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  1. Hi, I have a good friend on the Carnival Pride which left Baltimore for Bermuda on a 7 day sailing, planning to port in Bermuda on 9/18-9/20. Anyone see if they have changed their itinerary due to Humberto? Lynne
  2. Ship: Serenade of the Seas Sailing: 9/11/19 Boston - Bermuda Show: Vibeology Thoughts on the Production: I thought this was one of the best cruise productions I've seen! Thoughts on the Cast: excellent voices! Did you do a Behind the Scenes Tour?: no Would you see the show again?: yes Any other notes?:
  3. Thanks! Guess I'll throw mine in the suitcase after all!
  4. Hi all, it's been awhile since I've sailed on RC. Will there be a robes in my balcony cabin on the Serenade of the Seas from Boston to Bermuda? Thanks much! Lynne
  5. Little Brit, are you planning to do any land touring before or after your cruise? Honestly, in late Sept/very early October, the most reliable foliage will be at higher elevations, rather than at sea level. A car trip to the Green Mountains of Vermont or the White Mountains of New Hampshire would be pretty reliable to have beautiful colors. Enjoy!
  6. Depending on your return flight plans...are you ticketed into Hartford or Boston? If Hartford, you can take a taxi/uber to Hartford and take Greyhound bus to Boston and taxi/uber to the cruise terminal (or take the Silver Line T). If Boston, then I would just park at Black Falcon cruise terminal and take a taxi/uber from Logan airport after the cruise. Enjoy! Lynne
  7. Hi, Lucca and Bricco are excellent, I also like Limoncello and Antico Forno...both very traditional but yummy Italian food. And, NO ONE orders desserts in the restaurants and instead like up (as the OP mentioned) for cannolis at either Mick's or Modern Pastry shops (the debate rages on which is better) on Hanover St. Manga! Lynne
  8. Hi all, I'm currently reserved on the Serenade of the Seas in Cabin 8566 (Oceanview Balcony) and due to several price drops, I'm considering moving up to Deck 9 in a cabin like 9610 (Spacious O.V. Balcony). The website says the OV Balcony has 179 sq ft/20 sq ft balcony and the Spac. O.V. has 204 sq ft/41 sq ft balcony. I'm sailing in the cabin with only one other person, my niece. Will the extra sq footage feel noticable? I assume it is worth the <$50.00 to switch to the Spacious OV? Many thanks! Lynne
  9. Hi, we were on the Breakaway in late June in the Baltic Sea and it appeared that the pools were heated a little. The only covered pool was in the Haven. Given that your sailing is in October, I'm guessing it will not feel like pool weather, except for the days that you are very far south in the Azores. Might be a good sailing to get the Thermal Suite pass!
  10. Hi Nooreen, we sailed on the Breakaway week of June 16 and I can confirm that there were no separate lines once off the ship for NCL tours or Private tours. Same immigration/border control lines for all. We toured with SPB and they had multiple vans/mini buses departing for tours and it seemed that once one filled up, they would take off. We were in the Haven, so we were escorted to a staff elevator and were off within 3 minutes (a key reason why we booked the Haven). We ended up waiting for our SPB group to fill up for about a half hour on the first day. Second day was much faster through immigration. If I were not in the Haven, I would just ignore whatever grouping and announcements that the Cruise Director is announcing and get in line and get off. Enjoy St. Petersburg! We loved our 2 days there! Lynne
  11. Hi, just thought I'd share that we did use the Bag O Laundry offer and sent it on Monday of our sailing and it was back on Weds. I think they tell you it will take 4 days as the worst case, but often is back sooner. We were in the Haven so maybe it comes back quicker for Haven guests, not sure. Was a very handy service! Lynne
  12. Hi all, We sailed the Breakaway in the Baltics in June and brought these Brita refillable filter bottles: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075RSW6K5/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I wasn't so concerned about filtering the ship's water (though a little extra filtration never hurts), but so that we could refill our bottles in the many countries we were traveling through. Except for Russia where we were advised to only drink bottle water, we just refilled our Brita bottles everywhere. We'd start the day with ship's water and refill at water fountains everywhere. Had no GI issues and saved lots of $$ on not buying bottled water. Lynne
  13. We used the Free Calls from the Breakaway in June in the Baltics. Was nice to be able to check in on our elderly parents a couple of times. Took a few tries to figure out what numbers/codes to dial. I called the Operator on board and she provided clear instructions. Enjoy, Lynne
  14. Hi, we used SPB Tours in St. Petersburg, the Deluxe 2 day tour and we're very pleased. We were in a group with just 11 people, all from our ship, the Breakaway. Outstanding guide, driver, lunch spots and access to the sights. Enjoy SPB! Lynne
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