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  1. I have a good friend of mine who has a incredible wine cellar in his home and knows his wine so much he could do blind tastings and tell you the type of wine, the vineyard, and the grapes that were used. Very impressive. I wish I knew more about wine.
  2. I have heard that too Bob. Luckily I don't know much about wine so I could not tell you if it was good or bad wine let alone cheap or expensive. I would imagine if you are a wine lover you will not be getting the best bottles at the chef's table.
  3. Wow that is great! What time did you get to the terminal? I hope I can board that fast.
  4. We were approached by someone on the ship during our cruise to go to the chef's table and offered a discount. I believe it was buy one and second was half off, so you could wait till you get on board and see if you can get a deal. I found it to be a wonderful experience and loved it but whether or not it is worth it is very subjective to every person.
  5. This will be a great cruise. I wish we were going on it as well but we will be on Freedom that October. I can't wait to hear your impression of the ship.
  6. We will be going to Grills on Saturday October 12th to catch happy hour, watch some sail aways and eat dinner. So you recommend the tacos, anything else you recommend there? I wish our roll call was more active. Sounds like you got a good group there.
  7. At some point you two should hook up and take a picture of each of you taking a picture of one another!
  8. Looking forward to reading your live reports as always. I hope that storm will weaken and not affect your trip so I have my fingers crossed. Since you have the Deluxe beverage Package, I would be interested in what bars you go to that are your favorites and also what top shelf liquors they may have that are not listed. Cheers to you!
  9. We did the Chef's Table on Adventure two years ago. Yes it is like what @time4u2go describes in that it is a set menu, but I thought the menu and food was excellent. Yes it was difficult hearing as my wife and I were on the opposite end of the table. I still found it to be a very enjoyable evening with wonderful food and wine.
  10. OMG that was a hoot and best thread ever!😄
  11. I can totally understand someone who works all day in a suit or coat and tie does not want to dress up on their vacation. I on the other hand work as a news cameraman who wears shorts and tee shirts in the summer. I kind of like dressing up on a cruise. For me it's something different.
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