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  1. Did you have to do nights 1 & 2 for the BOGO or did they let you pick other nights?
  2. Following along. We have the same itinerary in Oct. I I know you will have a blast and I look forward to all your observations.
  3. I put a link to a certain blog that has them, but CC x'd out part of the address. Must be a no no. Sorry.
  4. That would be my guess too. I know they will air eventually. It's just knowing when would be nice to know.
  5. Yes I did get email confirms on everything in my cart. It's weird that two of my reservations would show up but not the rest. Could be just a technical thing and I'm sure they will show up at some point. Everything does show up in my calendar on my cruise planner on the website. I was interested in hearing from others what their experience was like.
  6. So my online check in became available for our Oct 13th Harmony sailing and I filled it out. I later checked the RCI app, and voila my Set Sail pass was there plus two of my show reservations were there, but not the rest. How long does it usually take for all my show reservations, excursions, and dinning times show up on the app?
  7. Another thread poster where I first heard of Chocolate Night said it was on night five "Mexican" also. So I am going to assume they keep it the same night for the same itineraries. Thank you for looking.
  8. That is an excellent idea! We always get a nightcap from the bar why not chocolate?
  9. I've heard great things about chocolate night. What night was it? I think another reviewer said it was on night 5. Do they list anywhere in the cruise planner or on the menu board that the Windjammer will have it's Chocolate Night? I don't want to miss that.
  10. That is exactly why I don't pay any attention to the sales banners on their ads. I just look at the bottom line price and if I feel comfortable with that price I buy it. If it goes down again I always cancel and rebook. This alleviates me from having to do any of their fuzzy math in my head. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Did you mean to say "And took our pictures?" Does this mean they can take your sea pass photos without going to a agent at the counter? If so that is great. I appreciated your detail on arriving times and procedures as you went into the terminal. Following and looking forward to hearing about your experience with the Key as we also have the Key on our Oct. 13 Sailing on Harmony.
  12. Not sure they would put wire hangers in the Naughty Room, but I remembered that scene and thought it was funny.
  13. My understanding is no, they are not allowed.
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