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  1. Thank you for this! We are on a different cruise, but it is nice to see an example of the info on the dailies. Took notice to the dress code bit. I was under the impression that jeans were ok at the buffet. Not a deal breaker, but looking to know what to pack.
  2. This is wonderful. Fantastic video and I signed up to watch more! Our ship in April with a few of the same ports going from Barcelona to Venice! Thank you for this!
  3. Thank you for this! Sure will help when we try to decide how many specialty restaurants we want to go to. Your photos show the food to look very good!
  4. How do you get offered to upgrade? Is it random or do you have to ask for it?
  5. We took our 4 year old grandson and his parents on an Alaska cruise last summer. He absolutely loved it and still asks me if he can go back on the big boat with us again. So, we are now looking into a Caribbean cruise for when he is 5. It was on a HAL ship and we didn't use the kids center at all with him. He is shy and goes to restaurants all the time with his parents. Quieter than us adults at the table! ha! I really think it all depends on the child. We are looking into Regent, Oceania or perhaps Seabourn. Celebrity? Something with better food than HAL! He will have 4 adults entertaining him!
  6. Thank you! Learned a lot with your post!
  7. Is there a place to see the prices of the excursions before you book and make your choice of o life or not? I went to Oceania and saw the descriptions of the excursions but didn't see prices.
  8. I bet that's it! Odyssey is just one day. 😞
  9. Oh no!!!! That was one we have been looking at doing. Haven't been able to sign up for excursions yet. Dang!
  10. You have given me so much great advice and your time! I really appreciate it! I will look into all of these options. Never thought of waiting till on the ship. This will be our first Viking cruise. After this one we will go on the Homelands! Very excited!
  11. I have another question. We have 3 days in a row with potential long days of sightseeing. Florence/Rome/Naples. If we choose non included (paid extra) tours through Viking and then decide physically if it is just too much and decide not to do one day of them, will Viking refund? If they refund is there a time limit before that you are allowed to cancel?
  12. Thank you Heidi13. So good to know these tips ahead of time before we chose. On the Odyssey Cruise we are only in Livorno port for Florence/Pisa for one day. That's a huge amount of walking you did and it would defineatly not work for us!
  13. Thank you so much Peregrina! Fantastic tips and maybe there is hope! LOL
  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to help! Can I ask what is the OYO bus? Is this a company or line? I like the idea of the cab or cars. Will search to look into Pedicabs!
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