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  1. As @Heidi13 notes the objective of using the credit card is to get the points - especially on such a costly purchase as a world cruise.
  2. This brings up a good point, namely to be sure that your kids understand the consequences of using their cellular data plan while on board. I have friends who did not have this discussion with their teenager and came home to a bill of around 400 British pounds (~ $550 US).
  3. Looks like the hotel is still closed. The website (http://queenmary.com/) is not connecting.
  4. You are most welcome. On our recent HAL cruise to Alaska we bought an internet package. It allowed one device at a time to be connected. It was a bit tricky to switch back and forth between an Android phone and a Windows laptop but not too bad once we learned the tricks. Service was very slow and I understand this is particularly the case on Alaskan cruises.
  5. I sent mine in on August 26 using the expedited service and received the new one about four weeks later. I had the same problem with Global Entry. The passport was issued on Sept 27 and I am trying to update it in GE on Oct 5 but it will not accept the update and says I should visit a GE enrollment center. I will make a note to go back in a month or so and try again.
  6. I find it a convenience but not a necessity. Expect that it will be very slow. Some lines, such as Holland America, are offering "Have it All" packages that include Wifi. This means that many more people will using the service and that it may be even slower. I have heard that Princess is upgrading their wifi as part of their Medallion program. You might find it useful to connect in to the ship's wifi system for the on board information. This does not give you access to the internet, just to the on board information. One another suggestion..... Be sure to put your phone in airplane mode so that you are not using cellular data which will be very expensive on board!
  7. Of course, more time would always be great but we ended up enjoying our short stop there as we did the zip line. I feel this was a bit of an "add on" for the majority of the day was spent in Glacier Bay which was an incredible experience.
  8. Not sure how things are on Princess ships, but for a reference we recently completed a week long cruise to Alaska on a HAL ship. Everyone had to show proof of vaccinations and while masks were not required once on board they were strongly encouraged when indoors (outside of your stateroom) and most seemed to be following that advice.
  9. Weather in Alaska is changeable at any time of the year, but between your two choices I would go in August rather than September.
  10. Just an update on what we did.... We did the Zipline and it was an incredible experience! My first zipline and I understand it is the world's longest. Definitely worth doing and the loading point (for a bus to the top of the mountain) and the unloading point were a short walk from where the ship docked.
  11. Hello, we are booked on a Panama Canal cruise in February, 2022 and final payment is due in November. Trying to get an idea for how people feel about travelling to the various countries that we still stop at (Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia) on this trip, especially with the continued uncertainties of Covid.
  12. Thanks Tom! Good to hear that you can book specific loungers, so we can be in the shade.
  13. Thanks for the thoughtful responses. It will be interesting to compare the experiences.
  14. Hi, This is a question for a pretty specific group...... I owned a boat and did a portion of America's Great Loop, taking the boat through the big federal locks on the Illinois, Mississippi, and Ohio rivers. If you have had such an experience how would you compare going through the Panama Canal. I.e. did you still find it interesting and worthwhile?
  15. Thanks for the further questions. This will be our first trip through the Panama Canal and this will be through the new locks.
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