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  1. I would think if your kid is ordering food you are paying.
  2. Didn't have any on Valor last cruise. Had corn horn, beer pong etc during the day and band at night. Best set up for Red Frog on any ship I've been on tho.
  3. I'm not sure about outlets but the library is pretty quiet. Also the piano bar is closed during the day and quiet. I also feel like the dance club was unlocked during the day and should be empty.
  4. It's on their website. I wouldn't use a debit card tho bc instead of the hold falling off quickly like a cc the bank will leave the hold on much longer and then deduct the amount owed in a separate charge. Basically having double the amount tied up.
  5. I double checked the funtimes, no mention of a minimum age.
  6. No. We played with our son and won. He went up with my husband to collect the prize. Unfortunately part of the prize was an excursion he was too young for.
  7. The bottled water they sell while getting off at ports is my guess.
  8. It does. For whatever reason it isn't listed on the "what's happening". It's in the inside under movies.
  9. My husband had to get stitches once in Playa del Carmen. Before hospital would take him they put a $2000 hold on our credit card. Ended up being $1600 for 16 stitches. Then when we returned we filed our travel insurance claim. So even with travel insurance be prepared to pay out of pocket and reimbursed later.
  10. It's an Australian cruise and that is the correct price per person. It's crazy it's that expensive.
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