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  1. Bob Before I would book at this time, I would check with the cruise line I'm interested in to see if they would let me onboard given all the new health restrictions that seem to be being put in place. I know it's a bummer. Kidney disease became a real presence when planning vacations and even day outings during my marriage.
  2. Thanks for the link to this form. I had tried to find it last night without success. I'm going to ask my doctor if he would sign this form well before our final payment date. If he refuses, I will cancel the cruise with this being the stated reason. For the record, I'm in good health, at least as I type this. Joanne G, I so agree with you that such a form will not prevent much of what we saw spread through cruise ships the past month.
  3. We had a wonderful land tour in Alaska before boarding the ship. We thoroughly enjoyed the people we met and had fun with throughout the tour and cruise. However... the ship experience was questionable. The management crew was very stiff. The interior of the ship was very dark and little natural light in public areas. When we boarded, we found several empty beer cans under the bed. Several chairs in the upper forward lounge (the one over the bridge) had about half the chairs that provided a view to the front were broken and unusable. We have not sailed with this line again.
  4. We were on the Ruby in January with Club Class. Most nights we ate from the regular menu. Hubby really enjoyed all the duck on offer. He also tried pheasant for the first time. I enjoyed the pavlova frequently, which I haven't seen as much on Princess cruises in other parts of the world.
  5. The on board currency will be the AUS $. When you registure your credit card the charges will be reported in the onboard currency. Your credit card company will do the conversion when they bill you. Yes, it will be less in US$$. We were on the Ruby in January. At that time there was an automatic fee charged (I think under 2%) for using a credit card for payment of onboard charges.
  6. Thank you all for replies. I did check out the survey. It was about an upcoming cruise I have booked. After a couple of you posted about similar emails, I felt safe clicking on the link. I did tell my husband what it was about.
  7. I just received a survey that is supposed to be from Princess wanting my opinion about cruising and Princess Cruises. I'M SUSPICIOUS. In the email is a request that the contents of the survey be kept confidential. This does not seem normal for Princess. Also, the sending email does not seem to have come from Princess. I have NOT clicked to take the survey. Just wondering if anyone else has received such an email.
  8. I highly agree with both answers above. Yes, it takes a long time to get from one place to another in Alaska. That's how big it is. And, there is basically one road north/south. When I did a cruise tour several years ago we did it first, followed by the cruise. Besides having some time to unwind on the ship, you will probably also have formed some vacation friendships before boarding the ship. As far as the Denali tour, there is nothing better than the Tundra Wilderness tour. When I did it we started early enough in the day to see the full range without clouds. We are returning to Alaska this year and doing an eight day southbound tour and then cruise. As long as I'm in Alaska I want to see as much of it as I can.
  9. We will be starting our trip in Alaska in Fairbanks on a Princess land tour. Does anyone know if taxis are readily available there to get us to our hotel?
  10. Margo Is there any chance the Access desk can/will help you on this. I'm disappointed it will be difficult to use my UK hair dryer on board. Had hoped to only bring one. May still only bring one and ask to borrow my NZ friend's hair dryer. Jane
  11. Wondering if there are UK compatible outlets suitable to plug a hair dryer into on the Ruby. I'm thinking about bringing the UK hair dryer on this trip as I'll have time on land, too, since it is the correct wattage for NZ and Aus. Really don't want to bring two with me as I really dislike hotel and onboard hairdryers. Thanks for any info.
  12. We will be boarding in Southampton after a couple of weeks in UK. During that time my husband hopes to take pictures with a film camera as an art form. Will he be able to have the film hand checked when we go through security to board? For the record, he will take digital pictures, also.
  13. Fiordland is an area of spectacular beauty. When I was there I was "blown away" by it, particularly in Milford Sound. Here is a link to information about it from the NZ tourist board. https://www.newzealand.com/us/feature/national-parks-fiordland/
  14. We were on the Coral as she came out of dry dock. They were preparing her to be Medallion but at the time it hadn't been rolled out on her so none of the new technology we just experienced on the Caribbean was available yet like the interactive TVs and screens around the ship. She is a wonderful ship and I've always enjoyed my cruises on her.
  15. Thank you all for your comments. I'm so glad to know I wasn't missing something. kkinaus - I agree there are many things Cunard could learn from their "sister" cruiseline Princess. Maybe that will be on my suggestions when I cruise Cunard in a couple of months.
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