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  1. I am not really a drinker, but interested in trying some new drinks. There is just so many and I dont know the names of the drinks. Whats your favorite and I will look them up and see how tasty they may be, and when I go to order I won't look like a newbie ! 🙂 I like rum as my favorite but I get a rum and coke pretty much 100% of the time because thats really all I know.
  2. I have Horizon booked for Oct 16th and we havent recieved any FTTF cancelation yet. Wont be too disappointed if it is.
  3. How do they know we get free drinks while playing? Do they put a sticker on our card like bubbles has? I don’t see anything on my booking Now that says we get them but I did book a casino special
  4. Thank you I will. I see you are a fellow Buckeye as well! I live just north of Columbus . I just so happened to check for FTTF and it was available. Figured why not?
  5. I purchased for my Oct 16 cruise. The guest service line and room ready when booking was enough for me to get it. I cant see anywhere saying it would be canceled and refunded or even know why they would even allow it to be purchased it that was the case.
  6. Was wandering if anyone has ever seen the FTTF come open after the final payment date? I booked a cruise that was already past the final payment date and I know some FTTF come open around this time. Anyone ever see it come open at random after that or am I wasting my time checking it 50 times a day starting at 5am? Last time i got FTTF it was about 4am one random day prior to final payment on our last cruise a few years ago. Its on the Horizon and shows sold out so I know its available.
  7. Mine ended up working a few hours later about 2am . I talked to Carnival the next day and she said they had some issues all weekend and they had multiple calls about it. Mine is all set and paid on my casino rate.
  8. Nope not even giving me an option to hold it. Its a casino rate. If I select a promo that isnt a casio rate it gives me the option to hold now but its 10x the price of my promo
  9. I have a promotion ending tomorrow. Been trying for a while to get an booking to go through. Tried multiple cards, called my card companies, tried paypal, debit, even the uplift and it always says WE COULDN'T PROCESS YOUR PAYMENT. PLEASE TRY AGAIN OR CALL US AT 1.800.764.7419. Anyone else having this issue? They close at 9est so there is nobody to even help with today
  10. Received the shore excursions refund today.
  11. Could anyone recently canceled on Mardi Gras post when the get their refund. We had 7 cabins booked and so far received $100 from one payment I made through PayPal.
  12. I took the refund. Do I need to physically go into the cruise manager and cancel the cruise? Or once they process my form automatically cancel it. I dont want to hold up my refund by not canceling the cruise myself. The email and directions never stated I had to but I thought someone had posted on here once before they had to manually cancel it
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