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  1. Find another couple or two to share the cost and head to Honfleur. It's a sea side community, lots of great dining places along the waterway - outdoor seating to people watch, quaint shops [bough ta lot of chocolate on our last trip] along narrow streets. Darcy
  2. If you are looking for a tour company out of London, look at either Evans or Premium Tours. I've used Premium a few times and they were very good when I took my Mom who had limited mobility. They pick up a various hotels in London and then drop off at strategic places after the tours. Check each of their web site - they do have USA toll free #'s if you have questions. Darcy
  3. When you get off of the tender, walk toward your left, and stop at the visitors center where you can purchase mansions tickets and adjacent to this building you'll find the buses to take you around the area. Bowen's Wharf is nearby, too, lots fo shops and restaurants. Darcy
  4. I saw a moose in Denali, but best experience was during a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Darcy
  5. 19 + miles and the cost, plus entry into the castle grounds [beautiful trails], plus your shopping trip at the mill store won't be cheap. https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Kilgarvan-Cobh-Co-Cork-Ireland/Blarney-Castle Darcy
  6. My first priority when visiting KW was to head to Kermits - not the one at the pier, but the shop further away and get a frozen key lime pie, dipped in dark chocolate, on a stick - best lunch ever! Have someone take your picture in front of the big pie wedge out front of the shop. Lots of other foods to sample too. Darcy
  7. I've driven left sided in England, Scotland and Wales [talk about narrow roads], and Ireland and am comfortable with it. Since college days, decades ago, I've been riding bikes and scooters in Bermuda and now, wisely rent the Twizzy. Local Bermuda drivers appear to be well aware of the mini rental "cars" and pass with care. Local drivers appear to be well aware of "non-lefties" renting the vehicles. I asked at Princess Hamilton about accidents thus far, as of last May, was told none - can't say that about the scooters/motor bikes. If you plan to rent, make reservations asap, they do sell out quickly. Oleander also has a vehicle they rent, a bit larger, but much more expensive. Go with your comfort level and whatever you drive, always be alert to others. Darcy
  8. I would do any European adventure over a Caribbean cruise. If you decided on Europe, plan to fly/arrive in your port city a few days before the cruise and explore the culture & history of the region. A cruise barely touches the aspects you desire, do your research, decide on a specific destination and do land and cruise. Darcy
  9. Having flown from Boston, by the time we arrived in Honolulu, we were ready for serious sleep. Our flight left about 6: am, transfer at DFW, and traffic from the airport to our hotel [Hyatt Regency]. Once we checked in, we took a quick nap, then got a light meal, trying to stay awake. So, first day was a dud. We did 5 nights before our cruise and could have added another day or two. One full day at the PCC, another day exploring the North Shore, visited a botanical garden, Dole Plantation, then hiking Diamond Head, full day at Pearl Harbor and visit the Punch Bowl where my Mom's brother is buried. Beach time, checking out the dining venues, exploring the communities and elegant homes, visit the Palace and local Zoo. If you have to make that long a flight, IMO, make it worth while and spend as much time as you can spare checking out the island. Darcy
  10. We rented a Twizzy last year and had a wonderful time exploring the island at our own pace. We picked it up at Hamilton Princess, headed along the north shore of the island and onto St George for a short time. Ample parking in a lot slighlty beyond the town center. From there, Swizzle Inn, parking close to a charging station. We then headed to the aquarium and parked at the lot across the street. We took the south shore route back to the dock yard - parking at a charging station behind one of the first building on our left - then walked through the shops and back onto the ship. The following day we traveled to a few beaches, no problem parking, returned the Twizzy in the late afternoon and took the ferry across the Sound to the Dock Yard. When you check in to pick up your reserved Twizzy, they will download the map to your iphone, and the "cars" have a USB port to keep the phone charged. The map also shows charging stations in case you notice a dip in battery charge, though they do hold power. Yes, it's a bit tight getting in to the back - but we had no problem with storage [hidden behind the back seat]. Darcy
  11. Instead of relying on the info posted by CC members, speak with your electro-cardiologist. IMO, trusting the doctor is more reliable. Darcy
  12. I would want to be in the USA, with access to quality medical care instead of confined to a cruise ship off the coast of a distant land with limited access to valid information. Darcy
  13. https://www.wcvb.com/article/mbta-to-announce-another-round-of-projects/30790134 For any cruise passengers who anticipate using public transportation, especially silver line, be aware of closures and plan accordingly. Darcy
  14. We probably got a pin or two, but tossed it into the waste basket along with the flyers for spa treatments, exclusive overpriced jewelry promos, and fake gold by the inch, etc. I know how many cruises we have taken and really don't care how many others have been on. IMO, it's more important that Princess knows where we fall in the hierarchy so we get the obligatory perks. Darcy
  15. Alan Buckelew, former CEO of Princess, is a VietNam Vet and has been instrumental in the cruise line's recognizing veterans with OBC based on length of the cruise. Once the copy of the DD214, darken out the SS#, is faxed to Princess and enetered nto their data base, the credit automatically appears whenever we book a cruise. DH once went on a veterans' cruise hosted by Mr. Buckelew. Princess holds a Vet's get-together on every cruise - last one, DH came back to the cabin to say he met someone who was in country, same time he was, same division, etc. From experience, we always look for a good promo rate and book the cruise. The Vet's OBC can be combined with FCC, TA and stock holders $$. Darcy
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