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  1. There could be a slight risk of it being sold out but I doubt it. We were approached in the main dining room the first night and ended up getting it for 50% off and dined on the 5th night.
  2. It was 2 plus hours maybe a little more, but It did not feel long. The timing gives everyone time to let food digest before the next course. We also had fun getting to know our table mates. Every enjoyable.
  3. Yes found the original post from MrFunInTheSun
  4. I believe we got 50% off on Adventure a couple of years ago.
  5. I'm trying remember where I saw a post of the Chef's table on Harmony. I believe it wasn't in the greatest of spots but that people still enjoyed it. I try to dig the photo up.
  6. On adventure it was hard to hear at times the description of the wines as I was seated at the opposite end of the Sommellier. So yes it was bit noisy.
  7. On Adventure it was on the 3rd level a balcony that was separate from the other diners. It was actually a very nice space. Here is another pic from the opposite angle.
  8. They will accommodate you. My wife does not like seafood, so they replaced all seafood dishes with something else. Just let know when you purchase it.
  9. The pour is light, I would say maybe 2oz's so it's not like drinking a full glass.
  10. The chocolate martini was to die for. Here are some pictures from our Chef's Table experience. Forgive me as I forgot some of the courses. but some of them were Beef Carpaccio, Lobster Salad, Filet with Lobster Tail, Smoked Tomato Soup (I think), Scallops, Chocolate Martini and this Chocolate Molten Cake that was the best dessert I ever had in my life.
  11. My wife and I ate ate at the Chef's Table 2 years ago on Adventure of the Seas and will do so again on Harmony this October. We loved it. The food and the wine pairings were excellent. If you are a hard core foodie you may not be that impressed, but I consider myself a medium foodie and I thought it was excellent. Of course different ships may have different experiences, but I highly recommend the experience.
  12. I love craps and though it can be intimidating to some if you watch the "Wizzard of Odds," videos you will get the hang of it. Here is what I do. I usually place a bet on pass or don't pass (If the table is hot pass, if the the table is cold don't pass) and then odds. I also put a $6 place bet on the 6 and 8 to receive proper odds back. Next to the seven as the number that has the most combinations to being rolled, the 6 and 8 are next. Do not get caught up in the proposition bets like field and hard ways. I am not an expert craps player by any means but after reading several books on playing craps this seemed like the best strategy for me.
  13. The thing I like about purchasing specialty restaurants (or anything else for that matter like excursions and drink packages) in advance is you don't get hit with a big bill at the end of your cruise. I like going into my cruise knowing most everything is paid for and if the price goes down at any point before your cruise you can cancel and rebook at the lower price.
  14. Thanks for taking us along. Seems like a fantastic trip filled with fun, food, frivolity and a fifth of something tasty.
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