the elevator, would that suite be a little quieter as it’s not next to the elevator? Can anyone who’s travelled in one of these rooms advise?
  8. UpwardUK, with ours I can see the gratuities as an amount converted to ££ and we have obc and I can see that again converted to ££ and I assume if I were to book shore excursions it would use this credit to pay for them
  9. I’ve booked direct and I get the same thing, although it does show on the invoice I received, in fact most of the perks included in my booking don’t show on the website 😢
  10. Thank you both , I’ll try calling again, I think the Thomas Cook issues may have been causing the lines to be so busy when I tried last week
  11. Good morning, I need to cancel our cruise that’s booked for next year, I can’t find anywhere on the website to do this and can’t get through on the phone, does anyone know if it’s possible to do online? I booked direct not with a TA - tia
  12. I’m not sure if TC worked the same way with cruises as with hotel bookings, but it seems from people who are currently on holiday that hotels haven’t been paid by TC and some are demanding money from the holidaymakers, if that’s also happened here I think maybe you’ll have to wait for Atol/abta to sort it for you?
  13. That’s interesting I didn’t realise that, so is it better to book your shore excursions while the exchange rate isn’t so good?
  14. Thanks again for the replies, is there any particular timescale for them assigning cabins booked as GTY or could it be right up to when we travel?
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