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  1. The problem is that there is actually no name for a well tailored jacket, so you can't differentiate it by name from what was a orginally daytime outdoors wear, I.e. a sports jacket. I will be wearing a well tailored jacket , not a blazer , and not an outdoor sports jacket.
  2. Underwaters picture a very nice well tailored jacket which looks great in blue If it was not blue , and with say a subtle pattern one would call it a sports jacket and it would still be a very nice tailored jacket that is a good example of what to wear. Yoskittys pictures are examples of what not to wear. Interesting that Cunard's pictures are not as elegant as underwaters jacket. It's a pitty his picture wasn't the example.
  3. Is there anyway of pinning just exlonders original post to the top of the forum
  4. Underwaters picture in any colour but blue would be a well tailored sports jacket and very elegant and to me very acceptable
  5. The pictures were posted whilst I was typing Looking at the pictures above, number 3 is not a jacket but a short outdoor coat , the others 1 and 2 are jackets butat the less tailored end of the spectrum, number 4 is a modern design which I personally don't like but is at the elegant end. However cunard can't dictate only well tailored jackets.
  6. I don't understand the statement a sports jacket is not a jacket. As far as I understand, you have Suit jackets Sports jackets, which can be very elegant but encompass a wide spectrum Blazers If you exclude suit jackets , which one would and should wear as part of a suit, and hence you would be wearing a suit. Then you are left with Blazers and sports jackets. If sports jackets are not jackets then all is left is Blazers, which if Cunard had meant blazers they would have said it. If Yoshkitty would like everyone in suits on non gala nights, then she is entitled to her option but that is not the dress code. If she means one should keep to the elegant end of the jacket spectrum not the "day time Harris tweed" end of the spectrum I'd agree. However that is a matter of taste not of the definition of what is a jacket, and is unenforceable. I wouldn't remove my jacket in the dining room, or elsewhere where one is required, but I would undo my bow tie in the bar.
  7. Thank you very much just what I was looking for. Can see contreau on list but no tequila for making margaritas but as tequila is cheaper than say Glenfiddich should be no problem
  8. The two threads about the problem on Ventura have been rightly shut down because they were linking antisocial behaviour to specific cultural groups. Linking anti social behaviour to X Y or Z is wrong it's not political correctness it's just wrong to brand the many with the wrong doings of the few, and its also absolutely nothing that P&O can act on. What matters is how they deal with antisocial behaviour. This is when the captain and other senior officers must make their presence felt straight away. You can't leave it to junior staff. It needs a uniform with a lot of stripes on the shoulders to read the riot act and nip it in the bud . Yes it may be alcohol but even without the drinks package, people so inclined will drink anyway. When you respond to this please keep it neutral, anyone can be antisocial, even ex Etonian drinking clubs at Oxford .
  9. Then I would look silly, stick to red on Cunard night as I don't have anything gold.
  10. Just bought a black and white polka dot bow tie for the black and white night. Having a disagreement with my darling wife, Cunard colours are red white and blue. White shirt of course, I was then going to wear red bow tie with blue cumberband or blue bow tie with red cumberband she says I'll look silly.
  11. My Wife laughed at me whenever I had a spare moment, I spent half an hour over the last few weeks, trying to improve my bow tie and also adjusting the length to get it right, then going downstairs and asking is this OK. She's perfected the answer Yes Dear.
  12. Google Brooks brothers tie a bow tie get video but can also print out 10 step instructions to take with you, key is when tightening knot pull at the back of both bow loops. Practice makes perfect
  13. This is a Q3 on The QV, just an ordinary suite with a balcony but they all dead midships , we've also chosen quite low, which my wife who is not a good sailor likes. Hence paying more for position not suite. Had a bad experience at the front of a ship, never allowed to book forwards again. All our bookings are midship or slighly mid aft.
  14. Thank you for advice on this forum, just spoken with Cunard on phone and given very poor advice , they said we don't really start boarding till after one o'clock but you can drop your luggage of earlier and wait. If I listen to them would miss lunch and be stuck in a queue. Will follow advice from BigMac and turn up at 11.45 and hopefully this will go smoothly and get on at midday. No explanation from Cunard why a QG Q3 had been given a later boarding time, agent not bothered.
  15. The preprintedlabels I have recieved are no longer sticky they just have a slot in them,
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