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  1. Have you turned your phone off and done a restart? If so, nevermind...
  2. I was just on the Panorama about a month ago and would always get my own private chuckle whenever using the aft elevators. I would push the buttons and wait for the car to be called and the aft cars are A,B,C or D. For some reason I would seem to get Car D the most often and everytime it was announced, "CAR D", I would mutter under my breath , "B"! ...Cardi B!
  3. This really got me interested enough to research this. I found out that if anyone is really interested in pickleball play while cruising then they should make it known to Carnival, guest services, JH, social media, etc. FWIW, I did find out that ALL of the ships in the Holland America fleet have dedicated pickleball courts. Way to go Holland America! C'mon Carnival, catch up!
  4. We were docked by 0700 and with self disembarking, off the ship by 0830. YMMV
  5. Tindered huh? Well, Carnival does have the singles meet and mingle. Could probably charge another $5 pp on the Carnival hub app if they offered an option to turn on shipboard Tinder. Swipe port, swipe starboard...😉
  6. BTW, there are pickleball cruises. Just not ones sponsored on Carnival...yet.
  7. Pickleball player here. Just off the Panorama. I checked out the basketball court and they never had pickleball set up there, but if you brought your own net and emailed the CD or John Heald they might let you play some. Would have to put your own lines down too.
  8. Would we do it again? Probably not. I didn't read why you would probably not do it again?
  9. Don't take her to court...take her to Judge Judy!
  10. Just booked a 8 day on the Breeze as we just got off the Panorama and are at 67 sea days. We will be platinum on the Breeze and it will be our 10th cruise.
  11. That's cool. Hat's off to you for virtue signaling. I'll do me and you do you.
  12. You know, you could just buy 1 early bird for 2 people...especially if the first one on with the early bird heads to the back of the plane...I've heard from a friend...
  13. Dice and money...nuff said😉
  14. Just off the Panorama and we had some epic LCR games in the Heroe's bar. Took the place of the sports bar.
  15. No more umbrellas in drinks: See also straws!
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