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  1. We really enjoyed our sailing on the Edge, but I still prefer the Equinox. We really liked the IV balcony, even though I didn't think we would. We had a 10% obstructed view on deck 6. A couple days when we were in port, we ate lunch on the 'balcony' with the window up. It was hot out, but we were cool inside while still being able to enjoy the view. The room was beautiful, and the bathroom was great. Lots of storage. We loved Captain Kate, and we had sailed with her before on the Equinox. We did the ship tour that I booked during a half off sale, and we had a great time. Don't miss her talk in the theater on one of the sea days. The casino was great. A lot of new games, and very spacious. I had some luck and ended up coming home with a little extra money. The burgers at the Mast grill were excellent, and we had them for lunch 3 times! We also really enjoyed the Eden cafe for lunch, and ate outside. I would have liked to go for breakfast, but there just wasn't time! Definitely try this. We tried each of the dining rooms, and decided that we liked the one dining room better, with the same servers the entire trip. Food on the Edge seemed to take forever, and the dining rooms were very noisy. Dessert was rushed, if we even had time to order it. Even though we were seated when they opened, we found ourselves running to catch the show at 7:10. The seating in the theater is limited, and many nights people were standing in the back. Most nights if you didn't get there by 7:20, you couldn't get seats. We tried to go to the 'Club' a few times. Even getting there a half hour before the show started there were no available seats. The ship is immaculate. It's beautiful and spacious. Loved having a Cafe Bacio 2 up at the buffet. And the buffet seating is great. Love these tables facing the windows. We would definitely book the Edge again if the price was right, but my heart still belongs to the Equinox.
  2. Sorry to hear the bad news. Was really looking forward to your trip review. Hope you try to make the best of it!
  3. There is no limit on drinks. You can have as many as you want.
  4. We also got off the Edge on Sunday the 8th. We had select dining and arrived at the dining rooms at 5:15, party of 2. Dinners took forever. After ordering, our appetizers took around 1/2 hour to arrive. This was in each dining room, but I think Normandy was the slowest. We were finished at between 7:10 and 7:20, and had to walk fast to the theater. We did get seats, but most shows were full by 7:30 when the show started, and some had to stand along the back wall. I cannot believe they made the theater so small. One night we wanted to see the show in the Club at 7:30, but when we got there at 7:10 it was standing room only. Also too small of a venue. As stated above the shows are definitely 7:30 and 9:30, and there were 2 late shows at 10:30.
  5. micheleata

    Day in Aruba

    Sorry for the misinformation.
  6. micheleata

    Day in Aruba

    It is called Nikki or Baby beach I believe. When you leave the port area it's to the right about a mile or so.
  7. Personally I would choose Frangelico. (Hazelnut flavor)
  8. No mugs. If you order a soda you will get a can with a glass. You can ask them not to open the can and take it back to your room. We like to keep a few cans in our mini bar, which we have emptied on the first day. You can get a can of pop or bottle of water at any bar.
  9. micheleata

    Day in Aruba

    The trolley will not drop you anywhere near a beach. We had the perfect beach day at Reflexions beach bar. I made reservations by email before we went for 2 tent beds, I think they were $25 each. We got off the ship and walked slowly, made a few stops and sat down a few times as my sisters ankle was bothering her. This should have been a little under 1/2 hour walk, but took us longer. It had just started to rain as we got there, but then cleared up and we had a wonderful day!!! Not a lot of people around, nice clean bathrooms and terrific service. They started us each a tab and brought drinks and menus/food right to our beds. My sister and her BF had burgers that were delicious. You can see the ship in the first picture. I definitely recommend spending the day here. When we were ready they called a cab for us to go back to the ship.
  10. I loved your live report, and can't wait to see more pictures. We leave on the 8th and excited to try a new ship. I am definitely an Equinox fan, but am going with an open mind and am sure I will love it!
  11. This was from the Equinox in Sept 2018. The glass was frosty/wet which makes the picture look blurry. I wanted coconut, but waited till the last day for our free scoop, and they were out. So I got mint chocolate chip, which is the next picture. I did get my coconut in October (on the right), and not sure what the flavor is on the left. Maybe praline or hazelnut.
  12. Yes, they have iced coffee! I get mine with a shot of coconut flavoring!
  13. Great video! Don't miss the Q & A with the captain & officers. It is so informative and she is so funny!
  14. I will check these out. Thanks.
  15. I took it with me last year because my excursions said 'reef safe' and biodegradable. I just ordered 2 more cans for my upcoming trip. I just looked it up and it does contain avobenzone.. I had no idea. Why would they label it like that?
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