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  1. Thank you, the cruise next year is much more expensive albeit no GTY cabins showing so I’m comparing to the cabin we’ve been allocated, also Dubrovnik isn’t included which was one of our main reasons for choosing the cruise in the first place 😢😢
  2. Hello, wondering if anyone who’s moved their cruise under the new CWC was in a GTY cabin? That’s what we booked and we had been assigned our cabin, but when I look at comparable cruises for 2021 there are no GTY cabins, also our cruise when we booked came with airfares included, reading the T’s and C’s it doesn’t look like that perk is included, again has anyone any experience on this - thanks
  3. Chances of swapping a 9 night Med cruise to a 9 night Fjords? probably zero, we don’t have to pay our balance until July, so I’ll probably sit tight until nearer the time, they might slacken the rules by then!!
  4. Our med cruise is late August our PIF date is July 1st, 57 days before we go, is this usual? I keep reading on here about people’s PIF dates being 90 days before travel and wondering why ours is such a random number of days before, we are UK based and booked direct with X are X cancelling cruises after PIF at the moment?
  5. Thanks everyone, the X website doesn’t seem to differentiate between SS1 and SS2, I was concerned that the aft suites would be more prone to movement but would the fact they’re on lower decks negate that?
  6. Good morning everyone, I’m trying to do some research just in case our med cruise in August gets pulled or changed itinerary, I’m looking at possibly changing to a 2021 Fjords cruise on the Silhouette, can I ask for recommendations on SS1 and SS2 suites, not the ones aft, I’d prefer to be mid ships, anything I should be looking out for or avoiding?
  7. Thanks Upwarduk, the issue in doing that for us anyway, is that our current travel insurance then would not cover CV, it will only cover CV if we immediately rebook, quite a dilemma really, but one that can wait for a little while
  8. That’s an interesting thought, we’re on a med cruise end of August, I’d hope they’d decide on any changes to the itinerary before we have to pay our balance so we can decide whether to pay or loose our deposit
  9. Thank you, I will check the wording on ours, I may just sit tight and see what happens to the med cruise season, we’re not due to pay until early July, by then we should know if our cruise stands a chance of going ahead or not
  10. Our insurance is with our Bank account via AXA and the new wording reads that it is covered if you immediately rebook, mind you looking at 2021 prices they seem very expensive compared with what this years cost!!
  11. I wonder if anyone can answer my question! We’re due to sail late August western Mediterranean heavy on Italian ports, I’m thinking it’s unlikely to happen in its existing sailing, so under CWC we can effectively defer our deposit to a cruise next year? can I choose that sailing now? the reason for asking is we have annual travel insurance that will still cover us regards CV but only if there is no break in our booking, if we take the FCC and choose another cruise later we wouldn’t be covered- hope this makes sense
  12. Just doing a quick check on X website and they have 4 ships going into/out of Italian ports starting April/May if the Italy situation doesn’t improve that’s an awful lot of reorganising for them to do!!
  13. Thank you, yes I understand it will be more expensive, what I thought was odd was they are saying it’s £250 irrespective of what the price difference might be at any given time!
  14. Just wondered if anyone else has come across this, we’re booked in a GTY SS2 which has been allocated as an accessible SS2 which is fine, but recently a number of SS1 cabins have become available, I called and was told the cost would be an extra £250pp, but the agent couldn’t explain this cost I.e. is it the extra cost or is it an admin fee? anyway because I wasn’t happy with the explanation I emailed guest services and asked for an explanation and they’ve said the cost of the upgrade is £250pp no matter what the difference is on the website between the costs when we booked and now, has anyone else been told this ?
  15. Hello again everyone, the difference was indeed because the lower price was a non refundable deposit, so $1800 approx difference, $500 non refundable deposit and $150 obc from one of the TA’s i have now been able to get onto the USA X site, and the rates are almost the same, so as I’m based in the U.K. could I book direct on the USA site? Also if we booked an Aqua class stateroom now and decided to change to a sky suite later would the cost be what it is now or what it is when we change?
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