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  1. We tend to think you Americans are pretty ok as well. we've had great fun on our trips and there seems to be Americans involved at some point! P & O would be a good fit for you I think.
  2. We don’t get the 25%FCC, because Royal cancelled our cruise (26th sept Med cruise) before they had announced the redeployment! Obviously a cancellation for charter reasons doesn’t warrant the same compo!
  3. The prices have possibly been increased to cover the 25% FCC some cancelled passengers received. Royal need to get that back somehow!
  4. I’ve also received a reply, in the form of a phone call, trying to explain to poor Old dumb me that they do care but when they cancel a cruise for reasons of a charter that means they don’t have to give stupid folk ( those that book in advance for some idiotic reason) the same compensation as they give those whose cruise they cancel for business reasons! It really helped my day get so much better knowing they care. I feel that that the time has come for cruise lines to be held responsible for changing ports, time in port, cabin grades or cancelling altogether. There should be a set amount of compensation, not just more for purposes of good publicity. I have lost faith in the industry, after the two cruises we have booked ( can’t cancel as we lose our deposit here in the UK) we will look elsewhere for our hard earned holidays ( vacation).
  5. We have been informed that because Royal cancelled our cruise for The Indy to be chartered we are NOT getting any FCC!! how wrong is that?
  6. Because Royal cancelled our cruise before the news of the Indy moving area we get No FCC. So they might have done good by some but we were truly let down!
  7. European cruises only, one round the Med and two to the Canary Islands. Obviously if we had chosen one of them then we would now be getting the compo as The Indy would not have been doing those cruises either!
  8. We went from Singapore to Shanghai, brilliant cruise ( Celebrity not Royal) very interesting, enjoy yourselves
  9. I also can’t get an acknowledgment, let alone a reply from emails! They have lost us as customers before we even managed to get on a ship! Way to go!
  10. Just found out, despite Royal telling us we would get FCC, they now say we don’t qualify! Because Royal cancelled ours before all the others! Unbelievable.
  11. September 26th2020 Med cruise We were due to sail on this cruise, Royal cancelled it saying it had been chartered. Were any of you booked to go on this cruise? Have you been offered compensation in the form of a future cruise credit or obc?
  12. We were told on the 11th April that our sailing ( Sept 2020- med cruise) had been cancelled as the ship had been chartered. We were offered three other sailings, all on the Independence, none very good. we had no option other than cancelling. Our deposit was returned after many, many phone calls. We were told that they would offer no other compensation as we had turned down the three alternative sailings! After finding out the ship was being moved from the Med ( via cruise critic) not chartered, I requested the same FCC as other passengers, I have been promised it, but after yet more phone calls, nothing has materialised! By the time we get it we will be many days behind others in being able to pick cabins, get a good deal etc. we are not happy, to say the least. This would have been our, and our travelling companions, first Royal Caribbean cruise!
  13. We find the “is it worth it” limit to be around seven drinks per day. That includes non alcoholic drinks as well. If you feel you are likely to drink more than that, then it’s worth it. We beat it even on port days!
  14. There was a limit when we had the premium package on Celebrity. I forget what it was but we definitely couldn’t drink top end stuff ( champagne and the finest wines) without it costing extra.
  15. We were on the 2018 sailing, it was mostly full. There were a quite few cabins available but these might have been because people were taken ill or no shows. definately not full though.
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