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  1. Great thats all i wanted was confirmation it was happening. Its still NOT a requirement as stated on their Health Protocol page or as part of the CSO that i can see.
  2. Ok im really trying hard not to scream here. Please highlight the exact sentence it says ALL UNVACCINATED PASSENGERS UNDER THE AGE OF 12 MUST BE TESTED PRIOR TO DEBARKATION!!!!! Cause if your pointing to the TESTING AGAIN WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DEBARKATION that means AFTER YOU HAVE LEFT THE SHIP!!! Most people are home within 24 hours of leaving the ship.
  3. Your not following. I asked her if her son was sick and if thats why he was tested on the last day. The comment was they were testing all children under the age of 12 on the day of debarkation. This has nothing to do with the testing requirements for unvaccinated passengers that are listed on Carnivals website. that were posted above. There is NO requirement listed for this to happen. The requirement is within 24 hours of debarkation. That means AFTER you have left the ship.
  4. Ok what part of that says all unvaccinated guests under the age of 12 will be tested PRIOR to debarkation?
  5. Im not talking about exemptions.
  6. Even with the CDC and all the powers that be telling everyone almost daily that being vaccinated was not 100% effective against re catching it and that it was recommended to wear masks while indoors if you couldn't maintain social distancing?
  7. Im still trying to find out information on this requirement for all kids under 12 to be tested before debarkation. Why only kids and not all unvaccinated passengers? Its strange there is no mention of this by any other passenger with kids or any mention of this requirement on Carnivals Health Protocols page or even of it being a requirement by the CSO. I would think that to be a substantial piece of missing information that people should know before cruising with kids under 12. I know they do testing during the cruise if you report feeling sick but why would they do testing the day your gett
  8. Yes it is changing its now an Endemic not a Pandemic. 3 out of 1000 is not a Pandemic. We just had 82 people out of 592,000 get it at the Calgary Stampede and folks are screaming we need more restrictions not less.
  9. Defeat the virus? 🤨 Given that it is here now to stay and we will always have cases increasing and decreasing regulary just as we do of the flu and the common cold what exactly is your definition of defeat?
  10. Am wondering when they introduced this as i dont recall this being a protocol listed with all the other items? Is a good thing that you have the Travel insurance then.
  11. Did your son go to the medical center with symptoms? Is that why he was tested?
  12. well i got a mix dose of Pfizer Moderna both mRna vaccines and according to Carnival that is acceptable to the CDC. No mention of time between doses but mine were 9 weeks apart. Glad im not sailing on RCCL.
  13. I just changed my 7 day Glory cruise for a 15 day Hawaii Cruise different dates different ships, cost me 50 dollars per person and my booking number stayed the same. If it can be done on different ships i dont see why it couldnt be done for different dates but being inside the final payment window might be the difference here. As everyone has said you should call and ask.
  14. OMG some of the items available in the Shops for a limited time make me so jealous since i wont be sailing on her till they are all gone likely. The limited edition Mardi Gras Invictus watch only 24 available, The Inaugural Coin set with both the original and new coins are both items i would jump on right away if i was on board. Hopefully The Hull Jewelry collection will be around for a while. What a clever idea making jewelry out of Steel from the construction of the Mardi Gras.
  15. Agreed our Province announced yesterday they will be moving to an Endemic stance from a Pandemic stance starting Aug 9th.
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