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  1. Interesting. I just logged into my voyage planner and on day 15 it only shows the Cabo luxury sail not the Azamazing Evening. Since it is near the end of the cruise I am sure we can sign up on the ship. Thanks!!
  2. Did you sign up from your voyage planner? The Azamazing evening is not listed for Cabo on my planner. When I use the link Bonnie sent and click on the book now box it sends me to the voyage planner but no Azamazing evening shows up.
  3. Bonnie - FYI still not able to sign up for Azamazing Evening on the voyage planner. Not a big deal.
  4. Be very careful buying the wine packages. Wait until you are on your cruise and Ask to see the wine list selection which is very different and much less variety than the one they show on the website. We are not fans of the included wines for dinner and we were going to buy the up to $75 package but very few available between 50 and 75 with most of what we wanted was at $35, $55 or $80!! The wine list prices did not align well at all with the package pricing.We ended up just buying by the bottle each dinner (10) and saved money over the packages. It was the only complaint I documented in the survey at the end of an otherwise great cruise.
  5. Thanks Bonnie. Interesting it was not on the voyage planner to be selected as of Yesterday.
  6. Bonnie - can you confirm if an Azamazing Evening will be held on the upcoming Panama Canal Cruise in Cabo as rumored on the roll call? We have not been notified and it does not appear in the Voyage planner yet. Want to plan our excursions in Cabo.
  7. I disagree with your logic. After final payment and 4 months or less to go, many last minute discounts may be offered to fill cabins although I have never seen anything near a 84% drop in price. But if you were willing to pay the price at final payment what difference does it make what others may pay that took a gamble that you did not take. I am in the US and every cruise we have booked more than a year in advance has dropped in price prior to final payment and we got the lower price without cancelling or changing cabins or losing OBC. I do not know if we got the best price but I know I was willing to pay it and never felt cheated or taken advantage of. I do not see how you got burned or will not travel on AZ again if you enjoyed the cruise and probably paid what many others paid. All the cruise lines fares are constantly changing so if you find a cruise itinerary you are willing to pay for why lose sleep over it if a minority of passengers paid less.
  8. We may not like all the marketing games being played but most companies are doing it from airlines, hotels, and cruise lines. I just looked at Seaborne a luxury line that is also offering a two cabin upgrade and still more than I am willing to pay. The point is that in this day and age you need to be aware of the gimmicks that most companies use and be a smart consumer. I do not like it, but it is the age we are living in. I do not agree that Cruise Junky is adding any value to this board having not sailed AZ. I am sure they have valuable opinions on the cruise lines they have been on. No one is forcing you to pay a price on AZ you are not willing to pay, so if you find better value on another cruise line good for you because that is what competition is all about. We just finished a cruise on AZ and it was full so they must be doing something’s right.
  9. As I said, you will not give up. I apologize for the HE statement. Azamara may not be appealing to you and that is okay because we are all different but why you post on this board to make negative comments is what is boring when you have no experience with cruising with Azamara. You have a right to express your opinion even if it does not add any value to experienced Azamara cruisers.
  10. Cruise Junky just will not let it go without the last word which is why he has 20,000 plus posts. The amazing thing is he has never sailed Azamara or experienced many of the things we love about AZ. Choosing a cruise is personal and subjective but he likes to try and make it objective by picking on Azamara’s pricing. Yes AZ marketing and sales are insulting but most of us are smart enough to not fall for it and find prices and incentives that are more reasonable. The reason we put up with the crazy marketing is the onboard experience which Cruise Junky has not experienced.
  11. The point is that whether you value Azamazing Evenings or not, Azamara did not communicate the changes prior to final payment even though they knew many months before. Although marketing makes a big deal about providing the Azamazing experience and for us it helps separate Azamara from other premium cruise lines, obviously management does not value it the same or they would have handled communications much better.
  12. Our cruise booked under the 30% off sale for Sept 2020 in a CC suite and booked a few months ago is cheaper than the new double upgrade promotion by more than $600. I hate the false promotions that play games with cabin pricing but most cruise lines do it to attract attention and hopefully new buyers that think they are getting a good deal.
  13. We recently booked the Dec. 19th Panama Canal Cruise. Is this also affected with not having an Azamazing evening? I do not see one listed for this cruise.
  14. I did not say we seat ourselves except in Windows and the Patio. We have been on 3 AZ cruises and have never been asked about our seating preference, but we have never asked to be seated with people we do not know. Yes we were escorted in the MD to a table but always to a table for two and moved if we ask to be moved to a different table. We eat mostly in the specialty restaurants at our reserved time but again were never asked about seating preference. I was not aware there were tables that you could request to be seated at that you wanted others you did not know to join your table?
  15. Since we enjoy a nice leisurely dinner alone, we would not want somebody we do not know to ask if they can join us for dinner and have to tell them no. I know we may be in the minority but one of the advantages we enjoy about Azamara is not assigned seating and being able to dine alone whatever time we want to. There are lots of opportunity to meet other guests and if compatible discuss having dinner together in a casual manner which we have done on a couple of occasions. As as a side note, we have found on two occasions that the Perry golf cruises are the most expensive per night cruises Azamara offers because of the popularity of the golf packages so unless you are a golfer you will most likely be paying a premium for the itinerary it offers which you may be okay with?
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