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  1. Haha! Any closer and it would have bit me 🙂! Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I just booked an 8 nighter, sailing on 4/9/21. I can’t find the Concierge Lounge? 🤷‍♀️ Am I just missing it? It is on deck 12 aft on Anthem.
  3. How much is the daily parking fee in Port Canaveral?
  4. Your review is terrific, but what is more wonderful is the time you are spending with your father. Love it!
  5. We will be on deck 13 on the Anthem soon. Same as you, only deck 6 and deck 13 were available. We opted for 13, with the hope that it won’t be too noisy at night. I don’t think I would like deck 6. We were once on deck 7, and the sea spray totally covered the balcony glass and furniture daily. This alone drove me nuts!
  6. What a great review! Thank you so much for sharing your cruise with us! FYI...I’m also a 4 pillow girl!
  7. Does anyone know where the Anthem provides lunch for their B2B cruisers on turn around day? On Symphony the lunch was at Jamie’s Italian. It was wonderful.
  8. Hi Noreen, Great review, as always 🙂 How do you like the “entry” to your cabin? It is very different. Also, you cabin provided no forward view, right? We are in a J4 junior suite for our back to back, leaving 8/29/19. Our room is on deck 13, eeks! That is the only deck where we would not need to change cabins during the B2B. We have already been in a J4 when we sailed this past May, and have sailed on Anthem 9 times already. Your cabin looks huge next to the J4, but I’m not sure I would like the cabin entry, or the somewhat limited view. I love the view from the J4 balconies. Just wish we were not on deck 13. Wish me luck!
  9. Thanks Sizzlechest. We were on board Anthem in May of this year. They played the same movie. But, you are correct that showing 3D movies (included in the cruise price) is very nice. You actually feel like you are in a movie theater. We sail again on a B2B August 29th to New England for 9 nights, then 5 nights to Bermuda
  10. Great review! We have sailed on Anthem several times. The North Star no longer goes over the side of the ship. It used to, and we did it several times. It was such fun. It has not done this in a few years. I heard that it takes too long, and they cannot accommodate enough passengers on the ride during the cruise. Oh well...
  11. What a wonderful review. Can’t wait for you to come back with more! Thank you for taking the time to post your trip.
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