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  1. I feel the same as you, Aquahound. So well stated.
  2. Hi Harry! So miss your cruising reviews. You have a great looking family!
  3. Thank you to all who contributed to this thread. It was a great read and a wonderful pictorial! We also did this same cruise in June of 2018 on the Radiance. A trip to surely remember!
  4. Interesting thought about canceling all early cruises out of the US, and just sailing out of Rome. We are booked on a B2B from Fort Lauderdale, leaving 4/3/21 and 4/9/21 The second leg of out cruise returnes back to Fort Lauderdale on 4/17/21. The Odyssey will leave the same day for her transatlantic. I thought I was safe if the Odyssey is delivered late. It never dawned on me that she may not sail out of Fort Lauderdale at all during late 2020 or early 2021! Stay safe everyone!
  5. Thank you for taking the time to write your fab review! It was much appreciated, and belated happy birthday!
  6. The Anthem is scheduled to dock one hour earlier than Oasis. They dock at noon, where the Oasis is scheduled to dock at one pm. As stated earlier, this will be a new run for the Oasis, sailing from Bayonne NJ. No way to know if they will be on time, or the time involved to disembark. I’m considering going to Disney as well, but not to the parks. Just to mosey around the monorail hotels, have lunch, etc. It will be a very short day at Disney. I would never waste the money to visit a park.
  7. Here are a few more screen shots of the items on sale on my Oasis cruise on 5/31/20... As you are sailing within days from us, there is still time for you to get a sales email. I have cruised on Anthem ten times, and always receive them. edited to add...perhaps UK cruisers don’t receive the same emails as the US?
  8. We re booked on a 7 night Oasis leaving Bayonne 5/31/20. On our cruise... 1. Refreshment package is “on sale” for $22 per day. Yours is $26 2. Soda is “on sale” for $8.50. Yours is $10.50 3. The dining packages on my sailing appear to be the same as your sailing Is there something specific I can price out for you?
  9. We are doing both sailings on Odyssey as well... - 6 night leaving 4/03/21 - 8 night leaving 4/09/21 We have sailed on all 4 Oasis class ships, and have sailed on Anthem of the Seas 11 times. It is REALLY convenient for us to cruise on the Anthem as no air is needed. They are totally different. We like them both, but we are drawn to the Odyssey itinerary to the southern Caribbean. Additionally, since we have to fly from NJ to FL, we are trying to get our monies worth so, we added the 6 nighter too 😁.
  10. It looks like the outdoor dining for Jamie’s Italian is under your balcony. There will not be a Jamie’s on Odyssey. Giovanni’s Table will take its place according to the Royal Deck plans. I never saw this outdoor dining area used. Perhaps it will be eliminated on Odyssey.
  11. Hi...! What sailing are you on? We are on the 04/09/21 sailing in a J4 (junior suite). They have been sold out since October. Hubby and I have sailed On deck 7 forward on the Anthem many times. You are correct that the deck is not really obstructed in that location. Deck 6 may be the same. Our only problem was the sea spray made our balcony almost unusable due to the salt coating that was on everything. Everyday. However, that was in the winter months sailing from NJ and the seas were not calm. Sailing from Port Canaveral should be better. At the last minute (yesterday 😁), we added the 04/03/21 six night sailing. So we are now doing a B2B. Trying to get our monies worth out of our flight down there. Oops! Just looked at your photo again. We sailed towards the front of the ship...not the aft. Sorry I can’t be of help.
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