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  1. Happy to see both of you back!🐬 Like you, I always look for the dolphins and flyingfish.🐟
  2. Thanks again you two for a wonderful blog and pictures!
  3. It was wonderful as usual; great posts, pictures and all. I'm sticking with you all the way home. Thanks once again.
  4. I too finished the book in record time! And agree with Oahu, I couldn't believe her "fly by the seat of her pants" mentality.
  5. Ahh, back again. I didn't realize cruise started this late this year. Kept looking for you earlier, then saw the departure date for this year. Have a great cruise you two!! 🐬
  6. I've got my spot! And ready to go in the fall. Thanks again for all you two do making this trip so enjoyable for us all.
  7. As usual, you two are quite the travelers! Looking forward to next year. But first, you've got to get home via 17 more sea days. Great Blog and pictures!!!! Thanks
  8. Thanks so much Kathi for this "wonderful" voyage! Where do I go first thing in the morning now? Safe trip home.
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