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    Hello. Over the last 5 years, I would routinely get offers from Carnival for free cruises (we know they are never free). I have taken advantage of these (at least once a year) and as recently as April 2017. I have also always gotten the end of cruise letter offer for another cruise that must be booked within weeks. All of a sudden, I have not gotten a single free offer since that cruise. All offers are for reduced rates and a piddly amount of casino cash. Even the premium offers are no longer free. I am trying to determine if they have changed the program for all people and they don’t do free cruises - or if I have had my classification changed and no longer qualify. (My table play always gets me comps in casinos). My family is looking to book a 2018 cruise and I was hoping to get it for free. I have 60 days at sea with Carnival but have never looked at another line because of the free offers. I need to figure out if I need to look elsewhere (if I am paying, I should try a new line) or just wait and see if an offer comes my way. Let me know if anyone else has had similar occurrences over the last 6 months. Thanks,