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  1. As for the question of cruising. Then a cruise liner should operate to tier one protocols. Rule of six in bars and restaurants, masks inside. Which is roughly what they are doing. Unless you stop tier 2 and 3 cruising , then pre cruise testing should differ by the tier you live in A minimum Tier 1 , test before you board. Tiers 2 and 3 should be encouraged to isolate before the cruise, they should have a negative test 3 days before they board. Even better would be to follow the Barbados protocols, high risk countries have a test within 72hrs before the fly, have to stay in hotel untill a second test 5days after first. A better but more expensive solution would be a series of tests, say a week before you board , 3 days then as you board. Tier 2 and 3 passengers would then be as safe as anyone. Tier 1 say 4 days before you board and as you board. I'd prefer to cough up for pre cruise testing, and then have fewer restrictions. Of course you could only visit low risk countrued
  2. Enjoy yourself, we're off to Tenerife, beginning of November the announcement by Government was a nice surprise , expecting another cancellation. Just looking forward to getting away to somewhere different l
  3. Reduced capacity will get things going Cruise lines won't be aiming for a profit, in the short-term they will "be happy " to sail if they make a smaller loss by sailing than by not sailing. We don't know their fixed costs which they have to pay even when at anchor, but they are substantial , as long as they cover the marginal costs of food wages fuel it makes sense to sail and is an investment for the future. It is in a few years time when they are concentrating on paying back all this money I think prices will go up considerably.
  4. 50% increase will trigger potential refunds for everyone. Cruise lines are between a rock and a hard place, I think they will sail at a loss to begin with just to keep hopes up.
  5. Again pure fantasy. If 2 sittings in grills, club is enough to trigger an option for a refund and if Cunard think many will opt for it, then Cunard may have to do something along the lines Port Royal suggests , rather than loose top revenue customers. However it will take more than just no inside cabins to make ship empty enough for this to work.
  6. Sorry didn't read clues properly, 40 times must be local. Rotterdam or Amsterdam ?
  7. I agree but how else do you get a metre between tables.
  8. When lockdown started back in March decided I needed to do something as well as our daily walk to keep fit and help survive the dreaded CV. Always wanted to do a TA but outvoted. So decided to do a B to B on my rowing machine. Unlike the QM I run out of steam after 30 miles, so have only just completed Falmouth (my local port) to Falmouth Ma and back. Both lovely towns well worth a visit. What have others been doing to keep the kilos off.
  9. If you had to socially distance grills with a full complement of passengers would need to be split into two sittings
  10. That's why I think the 19 day cruises give you so much more time in the med
  11. Arcadia wins for me in having ocean grill and Sindhu Aurora wins in having rear deck area sheltered from any cold winds. But on balance food choice wins out
  12. Thanks for this I find the itineraries underwhelming. I'm glad I went for the saga black sea cruise out of Southampton in May.
  13. Two points, if there was any availability you wouldn't see sold out. Also what you see may be more than what's available. The reason , if say there are10 unallocated and 5 guarantee bookings, a select customer will have the choice of all 10. It would only be when you got down to only 5 unallocated cabins it would suddenly go to sold out. You don't need to look at every cruise and cabin, if you keep seeing full on a representative sample then a very high probability that others are full. On all the UK cruises the sun cruises are fuller than the northern cruises so you must look at a representative sample.
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