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  1. We sailed on Ovation out of Seattle and had so much motion on our second evening (when we were out in the Pacific). This was my 5th cruise but the first where I took Bonine and still felt queasy. Once we got into the inside passage overnight the second night, the water was smooth as glass. We didn't have as much movement on the return trip so it really does depend on ocean conditions/weather.
  2. I emailed them - I'm pretty sure I got the address on the main Kroschel Films website (it's still there under the "Visit" tab). I worked with Karen. She manages bookings for a few excursions so you'll want to be specific about which tour you want. We booked the morning tour, which put us in with another ships' tour. They arrange to meet you on the dock and walk you over to the ferry to Haines. They take care of the tickets. Once you make it to Haines, there is a quick restroom stop and then board the bus for the drive out to the center. Our driver was an interesting guy - sorta surfer meets Alaska. He gave a bunch of commentary on the way out and some on the way back. The tour was interesting but not as long with some of the bigger animals as I would have liked. The ferry ride was really pretty.
  3. We had a J1 on Ovation in June. I had read that priority boarding is one perk but I really had to go in search of someone that would acknowledge it. We did manage to get through the "special" line. We never tried Coastal Kitchen so the only other perk I remember is that we didn't have to be accountable for our pool towels. They would give us as many as we wanted with the blue "suite class" card.
  4. Our experience on Ovation was that we were charged $10 per kid. They sometimes offered a kids menu but others just brought a smaller portion of a dish off of the regular menu.
  5. Sorry to hear this. We made it on the 6/21 sailing and I knew we were very lucky. I'm glad the rest of the trip has gone so well! We are still missing being on the ship. I hope the rest of the trip is wonderful! We saw lots of whales when we left Endicott Arm so keep your eyes peeled.
  6. Sorry you had so much complication with your cruise! We were on this sailing with you and also struggled with the movement on the second night. This was my 5th cruise and the first time I've had a negative effect from the ship's movement, even after taking two Bonine! We were functional but I was happy to just go to sleep. It's interesting to hear about your struggles with the main dining room. We never made it there. We purchased Unlimited Dining but even that got to be too much hassle for us and we started just going to Windjammer. I get tired of having to get dolled up for dinner every night. This was our first experience with RCL and I think we'll try them again. We had a nice time and my DS (9) really enjoyed Adventure Ocean.
  7. We just had the $10 experience on Ovation. The waiters even encouraged the kids to order some adult dishes and it was covered but I’m sure that depends on who you get.
  8. They were charging $15 per person for the escape room on our 6/21 sailing. I think you signed up at the desk in Seaplex but didn’t participate due to the price. The app was wonky during embarkation and I couldn’t sign up for anything. We even missed out on several nights of specialty dining because we are newbies and didn’t know how to play the game. Oh well! We still had an amazing time!
  9. You rock - thanks! Definitely going to make note of this (and the awesome map). We may not hit everything in one day but we will be in Seattle for a week so I need these ideas. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you Ferry_Watcher. That's very helpful. I'm not sure where we are planning to drive that first day. Our rental is downtown but we can't check in until the afternoon. I need to figure out something kinda low key. I know my kids will be zonked from too much fun on the ship.
  11. Can anyone comment on the National shuttle and wait times? I have a car reserved at the downtown office since we will be staying in Seattle for the week. I'm wondering if it would be faster to pay for a Lyft downtown or use the shuttle? What time do we need to be off the ship to avoid the huge crowds? We are in a junior suite so I think that helps us with disembarkation? Thanks for any advice you can provide! We leave next week!!!!! I'm just a little excited.
  12. I snagged $125 for Ovation. I've only seen it once (maybe it was also Black Friday?). It's been $199 consistently after that.
  13. I saw that another blog about RC cruises (ahem) has them. We are on 6/21!
  14. Well that is interesting! I guess that one is still coming up on your voyage... Doesn't bother me but probably would not be appropriate for my 12 & 9 year old kids! Thanks for the info.
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