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  1. Yes, I have had multiple changes to our flights to/from Miami in December. The latest change has our flight departing Miami an hour after the ship docks! I am trusting CA to sort it out, if possible.
  2. Thanks for this info. It used to be 90 days out.
  3. I have put mine on when a check my bags preflight. That way I hope that if my bags don’t arrive they would make it to the ship. I have no idea if this is a reasonable expectation!
  4. I was wondering about that! Didn’t recall seeing the tennis court 😂
  5. The cost of our veranda cabin for the Christmas cruise on Quest has almost doubled since we booked last December. With popular cruises it’s a seller’s market
  6. My CC payments have showed up as Azamara, not Celebrity. Maybe different in US?
  7. Thanks for posting about this. I was wondering how they were going to do the Chef’s Table. Can’t wait to attend another one!
  8. I thought they replaced with San Juan. At least with the 12/23 cruise
  9. Them’s fighting words! https://www.parkersmaple.com/blogs/blog/the-sugar-wars-maple-syrup-vs-cane-sugar
  10. Glad it ended well! I will look into the Radisson hotel. Haven’t booked in either city yet.
  11. OMG, what an unfortunate end to your cruise! Our cruise doesn’t go to St P, but is Lisbon to Copenhagen and includes an overnight in Amsterdam. We are planning a couple of extra days in Lisbon and Copenhagen, so really excited!
  12. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! Your trip sounds lovely. We will (hopefully) also be on a Baltic cruise in June 2022. Hoping to get our boosters in November.
  13. @the mice, great photos! We have abandoned Canada plans right now too. In Vermont, there have been a lot of delays getting test results, so wouldn’t day risk a hotel reservation until that improves. Just hoping we won’t need a test in advance of arriving at the pier in Miami in December.
  14. Thanks. This is helpful. On my next cruise I have a lot of sea days and will want to have things to do (I’m not a huge fan of trivia).
  15. So, I have noticed (at least in prior sailings), a daily am yoga class. Can anyone tell me the experience level they are. Interested, but would be a beginner. Betsey
  16. Good advice. Sometimes I panic!
  17. Yes, it seems like prices can fluctuate a lot without warning. I’m my case, I was happy to take the $1000 OBC and the beverage upgrade though!
  18. Yes, the cost for my already booked December cruise has almost doubled. But I did get a fair price on a June 2022 cruise, so would agree about demand.
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