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  1. NCL stock price dropped almost 3% yesterday. Trump loves a booming market. Maybe he will back off if the cruise industry takes a big hit.
  2. We stayed in one on the Dawn a few years ago and on our last cruise in December an aft haven suite. They both had huge balconies but I would say the forward one was better. I don't mind a little wind and I prefer seeing where I'm going to where I've been.
  3. Just made platinum on our last cruise so will get 2 free bags of laundry on our next cruise as my wife and I always cruise together. Are there 2 Bag days on a 15 day cruise and when would they be? Thanks for any input.
  4. I am curious. Why would anyone go on a cuban cruise if not to see Cuba? I have considered one but have decided to wait until all restrictions are gone and I can fly in, use my credit cards etc. and spend a week there. Being almost 70 I may never get there.
  5. Maybe we will see you on the ship.
  6. Thanks for the info. I went ahead and booked a port side large balcony. There will be only 4 large balconies on the Encore and there is not even a list of bars and restaurants etc.
  7. Am considering booking a cruise from Miami to LA on the Encore and wonder which side of the ship has the better view as we pass through the canal or are they about the same. Should I book a balcony facing north or south?
  8. At Punta Langosta the municipal market and center of town is maybe a ten minute walk with lots of shops, restaurants and bars along the way. Not sure about Ron Jons. We did see one at the other pier. I'm sure if you google it you can find out if there is a Ron Jons location downtown.
  9. We must have been really unlucky. On the Breakaway the week before Christmas we docked at the isolated pier away from downtown. We were looking forward to a stop at the Mega Store near the downtown pier but it was not to be. The other three posters got the pier we prefer.
  10. Wow! I vaguely remember that. If it reassures someone who is afraid of "denizens" of third world countries I guess that's good. BTW I prefer to call them people.
  11. I wish they would just do away with "free" air. Nothing is free.
  12. In another thread I learned that they would not be on the Breakaway on our cruise just before Christmas. I think around the time of the move to New Orleans was when Emily decided to stay home.
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