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  1. Congratulations John. I like the idea of keeping the condo. If nothing else a pre-stop for a couple of days before you cruise out of PC.
  2. For our October Freedom sailing the DDP was anywhere from $51-$56 until several weeks ago when it surprisingly went down to $48. Needless to say we jumped on it. I would be shocked if it goes any lower than that.
  3. I hope you stay if for nothing else for the great pics you post!
  4. Seems expensive to me. The next thing you know they will probably start charging 18%
  5. I grew up in Platte Woods in the 1970's when there was nothing up north except for the overhaul base. Most of my neighbors either worked there or were pilots for TWA.
  6. Wow! look you have your own phone. I hear they have a whole bunch of ship operators on board and you can call home for a hefty price.
  7. The entertainment on the ships is amazing with Vegas type shows and jugglers.
  8. Thanks John for the suite dining recap. I can see why you wanted to save the full story for later. That's unfortunate that it ended up that way. The only time we ordered room service the food was not hot and felt like it was kinda stale. That's why we prefer to always eat at the restaurant, but even there, if the waiter is not prompt in picking up a order after it's put up on the window, the food can be just warm if not cold.
  9. Wow you definitely did a great tease. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. I feel bad for you thinking about moving. Neighbors are everything. We've been lucky, but some great friends of ours ended up selling their wonderful house that they loved along with the neighborhood because they had a horrible neighbor that was obnoxious and just plain horrible. You guys deserve to live in peace!
  10. You can always get some pills on the on board pharmacy!
  11. Yeah it was so cool to get post cards and pens to write back home. Here are the ones I got. Look how neat those pen's are.
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