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  1. They show prices on the menu for extra charge items. You can try writing in things you want that are not listed on the menu, and you may or may not get them. For example, how you want your eggs cooked, or extra ketchup, or what flavor yogurt or type of bread you prefer, or asking them to leave something off that would normally be included. When we want yogurt for breakfast, we typically list a couple of yogurt flavor choices on our breakfast menu and almost always receive one or the other. They will sometimes call you if they have questions about your
  2. But often they are just people who are hard of hearing and are unaware of how loud their voices sound to people with normal hearing.
  3. Every time a TA has claimed to be "giving" us obc that was non-refundable, it turned out to be obc that was actually coming from the cruise line and that we would receive regardless of whether or not we booked with the TA.
  4. Neither did we. We bring them back to the cabin all the time. Unopened water bottles as well.
  5. Here is a link to a previous thread that gives a full explanation ELITE MEMBER AND CABIN MATE It looks like you were the one who started that thread as well.
  6. You can also call Guest Relations to request a printout of your account, which can be good to have when you are making changes.
  7. Except that once we get to Hawaii, we want to get off the ship and stay there to enjoy a real Hawaii vacation, not get on a ship that turns around and heads right back. That is only a teaser, not a true Hawaii vacation. For whale watching enthusiasts, it is worth spending a full week on Maui alone during the height of the whale watching season, where closeup whale sightings are more plentiful and much lower priced than in Alaska. Great way to combine a cruise vacation with a land vacation.
  8. That was what we also had to do when we took the one-way cruises from California to Hawaii, which we did a number of times through the years, boarding the ship at Ensenada. Guess we were lucky because we never had to sit at the border for so long; maybe 1/2 hour to perhaps an hour at most, but we had our long wait up front in San Diego. I have no idea of how they assigned the bus priority, but those who got on an early bus had the long wait at the border, waiting for all the other busses to arrive there, while those who got assigned to a later bus had the long wait at the
  9. It appears that the differences in information we are seeing people post here for the laundry allowance (i.e., limit on number of bags vs. limit on number of items) are due to the fact that different instructions and restrictions are provided for different cruises and different locations. Even on cruises to the same location, the laundry allowances may vary from one time to another.
  10. Sadly, the trays are long gone, eliminated as part of the cutbacks. We will still go to the buffet for snacks, but no longer find the ambience there appealing or conducive to the enjoyment of a complete meal. It is really a shame as they provide some very nice food selections there. Previously it was easy to gather up your cutlery, food and beverages on a tray in one pass through, then sit down and enjoy your meal. Now the buffet area is totally chaotic and congested at meal times as people constantly need to keep jumping up and down, making multip
  11. Answer: No, you do not need to wear a sport coat in any Celebrity dining room on any night. But even doing B2B cruises on the same ship, we have seen huge differences in the way people dress from one cruise to the next. If there is a large affinity group traveling together, they may all choose to dress pretty much the same way. Sometimes a travel agency puts together a large group and advises them on how to dress, so they may all be dressed similarly even if they don't know one another. It can be easy for someone who is on a Celebrity cruise for the f
  12. That door did not say "Crew Only" on the Summit . It is at the end of a quiet hallway, right across form 3125 and 3127 3125 or 3127 would be an ideal location for anyone who does not want a balcony and likes to start the day at the Captain's Club breakfast in the Tuscan Grill. Just open your door, step across the hallway and there you are. Another advantage to those new cabins on the port side of the ship is that you don't get the hallway foot traffic like the cabins on the starboard side now do. Since they re-located the entrance to Tuscan, people
  13. Luvsnorkeling, thanks for sharing this and brightening our day.
  14. No, not for the accessible cabins, (at least not the few that we have seen).
  15. With the Premium package, you get 3 groups of acrobats. 😉
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