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  1. The TKTS app should tell you what is available at each booth. Also, by Googling the question, I just found this on headoutblog.com/tkts-broadway-tickets/
  2. We did exactly this (paid $65 extra directly to Air Canada) when our tickets are issued, and got exit row seats with 1 free checked bag. It was so worth it! Interestingly, our return flight on Alaska Air (JFK to SFO) was ticketed right away, but we ended up switching to AA, after the Alaska Air flight was changed.
  3. Also, Seaport opens at 11 a.m., which, I believe, is at least an hour earlier than the other locations.
  4. I just used Playbill for discount tickets to see "Come From Away" last month. I actually ordered them while I was standing in line to purchase "Beautiful" tickets at the TKTS booth.
  5. Just did this cruise. We had to show our passports to immigration officials who came on board in Bar Harbor. (Very long lines for this.). There were customs officials in the terminal when we disembarked in NYC but they just waived us through. No one ever looked at our luggage, and we never had to declare anything.
  6. As it turns out, the Customs people just waved us through. We had already been through immigration in a Bar Harbor, and had to show our passports there.
  7. Sounds beautiful! We flew home today, so I’m going to put it on my list for next time!
  8. Just wanted to report in about our Broadway experience this week. Went to the South Seaport TKTS office on Tuesday. Chose Seaport because they open at 11a.m., an hour earlier than Times Square. TKTS very organized - sent someone out to answer questions about 10 minutes before opening, and opened right on time. List of available tickets were on display in the window. Purchased “Beautiful” tickets for that evening, and scored third row left orchestra aisle seats for 40% off. The seats were fantastic, and we loved the musical, which closes on the 17th. i was surprised “Come From Away” wasn’t available, because it had appeared on the TKTS app many times over the weeks I checked. I had been planning on buying Wednesday matinee tickets. The young woman told me that they hadn’t had these tickets as often recently. So before the TKTS office opened, I bought discount tickets online for Wednesday night (discount tickets weren’t available for the matinee) from Playbill.com. Got great seats, 3rd row left mezzanine for $99 plus $13 service charge. Yes, I hated to pay the fee, but our time in NYC was so limited, and our plans that day were all in lower Manhattan. ”Come From Away” was absolutely fantastic! A great ensemble production with rapid fire dialogue, and activity. There is no intermission, and the time flew by. We found the musical incredibly moving, especially since we had just gotten off of our Canadian cruise, talking with people in Nova Scotia, who told us that the play was spot-on. Everyone was on their feet during the uplifting finale. So happy we saw both musicals! And we found a great Japanese restaurant, Ootoya, nearby. Food is excellent, reminiscent of what I’ve had in Japan, and their online reviews are glowing. They open at 5:30, and are packed within 15 minutes or so. The best way to get in is to be there when they open, but starting at 5:30, you can join an online waiting list. Afterwards, it was a 5-10 walk to the theaters.
  9. Just wanted to report that the ferry was a perfect option. Bought tickets on the app ($2.75) and took the short walk over to the ferry dock. The ferry came within a few minutes and it was a nice ride to Wall St. The best part was we avoided the crowds waiting for car/taxi services. Thanks to everyone who suggested this route!
  10. Thanks, everyone. Purchasing tickets on the app, and the ferry ride were as easy as could be. We were so happy to be able to bypass the crowds, and take the short walk to the ferry dock, which came a few minutes later.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion! I have a screenshot of today’s schedule saved on my phone. We’re just waiting for our turn to disembark, and hoping that finding our luggage and customs goes smoothly. Just wondering if if they have Global Entry at the Brooklyn Terminal, or if that is just for airports. We’ll find out in another 90 minutes, or so.
  12. There are a handful of employees for whom I will write specific and glowing reviews. Overall, we had a fantastic experience. That being said, I will also include a few observations for some things that could be improved, with a couple of questions/suggestions. ”Rude and nasty” never accomplishes anything! 😊
  13. I planned to write comment cards for our stewards and wait staff. I had heard they can make a difference. But all three of them told me separately that the evaluation that will be emailed to guests is what really makes the difference. They said not to worry about the card, because the other evaluation is what counts. I’m definitely going to do the online survey, but will probably do the comment cards as well, just to make sure!
  14. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed reply! I really appreciate your perspective, and it gave me a lot to think about. I joined Cruise Critic long before I took my first cruise, and it took me even longer to work up the courage to start asking for advice. But I have learned so much from reading these boards. Thanks for your good wishes and encouragement. We have had a fabulous cruise!
  15. Very thoughtful analysis. Thanks for sharing this!
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