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  1. Agreed . The fact that both cruises were over the new year probably meant they were both at full capacity . I know Oceana was , and would assume the same of Ventura .
  2. I thought the drinks service at the bars on Oceana was hit and miss really . Probably the poorest overall of any ship I've been on .I'm sure others may think the otherwise though.
  3. Went on the 2 week cruise to the canaries over christmas with an OBC of £ 380.00 for the cabin . At the end of the cruise , the bar bill for us was £ 385.00 . I did consider the drinks package before we went , so glad we didn't go for it as it would have been a massive waste of money . Not saying it doesn't work for some people , but for our drinking habits at the moment it just doesn't make sense . I think the fact that the bar prices on P&O are so reasonable does make the drinks package unatttractive , for us at least .
  4. Guessing this is the Oceana cruise which I'm also on . I'm guessing the 1st and last 2 days of the cruise will be freezing , getting milder as we reach southern Portugal . I've spent a few holidays in The Canaries over Christmas , and apart from a rain shower on 1 visit , the weather has always been around 20C in the daytime to 15C low overnight . Just checked the BBC weather for Tenerife which is forecast to be 24C high and 15C low for Dec 23rd , which is above the norm for that time of year . This will be my first 2 week cruise , so having a think on what best to pack , especially considering the variances across the cruise.
  5. Thanks for all the blackjack advice chaps .All top notch advice , so glad i asked the question . Now when I hit the Casino , I'll come across as a serious player( and maybe not ) but I'll still be useless - haha !
  6. Are the blackjack rules in the Casino easy enough to follow ? Wouldn't mind a flutter on an upcoming cruise on the Oceana , but last time I played was many moons ago and still called it Pontoon !
  7. Thanks very much for the repiles . Although booked Club dining , still pondering whether to change it to Freedom dining . Will likely stick with the Club dining , but good to know there is flexibility without causing problems if we do fancy a change .
  8. May seem like a daft question , but if you are on club dining and decide not to use it on any particular night , do you have to inform anyone so the sitting can be given to others ?
  9. Thanks for the heads up Brian . Always thought that might have been the actuality , and so it seems . Look on the bright side . It was not all in vain - you've saved us ( and probably others ) from going through the same experience !
  10. Oh absolutely . Was checking the various parking options and when I saw this was pleasantly suprised .
  11. Thanks Andy ! Taxi transfers to the port are also included , but looking at maps and depending on terminal it may just be better to walk over .
  12. We're doing the P&O cruise from Southampton to the Canaries leaving on 22nd December . Checked out the various options and decided to go with 1 night at the Leonard Royal Hotel fro £153.50. This includes parking for the duration of the cruise . Seems like a really good deal and the rerviews appear to be fairly good .
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