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  1. We were the second to last Windstar cruise out of San Juan back in February 2020 on the Star Pride. We got there shortly before one. We dropped off our luggage and walked around for 15 minutes. Then came back. I think we waited 5-10 minutes maybe (probably closer to five) for them to check our boarding passes and passports. Then we had to get our temperatures taken. Then we boarded. The longer waits were the lines onboard to formally check in and turn over your passports. But even that probably took 10 minutes. I would say that we missed our preferred night for dining outside. It had already been booked. We had already purchased the beverage package, so all of those people left us alone. I am not sure you want to try to carry on luggage as you have to walk up a relatively steep gangway and then wait in line in some tight spaces once onboard.
  2. food has been good. Wireless has been poor. 😉
  3. No problem! Just sitting at the bar. 😋 the other interesting thing was getting up and looking out the window this morning. So not used to being essentially at the port level. oh hey, the shops are outside.
  4. Sorry. I really meant the cognacs. Basically everything on the top shelf of my photos. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Paying it forward. Basically, the higher end scotches and cordials are not included in the drink package.
  6. Sounds like our Azamara experience.
  7. We are usually pretty happy no matter what the line is, but we are pretty laid back. I will say that our last four cruises on the Celebrity Summit have been in suites, which has spoiled us quite a bit compared to the "standard" offering. There are only 50 suite cabins on that ship, which gets you access to suite only areas and higher recognition from staff. We are certainly looking forward to the change of a small ship. But more just looking forward to being on vacation!!
  8. Rule of thumb with cruise lines... When they say premium, what they really mean is just above well. 😄 In my experience, the liquors rarely go for above $30 for 750ml and the wines rarely go above $15 for a bottle in the retail market.
  9. Definitely, give me a nice whiskey neat and I am happy. However, that tends to not work out too well when you are sitting in the Caribbean sun. 🙂 I realized why the Daiquiri was created there.
  10. I think it has been 25 years since I have had a grasshopper.
  11. Thanks for the menus! Now I am hungry. 🙂 Can I get popcorn before 10pm?
  12. I am not sure I can work my way entirely through that list. 🙂 But now...
  13. We figured we wanted to do the laundry. We drink more than wine, so I figured the beverage package was a wash. And we have a new dog/house sitter so I wanted to be reachable. Once we factored all of that in, the all-in made sense. I do like having the drink package as I can try things I would not normally have and not feel guilty if I don't like it.
  14. Yep! I have looked at those images many times. 🙂
  15. Yeah, we booked our 1.5 years out. The cheapest date happened to coincide with our 15 year anniversary, so it was a no brainer. Some of those prices on the flora though... 😳
  16. Enjoy the Flora! She looks amazing. The cruise is really about the nature though. We were more than happy with the Xpedition. We looked at the smaller two as well, but decided that we wanted something slightly larger. My wife said that was the only trip where she cried because it was over.
  17. Hello all, We head out on the Windstar Pride next Saturday from San Juan. This is our first time cruising with Windstar. However we have probably 15 cruises under our belt across many different lines and sizes of ships. We also cruise out of SJ quite a bit on the Celebrity Summit. We were also on the Celebrity Xpedition a year ago, which is even smaller than the Pride. Some questions / clarifications: We have not received our electronic tickets yet, but I just hit up the TA for those. But it does not sound like there is an issue if we don't get anything. I will have a copy of our invoice with us. I am guessing we are sailing out of the Old Town pier given past cruise reports. We purchased the All-In Package How does the laundry work? We are actually pretty excited out this so we can pack lighter. Where can you get alcoholic drinks? Looks like Sky Bar and maybe Compass Rose? Does the Yacht Club also serve drinks or just sandwiches? Everything in the mini bar is included? Can we make requests? Is there a dollar limit on the drinks/cocktails? Looks like the wine by the glass is included. Sounds like we need to make reservations at Candles the first night. Is there any day that is different? It appears that the menu is the same every night. Do we need to sign up for anything on the Sports Deck or is just first come first served? No set time for AmphorA? Just show up. Thanks, everyone!
  18. We got it from our TA last night and we are sailing Feb 29th on the Star Pride.
  19. I found a couple of travel agent's sites with some menus. The above lines up with those lists. I just find it odd that a luxury cruise line offers moderate brands. Oh well, as I said before, that will certainly keep me satisfied. And my cruise will be in Tahiti, not the Caribbean, so the drinking will be less of a factor.
  20. Would it be wrong to bring my copy of "Cocktail Codex"? 😂
  21. Yep! That is why I was surprised about the Woodford comment since it is < $30.
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