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  1. I am on Indy now. The Key has been a wonderful purchase for us! We are thoroughly enjoying our benefits!
  2. Agreed. There is 2 of us and they took 5 bags from us. One a full sized roller weighing over 25lbs, a medium roller, backpack and 2 cross body bags. Incredibly easy.
  3. So I cant post pictures seemingly but internet has been fairly good. I will post a full review of my cruise including the key program when I get home tomorrow night. We went to Once Upon A Time and again sat in the first row in balcony and it was great. Labadee was wonderful as always and I will have a link to my YouTube review of the daybed on Adrenaline Beach and the dragons breath zipline. Falmouth was gorgeous and we opted for the Exclusive Blue Waters Beach Club excursion and will post that review too as we found RCCLs description confusing as to what was included. Today is our last at sea day. We are heading to the ice show this afternoon with key seating so I will be sure to take a picture of the area we get seated in. Also we are doing Izumi hibachi for dinner so will review that as well. Any more questions please let me know!
  4. Hi! Crowds feel fine honestly. I havent used the reserved times yet. However I am doing skyped tomorrow at 6pm tomorrow when it is reserved for us. I cant seem to post pictures but the key schedule is: Day 1 - iceskating at 6pm Day 2 - rockwall 10am skypad 6pm Day 3 - flowrider 8am rockwall at 3pm Day 4 - rockwall 2pm flowrider 6:30pm Day 5 - rockwall 10am skypad 6pm
  5. Thanks all!! We got to the theater around 20 minutes before the show. We showed our seapass card with the Key and were brought to the balcony. We chose the front row as we could put our purses and drinks on the ledge. View was great.
  6. Independence has shows with no reservations needed. We are doing Grease tonight and plan on getting there 30 minutes early for the key section because we want good seats and figure we can relax and get a drink from the balcony bar.
  7. We are just 2 in a cabin and gave him 5 things because we were carrying extra stuff. He used a luggage tagging card that has 8 tags on each. We asked how many things we could send up to the room he said whatever you would like. One was a larger roller bag, a medium roller, a backpack and two small crossbody bags.
  8. Hello! I didnt notice any luggage in the Key luggage drop off but that's because they literally had someone immediately take your bags and bring them to your room. They would have no problem taking the strollers though. They took up to 8 things to the room it looked like.
  9. So today is an at sea day. My bestie and I woke up at 7:30 and grabbed two loungers next to the pool, had a quick breakfast at windjammer and have been in the sun since. Its windy but hot and the pool feels great! It doesnt seem overly crowded to us at all and there are still loungers available. Let me know if anyone has any questions.
  10. Hi! They were center row of the balcony first 5 rows it looked like. There was no separation of suite, key or other guests. We all sat in the same rows. I took pictures but I'm not able to upload.
  11. We had purchased the First Night Done Right on sale and were thrilled that we ended up getting Giovanni's Table. It was great. We then headed to the theatre about 15 minutes before the headliner comedian, Landry. We showed our cards with the Key and were sent to the first rows of the balcony. The seats were excellent with no obstructions. Bar service was excellent.
  12. Hi everyone! So we boarded Indy yesterday with The Key but I didnt get to post til now. We stayed at Hilton Garden Inn at Airport/cruiseport. They provide a free shuttle from Ft. Lauderdale airport and they picked us up within 15 minutes. The ride to the hotel was about 15 minutes and we enjoyed the pool and breakfast while we waited for our room. They have a shuttle to the cruise port but its $10 per person and they pack a ton of people on board. We opted for a $12 Uber and split the cost. Typically I like to get to the ship by 11:30 but we ran late. We got out of our uber at 11:55 and followed signs for The Key which directed us to the Suite, Diamond, etc line. It was far shorter than the other line. We whisked right through the line and through bag check. We then went to get our seapass cards and were thrilled that there was a bypass line just for The Key and no one else was in it. We went directly to a window and got paper boarding passes. We were told they would have our seapass cards on our door with Key information. From there we walked directly on the ship with our bags. As soon as we entered the inside doors of deck 4 there was a sign for The Key luggage drop off. We gave him our bags and they took them directly to our cabin. From there we went up to Chops. We were seated immediately. It was about half full, plenty of space and service remained wonderful. It was a limited menu but very good. From the time we arrived to enjoying a glass of wine at Chops only 31 minutes had lapsed. The Key has been great so far!
  13. Hi! Did a search but no luck. Are there USB ports on Indy in cabins?
  14. So I am absolutely the girl that gets on early and self disembarks lol! I have a few reasons. First, I want to enjoy every second that I paid for. We always do Chops for lunch because we feel it's a more elegant way to set the tone for our vacay. Last year was my friends first time cruising and I wanted to be on early to show her around. That was Explorer. This year in Indy so I want her to have even more time to walk around. Biggest difference this year is we have The Key. So we will arrive at 11 and hopefully get right on board! Because of the key we can have our carry on brought to our room and then enjoy lunch at Chops. Then O cant wait to show my friend around the promenade and see her face! On our last day we always get a daypass at a resort in Florida. This way we get off the ship early, uber to our resort and enjoy a full last day! We usually do an evening flight so we arent rushed. It's all so personal!
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