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  1. Well said! It is sad that people have nothing better to do than criticize the clientele who enjoy Holland America. If you don’t like the clientele, then skip these posts and play with your own age group on the party lines.
  2. I totally agree you got a great deal on upgrading to a Signature Suite! The extra space will be well worth it for three people! Enjoy!🍸
  3. That’s so true Hank! Priority boarding is not a perk worth paying for and you’re so right that so many Holland America clientele are 4 and 5 star Mariners with the priority boarding perk anyway. Signature suites are great for the extra space and larger balconies, especially for those itineraries with beautiful coastlines to view. That’s the best reason to book them.
  4. All I can do is speak from experience and we have always received priority checkin when we book a Vista, Signature or Neptune Suite. Even before we reached 4-star status. But to be perfectly honest, priority checkin is the least important perk when booking a suite, so if that’s the only perk someone cares about, I’d advise saving your money, chill in the terminal to board, and book a Verandah.
  5. I disagree with one point made concerning Signature Suites. You do get priority boarding as an amenity. We have also benefitted with Signature Suite bookings when HAL offers any “Suite Deals”. We got free pre-cruise hotel and excursions in Venice last year by booking a Signature suite. The price worked out cheaper by booking the SS and getting the free two-night stay in Venice than it would have cost us to book a Verandah and the hotel stay on our own. So the SS is actually one of our favorite cabin selections.
  6. Disposable plastic straws have just become one of my essential packing items. If the cruise lines won’t provide them, I’ll just bring them myself. It’s hard to drink a frozen drink or a Bloody Mary with no straw or a paper straw.
  7. I cruise both Princess (platinum) and Holland America (4-star Mariner) and find them both very comparable. But I actually give a slight edge to Holland America for the little touches .... closet doors, cloth towels in public restrooms, and fresh flowers and plants throughout the ship! Minor touches to be sure, but they definitely feel more luxurious. And we have booked flights at time of booking and have always been impressed with how competitive the pricing through HAL has been compared to booking direct through the airline. And we’ve been fortunate that our flights through HAL have never increased after booking even though we track it increasing through the airline. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in HAL if you like Princess.
  8. I cruise Holland America a lot (4 star Mariner) and I’m a non smoker. I’ve never had an issue with people smoking on their balconies and I’ve been very impressed with how courteous the smokers are in the casino and smoking areas. No problem at all.
  9. Maybe the Lido was closed, but the Dive In, NY Deli, and Dutch Cafe are all open at that time. Our favorite “after excursion” stop was the Dutch Cafe for split pea soup or cheese and meat platter. But the French fries at the Dive In are also a great afternoon snack! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. Many of the food venues close by 11:00, but we have several approaches to that. We cruise through Lido early in the evening when they’re first set up for dinner and collect “small plates’ of cheese and crackers, sushi, cookies, whatever looks good and just save them in our cabins. After dinner and evening entertainment, we sit out on our balconies or (wherever we want) to enjoy our “midnight snacks”. Another option is to go to the pizza parlor and order full pizzas before they close. That’s a nice snack too. And of course there is room service. I’ve never tried it, but I’m guessing they would deliver to a venue other than your cabin. But I’m not sure. The good news is, you won’t have any problem finding a venue to use late at night. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. On the Koningsdam the Sel de Mer is an ala carte restaurant, not a “pay one price” which is different than most specialty restaurants.
  12. That would be the Sel de Mer “pop up” which is slightly different than the Sel de Mer on the Koningsdam which is a permanent restaurant in addition to the Pinnacle Grill. But I understand your comment and we initially felt the same way, but we were so pleased that we went to the Sel de Mer pop-up on our recent Mediterranean cruise. It was excellent! And in conversations with the Matre’d, they get the freshest seafood when we’re in port, so you are getting the “real deal” on board. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. It varies every day. You’ll need to check your daily program for the specifics each day. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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