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  1. If we see a "Shorts in MDR" thread. It could be sign of return to normalcy.
  2. He majored in Film with a minor in Business, unfortunately he has my artistic genes. He loves screenwriting and producing. He is very creative but he really doesn't know what he wants to do. I told him you are young it's ok to change your mind. After all I have a degree in music and ended up in broadcast television. Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you and your family are safe and I will continue to hold you in my heart.
  3. Thank you so much. I am really proud of him and he is a good kid. I feel bad that he has to wait to get his graduation present till November 7th when we cruise on Explorer hopefully out of San Juan. It will be his first. He has said he is really excited about it. I hope he will get the bug like Linda and I do and join us on many more. Thanks again, Greg Sea Dog
  4. We went to Costco yesterday. They still have their signs up even though Kansas City lifted their Emergency Order and mask mandate. Everyone in the store was wearing a mask but as soon as you got outside people had discarded their masks all over the parking lot. Come on people! At least pick up your own trash.
  5. And a great birthday gift for hopefully our cruise November 7th. We got shirts for all 3 of us traveling as this cruise is Jonathan's graduation present.
  6. Great day celebrating my Birthday today with this. Seeing my one and only son Jonathan graduate from University of Kansas. Best gift ever.
  7. Yes agreed. We timed it to be there on Saturday the day before we sailed to watch the other ships sail out . Worked out great happened right at happy hour with a great view from the deck.
  8. I knew you were it's all good. I can't wait to get back to PC. I love sailing out of there. I need my "Shark Bites" fix at "Grills."
  9. Should have mentioned this was 2019. Back when we could cruise with no worries.
  10. I wish I could be more like that. I am forcing myself to be more spontaneous.
  11. If nothing else, it keeps me organized in what's going on for the day. The Royal app is good for that as well. Here is shot of my planner.
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