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  1. Agree with everyone about a London bias. Things are centred in the South East, not the South West Living in the most southern part of UK, ie West Cornwall. We are as far away as most of you. Four and a half hours to Southampton, five and a half hours to get a long-haul flight (Birmingham or Heathrow ). It's cheaper and quicker to get a taxi to Heathrow than train, no cheap fares as no competition just GWR (train requires taxi to station ,train to Paddington, extortionate Heathrow express over 6 hours ). But we have clean air and beautiful countryside and beaches.
  2. If you can book 2 separate trips on the Cunard fare in the same cabin and it's cheaper, go for it. Be sure to say no upgrades then they won't move you. Safest way is either direct phone with Cunard,, or online but get two computers/tablet/smart phone working in parallel and hit the final button at the same time. If you use a TA tell them same cabin both legs
  3. Google maps which I've found to be pretty accurate says 2 and a half hours. Given today is a hot and busy public holiday weekend the, should be OK. However fastest route is via M25, which can be a car park on a weekday rush hour morning. Going along coast on normal roads today is 4 hours. But as long as the driver has sat nav with real time traffic alerts should find a way around, if you get off at 8am you have 8 hours to make it.
  4. Depends on the definition of a computer. The Bletchley park machine was an electronic calculating machine doing a very complicated but fixed task. The manchester machine was the first programmable electronic computer. I don't know if your comments about up north was tongue in cheek, but why pick on northerners, if you made the same comment even tongue in cheek about any other ethnic group it wouldn't be seen as funny. By the way I was born in Wimbledon and now live down south but have lived up north amongst may other places.
  5. Not by Ada & her pal Charlie , whoever they are, but at Manchester University in 1948.
  6. The computer was invented up North.
  7. I always have a leisurely 4 courses, a starter, a main, warm dessert then cheese and of course coffee and petit fours. If my waistline would take it I'd love to have 5 courses with both a meat and fish course , but would have to go to the gym in mornings as well as afternoon if I did that. As a slightly old fashioned Brit I don't have a salad, I think if salads as part of a picnic not an evening meal. The one problem is that this leisurely dinner means we tend to miss the early show as it's hard to leave the table before nine, normally much later.
  8. 're cheese off menu, I think I made the mistake of just asking our waiter when she brought round the cheese, if they could get some ilse of Wight blue for the next day. I did this twice , she said she'd try but no luck. I now realise it will best to treat it as any other off menu item and ask the head waiter or Maitre D' . I'll remember this in November. Thanks
  9. I completely agree. Tipping abroad has nothing to do with what you tip at home, forget about what you tip at home, you should respect and follow the culture of the country you visit. However: As cruise ships are everywhere and belong nowhere. Sailing under flags of convenience , with crews from everywhere, there is no set culture to follow .That is why they introduced auto gratuities overcome this problem, ( the other reason for auto gratuities being to tip those behind the scenes) . Please pay your auto gratuities, but as Victoria2 said don't stress about any more. Any more is a completely private decision in recognition of something special. Victoria2 summed it up perfectly. Can I also add . Please don't tip cabin crew in advance. They are allocated a set amount of time per cabin , just enough to get the job done if they work hard. The number of cabins they have to look after is calculated to give them no spare time. Tipping them to spend extra time on your cabin , can only be at the expense of other passengers. If you want them to have time for the extra little details in your cabin then just help them by keeping it tidy.
  10. They have some nice English cheeses on the room service menu, but when I asked if I could get one of them after dinner the next night , thought I was asking for the moon. Happy with food off menu in QG but cheese off menu seems to stump them
  11. On our 14 day cruise the only time I saw the Queens room dance floor and all the seating full to bursting was when the Rewind Project were playing . Some evenings it was empty. It is not carnivalisation if Cunard puts on more things that fill the Queens room , it is listening to customers
  12. Thank you Sauer-Kraut A simple idea I'll look for one. As you say the main bathroom lights ruin your night vision as you try to get back to bed in the dark.
  13. You're right I'm sure cruise companies first and second responses to any claim will automatically be no.
  14. I had some more thoughts about when it is possible to claim the deposit back. To claim the deposit back you really need firm evidence that the company is in a strong position to EASILY resell the cruise. Just saying they have plenty of time is perhaps not really enough . Here is a thought that may help people in that unfortunate position The answer is in the DYNAMIC PRICING adopted by most cruise companies. IF 1) The price at the time of cancellation of the cruise has gone up and is significantly higher than the one you paid. Then this is strong evidence of high demand and low supply. Thus the company believe, as evidenced by their own pricing they can easily resell your cruise, and hence should refund the deposit. 2) If on the other hand the price is lower, then this is an indication they will have difficulty reselling the cruise and hence your deposit can't be reclaimed. 3) If the price is similiar to what you paid then it's not a strong indication that they believe they can EASILY resell the cruise, and you don't have a real claim for a refund of the deposit . Two out of three price movements go against evidence for a refund. So don't rely on this get insurance if you can.
  15. They work on Q.V. with light off
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