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  1. Appreciate the info-this helps me a lot as I plan our trip next week! Thank you!
  2. I had chosen Paradise Beach based on the beautiful pool and good reviews. In addition we need a pay as you go option as our kids have food allergies and can’t eat at the resorts, so all-inclusive is a waste for us. Recently Playa Mia showed up in the cruise planner as a pay as you go option with a pretty decent price, so I’ve been looking into it. Kids are 5 & 3 and I know they’d love the splash area at Playa Mia. But the actual pool looks much nicer at Paradise Beach to me. It also seems Paradise Beach has much more shade, which is a must for my wife. It appears the beach at Playa Mia is a little nicer, but I’m not sure? If you were looking for a nice pay as you go place with good service, a nice beach, shade, and a friendly environment for small kids, which would you choose? My gut says to stick with the original plan at Paradise Beach, but I’d love to hear opinions from folks who have taken their kids to both. Thanks!
  3. They’re 5 and 3 and certainly capable of walking a mile (they do it every time we take them to Magic Kingdom!) I was under the impression Blue Kay wasn’t really close to other options, so it’s good to know that’s not really the case. Thanks also for for pointing out the other topic to keep an eye on. Thank you!
  4. Thanks to both replies. I appreciate the info! I’m kind of concerned about arriving with the kids only to be told it’s AI only, which won’t work for us, so I think we will skip it. Seems from what I’ve seen it wouldn’t be easy to just walk next door from this place if we got there and couldn’t just pay as we go. The lack of many close neighbors was part of the appeal of this place originally, but I guess that’s also a drawback if you can’t be sure you know what you’d get when you arrive...
  5. I’d be very interested to see what you learn from your email contact, as we will be in Costa Maya on a cruise stop in 2 weeks and we had settled on Blue Kay based on the reviews/pics here. But we do not want an AI as we have small children with food allergies so we aren’t really planning on eating full meals wherever we go. Pay as you go definitely works better for our family. Any additional information sincerely appreciated-thanks!
  6. While I agree with you generally that RC does a very nice job of accommodating food allergies, I wouldn’t count on the dining team knowing your allergy before the first dinner no matter who you tell them ahead of time. On both of our RC cruises the dining team the first night was clueless about our daughter’s allergy before we told them, in spite of us calling ahead. That said, once we made them aware, they were generally very good about making sure she was well taken care of. My advice to the OP: be patient the first night. They’ll feed you but they won’t roll out the red carpet. But once they know your needs, they’ll do a good job of meeting those needs-much better than most land-based vacations in our experience. Also, I agree with others not to trust the food in the Windjammer as it could be cross contaminated by other guests. But the head waiters and chefs in the Windjammer will make food to order for you in a safe area (again in my experience-Oasis of the Seas), so that may be another lunch option for you. Have a nice trip!
  7. I realize specific recommendations aren’t permitted here, but I’m trying to figure out in general how to find a good Carnival TA. Our last Carnival cruise was a booze cruise in our 20s. We are now in our 40s with young kids considering a week on the Breeze for Spring Break 2020. I submitted a Cruise Compete bid and the agent with the best OBC offer never responded to my email or call, the next one was nice enough but his agency charges cancellation fees even on refundable fares, and the last one doesn’t even provide an email address which seems a bit sketchy to me. We have done 2 family cruises on Oasis this last year and I booked directly with RC, but I’ve read that you can get pretty substantial OBC with a good travel agent so I’m trying to find one. Is there a place to compare and contrast and get recommendations? Or is it really just google (which I’ve done and can’t seem to find anything definitive). Any tips on how to find a good TA for a family cruise sincerely appreciated!
  8. First of all thank you for the review and pics! You all look like a fun group! I’m particularly interested in your review as we will be on the same itinerary in a few weeks! If you don’t mind me asking, how was the ride back? We have a reservation at Infinity Bay resort on our Roatan day, but with two small kids I’m not sure how they’ll do with a lengthy traffic jam, particularly on the way back. Any info appreciated! Thanks again for the review and photos!
  9. I haven’t been on Allure yet, but have been on it’s virtually identical sister ship Oasis twice. While we do have small children, when they went to Adventure Ocean in the evenings, my wife and I found several “adult” places to spend time that we really enjoyed. While the casino is not the quiet area you are looking for, it is adults only fun. And half of it is non smoking which we appreciated (yes it still smells but not nearly as bad). Jazz on 4 is an intimate venue with great live music-very relaxing. I’m not sure if kids are officially excluded, but I never saw one there. As already mentioned, Central Park is lovely. And while kids are allowed, it’s still quite a relaxing atmosphere. The solarium is adults only and very relaxing. Vintages in Central Park was very quiet and peaceful. The boardwalk, promenade, and pool areas are very family-friendly and there will be lots of noise and kids in those places. But there are plenty of alternative places you can enjoy some adult time! Have a great trip!
  10. Hi all! In the past I’ve been able to take breakfast to go from the main dining room so my kids can eat in the room while getting ready for the day. They put a lid over the plates and I can easily carry them to the room. Does anyone have experience with doing this at the Windjammer? Do they have lids for the plates available up there?
  11. Hi All! I’m thinking of buying a video game card pre-cruise to take my small kids (3 and 5) to the arcade one or two afternoons. In the past they were happy to just hit the buttons and look at the lights, but after a recent visit to Dave and Busters they now know the games work better if I pay for them 😜 My question: if I wanted to take them to the arcade maybe 2 times during the cruise for an hour at a time, mainly playing games like skee ball or other games easy for smaller kids, how much would I need? I’m imagining a $50 card should be plenty, but I have no idea how far that would go because I don’t know the cost per game. Any general info in this regard would be appreciated-thanks!
  12. Thank you for the info. Much appreciated. I’m hopeful the delays won’t be so significant when we are there but it’s always best to plan with possible delays in mind so thank you!
  13. Thanks for the info. We have never been to Roatan but will be stopping there on our cruise April 4. We are thinking of taking our kids to Infinity Bay, West Bay for the day. Not knowing the geography, I’m unsure if this construction will impact our journey. Would this construction zone impact a trip from Coxen Hole cruise port to West Bay? Thanks for any input!
  14. I’ve never even heard of it in spite of hours of research, but I’ll definitely look into it-thanks for the idea!
  15. Before I could even get serious about planning, Maya Chan was sold out. In spite of the good reviews, the fact it was sold out made it easy to discard as an option.
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