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  1. Which side of the ship is it on? Could it be the "Bus Shelter" that was the smoking area on Anthem and Ovation?
  2. Just price checked my Anthem out of Bayonne on 26 Jan 2021. Called RCI and saved >10% on previous price on my solo balcony; $213/day. Considering 7 Dec 2020/Bayonne/Anthem/Solo Balcony also - $223/day. Thanks for the heads up about the sale. It sure worked for me.
  3. I've tried to find the solo interior cabins on the RCI site. No luck. Occasionally the solo will show up when I let RCI pick the room, but mostly it turns up as a interior guarantee with the 200% markup. I called RCI. The RCI agent will book me into any of the 14 solo interior cabins, but it's not an option when booking on the web. I've never tried this with a Travel Agent. The three cabins on the vestibule are marketed as (RCI verbiage from 6 years ago) "Family Connected Junior Suite with Balcony". "New for the Quantum-class, is the Family Connected Junior Suite that has 575 square feet of space along with a private balcony. What makes this room type unique is it features three different categories of staterooms, connected through a vestibule to form a special layout that provides 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a balcony for all your family needs. Sleeps 8 to 10 guests."
  4. I'm counting on this ship sailing. Many months ago I booked in a Studio Balcony, yes, the forward one with the HUGE balcony. Also purchased The Key today because the price dropped by half. (Most everything on Cruise Planner is half price today.) This is going to be one sweet cruise. Already booked 2 scuba excursions, and have plans for the other 3 stops also. Yes, this entire fiasco with the news media panicking the country is going to be over long before this ship sails. I sure do look forward to endless days of sea and sun in the middle of winter. I'm from North Dakota, so the Caribbean in January is so much more of a treat. My only current dilemma is whether to shave the "Corona Beard" and whether to get a haircut. I've come to enjoy the wild and woolly look that comes from working from home the past two months.
  5. Just off 12 days on Grandeur. What I did: Embarkation day I was greeted by cabin steward, who was gracious in asking about special requests. I also informed steward about my expected schedule. Day 2 I expressed my appreciation with care taken in making my cabin comfortable, and satisfying initial requests, plus the little extras. $40 and a heartfelt thank-you. Friendly greetings, and superb care throughout the cruise. 2nd to last day another thank-you and $60. Cabin stewards are part of the total vacation experience just like sushi chefs or stage performers. My steward excelled (as has each one on every previous sailing).
  6. Leaving Charlston harbor. Still waiting on Capt to tell us where we go next. We manned the rails for our guy as he got in the ambulance. Wishing him good luck, get well, come back soon.
  7. Capt.s 8:30 announcement. We will be in Charleston at 2PM. He will talk about how this impacts remainder of cruise at his noon speech.
  8. Latest from the onboard rumor mill. They cancelled the helicopter, and we're headed for the pier. No announcements yet. Crew isn't talking either. Sure do hope this doesn't lead to a skipped port call.
  9. Apparently we are headed for Charleston. Alpha alert at supper last night, and we're racing to meet a helicopter.
  10. I am going to thoroughly enjoy my 12 day Grandeur OTS on Saturday and not worry at all. I may get a bug on the trip, but, hey, that's part of the package. I've had the flu twice after cruises, I've had rumbly tummy many times on cruises; I don't worry. I'm healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle. Worry just decreases enjoyment and causes stress. Life's short, enjoy it.
  11. I've been using Google Voice for years. The last 3 RCI cruises, I've switched my phone to Airplane / WiFi on, and had no issues at all with Texts, Calls, FB, Twitter, anything. Big piece of advice, though - most everyone are quite happy being unplugged for vacation, so make your screen time discrete, and take conversations away from the blissfully unplugged. And, no, the Surf & Stream package is not required. It's overkill for voice and text. The Surf only package is quite enough unless one just has to live stream Surfrider, Rock Climbing, Waterslides, ...
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