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  1. If they skip GSC make sure they refund you the $60-80 they charge to go there in taxes and fees.
  2. Wow...no info from anyone? Breakaway is still docked in Ocho Rios.
  3. Just confirmed with one of the passengers onboard that they are indeed still docked and won't be receiving an update until 1 hour from now.
  4. I'm seeing many posts on social media from passengers on the Breakaway saying they're stuck in Ocho Rios with engine trouble. No further details. Anyone have any insider info?
  5. Part of the problem is that NCL keeps cutting back on staffing, food quality etc...in the meantime they keep adding/raising charges for everything to pad their profits even more. I mean...heck...the NCL CEO made as much as the Royal and Carnival CEO made combined! They've just become a money hungry company. Everyone is in it to make money but other cruise lines have a balance with how much they cut versus what they make in profits. NCL has the biggest margins not because people pay more but because they've cut expenses so much and now passengers are feeling it. It's quite a shame. NCL is becoming the Spirit of cruising.
  6. Not exactly. First off, you have embarkation and debarcation fees in Miami (customs etc). Second, on top of the $69 you’d add in the cost for the fees paid at Castaway Cay on that Disney Cruise. So the cost of GSC is Castaway Cay + $69. That’s close to $100 for GSC alone. Also, someone said they skipped GSC on one cruise and they refunded $9 which is what the actual Bahamas taxes are...the rest are all “fees” NCL charges passengers and puts in their pocket. So each passenger on a GSC itinerary pays around $90 in hidden fees to NCL that go into their profits.
  7. If you're gonna spend $5,800...you may as well spend $6,200 and get an Aft facing Haven Suite.
  8. Haha! You beat me to it. Almost every Bliss sailing comes out to under $3,000.
  9. All you have to do is look...you can get almost any sailing on the Bliss this Spring for under $3,000.
  10. Unless that's the week of Christmas or New Years...that is a HORRIBLE deal. For a balcony with perks you should not be paying over $3,000 total.
  11. I was looking at a sailing today on the Pearl out of Miami and ran across a good deal on a 3 day out of Miami on January 17th. When I was going thru the steps for booking the cruise and of course the additional expense comes up for "port taxes and fees". This sailing has $177 per person in port taxes and fees. This sailing sails out of Miami, then heads to Key West, and GSC before returning to Miami. That's 2 ports in addition to Miami. Doesn't $177 sound pretty steep? So I did some research of other cruise lines. Carnival - Sails out of Miami, goes to Key West, and then stops in Cozumel before returning to Miami. Cost of the taxes and port fees? $108. That's $69 less than the Pearl. The only difference is that it goes to Cozumel instead of Great Stirrup Cay. Wow! NCL owns GSC so that means NCL charges it's customer $69 more per person to stop at GSC compared to the cost of a regular port like Cozumel. Let's do another comparison... Disney Magic - Sailing out of Miami, goes to Key West, Castaway Cay (private island), and Nassau before returning to Miami. Cost of the taxes and port fees? $117. That's $60 less than the Pearl. This sailing actually stops at one additional port and stops at Castaway Cay instead of GSC. More ports...less taxes and fees. Here's the thing. NCL charges $69 more per person to stop at GSC than Cozumel. They pass this on as a "tax" when they should be up front with things and say they're tacking on fees that go towards their profit. At $69 per person, if a ship such as the Getaway or Escape stop at GSC with 4,000 passengers that's at least $276,000 that NCL is pocketing...just from 1 ship...1 stop. Why is NCL the master of deceitful business practices? Same goes with charging for "Taxes" on drinks while you're still in port. Left Miami on the Escape and were charged almost $1 in "taxes" per drink. Yet, we sailed on MSC out of Miami and weren't charged a penny. Sailed on Celebrity out of Port Everglades and weren't charged a penny. Sailed on Royal Caribbean out of Port Everglades and also weren't charged a penny. Hmmm...quite interesting don't you think?
  12. That's exactly what they did. They inflated the prices on Saturday and then offered this "amazing" sale on Monday to fool people...and apparently there's plenty even on this board that fell for it.
  13. Yup. I remember pricing out a 7 day caribbean sailing in an Infinite Veranda room for about $2,200 with all 4 perks plus another $200 OBC.
  14. We booked a Haven Spa balcony on the Getaway 4 days ago. It's a March 2020 sailing. Just checked and it's gone up $600 per person. It was $1,699 and now it's $2,299. Wow!
  15. You're right, you have the parts shipped in from the manufacturer. Two weeks time is plenty of time to get any part you may need. NCL is probably ok with changing ports to closer ones as it will cut down on their fuel expenses...further increasing their profits which is all that matters to them.
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