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  1. It appears we will have no trouble feeding our kids if they get hungry at Cococay. Thanks for the info-all quite helpful and appreciated!
  2. Thanks for the review! We have been on both a Oasis and Allure with our 6 year old daughter who has Celiac disease and agree that RC does great at accommodating our family and taking the stress out of eating on our vacations! I do have one question. Did your son eat at Cococay? If so, how was it arranged? Did you order in the MDR the prior evening or were there headwaiters/chefs on the island that could make food to order? Any info on this would be great as we will be at Cococay for the first time in the near future. Thanks!
  3. We boarded the Oasis of the Seas on our son’s 3rd birthday, so he was definitely the youngest kid on the ship. We were really concerned he wouldn’t be potty trained as he just wasn’t getting it at all. But we worked overtime at it during the 3 months leading up to the trip and he was pretty well trained by the time we got on board (though we were still worried about accidents). When we dropped him off, we always took him to the bathroom to empty out on the way in. We also asked the staff to remind him to go if too long passed without him going and they told us they always remind the 3 year olds to go. We also tried to check in on him regularly Even before we picked him up. He did have an accident one night and the staff were very easy going about it-even gave him Adventure Ocean shorts to change into and they didn’t even call us to pick him up early. I think they know the difference between a trained kid that has an accident and a non-trained kid. Or maybe they were just really nice... Sorry I cannot comment on the nursery as we did not use it. I understand your dilemma well as we had the exact same dilemma last year. Fortunately it worked out well for us. I hope it works out as well for you-good luck!
  4. Thanks for the CocoCay info-much appreciated! That’s very concerning to hear about experiences in the main dining room and Jamie’s. I hope that was a one-off for Mariner. We have done 3 Oasis class cruises with our daughter and never experienced what you experienced-we have always has great gluten free experiences. But it’s definitely a good reminder to remain vigilant! If anyone else has info on GF offerings/procedures on CocoCay, I’d love to read about them. Thanks again for the input!
  5. While I wish this were true, our car was covered with love bugs after driving an hour yesterday in North Florida. They seem to be ramping up this week again-at least in the northern part of the state. Good luck finding a car wash!
  6. Hi all! Can anyone share experiences with the gluten-free food offerings at CocoCay since it became Perfect Day? We will have our 6 year old daughter who has Celiac Disease, so I’m researching options for her. Typically on port days we eat a large breakfast on the ship and then safe bring snacks for her on shore, though in looking at the FAQs for CocoCay they indicate gluten free options are available, which will be quite nice for us for a change. Can anyone comment on what gluten free options they found available and the level of staff helpfulness/knowledge? Any insight appreciated-thanks!
  7. Thank you for all of this-so helpful to me as we plan our cruise! Our daughter loves GF pizza and pasta so it’s great to know those are a available lunch options-thank you!
  8. That sounds like an adventure the kids would love-I’ll definitely keep my mind open to that as we plan-thanks for the suggestion!
  9. It seems all of the round trip Seattle itineraries I see that have Glacier bay have this “useless” stop-lots of brief evening stops on those itineraries (I realize on a US itinerary the foreign stop is required which is why they do it). It’s disappointing as I’d love to find an itinerary that does both Glacier Bay and a long day in Victoria!
  10. Thanks for the input. Thats kind of what I was thinking when I first saw the itinerary but then I wondered if maybe the late arrival in Juneau was purposeful to give a scenic day of cruising leading up to the arrival? Seems perhaps it’s just not a very desirable itinerary compared to others...
  11. Thanks for this tip-I will definitely look into this, though with the smaller kids I’m hoping we can fly to the city we are departing from. A peek at the flights to voncouver reveals they’re significantly more, though I will need to research more in depth! I have lots of time to research and rack up credit card points to ease the burden!
  12. Thank you for the input! I’ve already started reading them! Lots of great material to read for a few months before we decide on an itinerary!
  13. Thank you for the input! In comparing the 2020 itineraries for Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Princess to the 2021 itineraries for NCL (the others haven’t released their 2021 itineraries yet), it appears a major differentiating factor is whether the ship goes to Glacier Bay or Endicott Arm/Dawe’s glacier. It seems the trips that go to Glacier Bay have shorter times in the other ports and the trips that go to Endicott Arm/Dawe’s glacier have longer port times. I have read that Glacier Bay is great-some reviews say it’s a must. If the option was to see Glacier Bay and have shorter port times or see Endicott Arm/Dawe’s Glacier and have longer port times, which would be preferred? Again thanks for input!
  14. Hi all! I’m in the beginning stages of looking at itineraries for our family’s first Alaska cruise (Summer 2021). A little about us: We are a family of four and by summer 2021, our kids will be 6 and 8. We have done several Caribbean cruises with Royal Caribbean and enjoyed them all. I’m hoping to expand the kids’ horizons beyond the Caribbean and Alaska is something my wife and I have always wanted to do (we have never been). Given the kids’ ages and the distance we will have to travel from our home in Florida, a Seattle round trip itinerary will work best for us in terms of cost and convenience. We are open to different cruise lines and sizes of ships. We are looking for a nice mix of onboard things for the kids and a good itinerary. I came across this NCL Encore itinerary and it looked like an “odd” itinerary to me in terms of port times. Am I right about that? While Encore is an appealing option because of the newness and family-friendliness of the ship, the inclusions with the “free” offers, and the low deposit, the itinerary is also important. From what I have read, a lot of the appeal of Alaska Cruising is seeing the beautiful scenery from the ship in addition to touring the ports. Is this itinerary designed to maximize the scenery from the ship? Is that why the Port times seem a little different than others I’ve looked at? Any thoughts on this itinerary from the Alaska experts would be appreciated! In addition, if you have any other tips for choosing an itinerary with younger kids, I’d love to read it! There’s great info here already for first-time Alaska cruisers, so thank you to everyone who shares such valuable information!
  15. Hi all! We are a family of four with kids ages 4 and 6. For our upcoming trip we are considering Bananarama or Paradise Beach through Shore excursioneer. Round trip transport and day passes for Bananarama would cost $80 (which seems like a great deal), and Paradise Beach would cost $114. I realize Paradise has a pool and Bananarama does not, which would normally be a big plus! But the only prior time we were in Roatan we spent the day at Infinity Bay (which we chose in part for their gorgeous pool), but we never even went in the pool as we were enjoying the beautiful beach the whole time! So while I like the idea of the pool, I already know the beach alone will be a big hit! Can anyone comment on these two options? What’s the vibe/crowd like at each place? Is either better suited for kids? Are there other options we should be considering? We don’t mind spending the extra for Paradise if it’s a better experience, but not having been to either it’s hard to compare. Any input appreciated-thanks!
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