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  1. Yes, hope there are blue skies for the rest of your holiday!! 😎
  2. If Azamara is selling cruises on ships they are planning to then retire before said sailings, wouldn’t that be fraud?
  3. I am on the same cruise and have been told the same thing. I will probably (reluctantly) make final payment so that I have that option. I know that the cancellation will likely follow shortly thereafter 😟
  4. Yes have a wonderful time! I would be nervous at an airport too! Your resort looks just beautiful!!
  5. Gorgeous tree! You are way ahead of us with the color! Schools are back here in Vermont too, with mostly a hybrid of in person and online attendance. Knock wood we have not had a big surge in cases!
  6. Mackdogmolly

    For sale?

    Why Pursuit and not one of the other ships ? Quest seems to have nothing available in December 2022 or Jan-March 2023 (so far), whereas both Pursuit and Journey are showing sailings.
  7. Probably not until they get final payment for those cruises 😟
  8. I think that the Azamara sailings to Japan are at Cherry blossom time!
  9. I forgot about Galapagos! I’ve been to San Francisco many times. So much to see!!
  10. I would like to do Vietnam, Japan, and a Panama Canal transit. But the rest of the itinerary would have to be great.
  11. Well, the Azamara experience is really pretty special. And I thought the itinerary looked great. Just would have liked a couple more sea days.
  12. Good point. If ships can’t sail at capacity, they will have to start bumping people. And how will that get decided? And will those people be compensated?
  13. I am not scheduled on this cruise, but am scheduled on an early March cruise back from Brazil to Portugal. I don’t see that happening either, if the ship doesn’t make it down to South America in the first place.
  14. Some friends of mine did this sailing last September and absolutely loved it. I would love to do it as well, but it is pricey and I like an itinerary with a few more sea days.
  15. Fingers crossed you are right!!
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