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  1. It all depends on the way government view the balance of different policies. It's very clear Coronavirus kills in the short run. Poverty kills even more in the long run. Just look at life expectancy differences between rich and poor, 20 years! At some point in the future governments will have to look seriously at the cost of the lockdown and make hard and perhaps unpopular decisions. The Dutch and Swedish governments have less severe lockdown but more effort into protection of the vulnerable. Have to wait and see how things go. I expect unless we get a miracle of a vaccine in the very near future, things may go that way. But either way NO CRUISES for some time.
  2. No I think it will be hard to raise prices, but if their costs have gone up by maybe $100 per cabin week due to interest payments and prices come down, as I said in earlier post, in a few years time if this happens they will be in financial trouble. This is one reason I won't be booking a cruise for 2022
  3. The problems will appear in a few years , if the market won't support these higher prices and ship's arent full that's when cruise companies may be in financial trouble.
  4. The interest at 12% on 6 billion for carnival will be $60million a month, don't know exactly how many cabin weeks that this will be spread across A guess 50 ships, 2000 cabins per ship , 4 weeks a month, is 400000 weeks per month. This gives the cost of the loan as $150 per cabin week. If you say 75 ships and 2000 cabins then 600000 cabin weeks per month the loan is $100 per cabin week. Which ever way you calculate it cruises are going to up very significantly
  5. Would like a 3 week med cruise from Southampton, but with plenty of seas days no more than 7 ports in 21 days. As my son now lives in Australia, would like a New Zealand cruise from Sydney return, take the grandchildren.
  6. Think the costs / lack of income above are under estimated, but even at $200million a month , their $6 billion loan will cover it. So they will have enough for a years refunds. But the 12% interest rate on the loans will add to future costs and then of course cruise prices
  7. I will be cancelling, we booked a 19day june med cruise on Arcadia , in a B1 full suite at opening for £10k, they now want £11k for an 18day May cruise on Arcadia in a balcony cabin , suites sold out God knows how much they would be. As someone said much earlier in this thread , they should have offered the same cruise or as close as you can get for the same price plus some OBC. This 125% FCC is a con.
  8. 're Edithclara post Just looked on Cunard website they are still offering a full refund if they have cancelled. Is it the TA that wants to only offer a credit note
  9. No law can change Carnival/P&O's cash flow. Things are slow simply because of the amount of refunds , if they have the money we will eventually get it, if not then just hope government bails out ABTA or credit card company will pay up
  10. Thank you Colin 're insurance company, I didn't use the emergency number I thought that was for real emergencies like medical emergencies, no one was desperately ill. Perhaps I should of used it rather than customer services. Interestingly Cunard do not have an emergency number.
  11. Thanks Host Hattie will try on there as well. Unfortunately couldn't get through to Cunard on the phone, or insurance company. No response to emails. Had to act quickly, cruise cancelled on 15th , glad we did as 3 days later South Africa banned foreigners entering country, and total lockdown enforced last week. Cunard did eventually ring twice, on the 14th to say everything was fine and over 70s could cruise and it was going ahead as planned. Also the day after South Africa announced they were banning foreigners entering country. The lady was relieved we had acted fast. If we had waited for help would be amongst the thousands stuck abroad.
  12. Our cruise from Capetown to Southampton was cancelled, we were in Capetown, couldn't get through to Cunard on the phone. Saw the writing on the wall and booked our own tickets to get back to UK. We had booked both our outward and return travel with Cunard. Except outward was on QE not a flight. I believe this didn't change any and Cunard had a duty of care to get us home. THEY now say they are not responsible for the cost of our return airfare we must claim from insurance company. Could any passengers especially British, that were denied boarding in Perth QM2 , or that were denied boarding in Fortlauderdale Q.V, please let me know if Cunard either paid for their tickets, or refunded the money. PLEASE , it is the actual experience of the others that I need
  13. Refunds TL5HR post above. I was on the April 1st Capetown to Southampton, this was cancelled on 15th March in a letter that only mentioned FCC. I have never received a cancellation invoice. I emailed customer services saying I wanted a full refund. I was then too busy trying to get back to UK. I only found out about cancellation form , ie forfeit of FCC from this forum. I filled it in a week ago. Still no response from Cunard. Any one else on this cruise what is experience.
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