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  1. Just downloaded it. That's it. Trying to decide to pay extra so it's add free. Makes for a better screenshot.
  2. Man we are too much alike. I do the same thing. Sometimes I open the refrigerator when actually I want to open the pantry next to it. Sometimes I think it’s more of a focus thing than memory. My mind races all over the place thinking of stuff.
  3. Sorry you are not sailing with us. I've had two of my excursions cancelled. We just switched to other excursions. I wouldn't mind even staying on board. After not being able to cruise for a year and half I will take anything I can get. Best to you. I hope you will cruise soon.
  4. Are you using a specific app for your speed test? Or just going to an internet site? If app what app do you like?
  5. No my bad. I jumped the gun. I didn't have my glasses on to see the crossed fingers. Still hoping for a false positive.
  6. Thank you. Looks like I will need to try it. I wish I could be more like that. I do find myself lately waking up around 4am wide awake. It must be the excitement and anticipation of retirement and cruise. I too like @Ocean Boy said prefer the Mango to the Orange Juice like in a tequila sunrise.. Mango doesn't have the acidity level to my stomach like orange juice has.
  7. Thank you Renee I am very proud of her. She is the better half. Thank you it was a great week. One more to go for me. Congratulations to Andrew. It's so fun to watch them play.
  8. How cool is that!. What a great memory. I love the releasing of the doves.
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