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  1. One of the nicest beaches on our July 24th Serenity cruise was San Salvador. The beach is next to the tender dock. Here's a short video. I didn't do the lobster lunch. SanSalBeach.mp4
  2. I'm also on the Jan 3 Explorer and noticed the hotel is the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne. I checked the least expensive rate for one night on Jan 2 and it was over $1200 with tax but without breakfast. I think the Regent credit if we declined the pre-cruise hotel was $300.
  3. I still don't understand why Crystal passengers who are not embarking in the Bahamas are required to get Bahamas health visas. There are many other cruise lines stopping at Nassau, Bimini and their private islands in the Bahamas whose passengers have never been told they need a Bahamas health visa. Tom.
  4. Thanks for posting. People can decide for themselves whether it's important information to know.
  5. The food is very good in all the restaurants. We did the specialty restaurants on the first, third and fifth evenings. But I really don't think it matters. You can special order whatever you'd like in Waterside. On the last night we special ordered escargot, Beef Wellington, rack of lamb, lobster tails, crab legs and soufflés. We had a big group. If you'd like to see pictures of some of the food, they're on my FB page, https://www.facebook.com/tom.giusto.16/ Bon appetit.
  6. The port of arrival is New Providence, Lynden Pindling International Airport. It's in the drop down menu. They didn't make it easy to find.
  7. The original poster's question was, what happens if you test positive at the pier? The same thought came to my mind before my July 24th sailing on Serenity. Testing positive at the pier and being denied boarding is not the same as canceling your cruise. I think you would be entitled to at least a cruise credit. You are not canceling the cruise. The cruise line is refusing to board you for its safety. You did nothing wrong and complied with all the rules. It's not your fault you tested positive. Crystal says it will not pay for any costs incurred from not being able to board. To me that means the costs of quarantining, staying in a hotel and flying home. Some of those costs were covered by the Bahamas Health visa insurance. I think any passenger denied boarding under these circumstances has a good argument to get at least a cruise fare credit. And I think even if the passenger had insurance, the insurance company would take the same position.
  8. I don’t see why the inspectors couldn’t board the ship, as they have done in every other port where this situation occurs, and not force passengers to get off and back on. Two inspectors should be plenty for a ship with 500 passengers. It should take an hour. They’re just checking immigration status. For USA citizens it’s simply a show of the passport. It seems like this is much more complicated than it should be.
  9. I agree. But unless the appellate judge stays the temporary injunction, the appeal could drag out until it’s no longer an issue.
  10. The 95% threshold is a number set by the CDC to avoid having test sailings. NCHL has said its policy is vaccinations required for everyone. To me that means if you’re too young to be vaccinated or too sick to be vaccinated, you don’t sail, period.
  11. I think the preliminary injunction only applies to NCLH, which brought the suit. Perhaps there is a way for other cruise lines to come in and say, "me too."
  12. My understanding is that the preliminary injunction allows NCLH brands to require 100% vaccinations, as it has said it wants to do. The 95% number is simply an attestation to the CDC that the cruise line has met the threshold to avoid test cruises. If the ship sails 100% vaccinated it certainly has met the 95% CDC number. Tom.
  13. Crystal is probably still sorting all of this out, but I think it needs to be clear in what the new testing requirements mean for those embarking in Nassau, and if they are different for those embarking in Miami. While I certainly am not the authority, my reading of the statement from the Bahamian government is that the new testing requirements apply only to those needing a Bahamas health visa. I don't think you need a Bahamas health visa if you embark in Miami. I think that was the whole point of Crystal adding Miami as an embarkation port, to do away with the hassle of having to fly to Nassau, get a Bahamas health visa, and get a test in order to fly back to the US. If you embark in Miami, you would be considered as arriving in the Bahamas as a cruise passenger, subject to the cruise line's policy for testing. Passengers who are currently on cruises out of Florida that stop in the Bahamas have not been required to get Bahamas health visas. If you're sailing out of Miami, I don't know of any US law that requires testing. The cruise line can require testing, as does Crystal. There is also no US requirement to be tested upon return to the US by cruise ship, only by commercial air. So passengers might not even need to be tested on the ship at the end of the cruise. But Crystal needs to inform passengers exactly what its policy is, and hopefully, that will come soon. Tom.
  14. Transfer is complimentary. Two lounge chairs and an umbrella can be booked from the ship for $25 at either beach.
  15. There were some problems with the video link in my previous post so I re-posted the video here. Todays stop. July 30th on the Serenity, was at Long Island. Getting to the beach was not as convenient as it has been. There is a 20 minute tender ride from the ship to the dock, and then there is another 20-40 minute shuttle bus ride depending on whether you are going to Dean's Blue Hole Beach or Gordon's Beach. I went to Dean's which is closer. People have said Gordon's is a prettier beach with better facilities. There is food and drink and some toilet facilities at Dean's Hole. There are also vendors at the tender pier and a band to welcome you. LongIsleBeach.mp4
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