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  1. Hi all, I'm currently reserved on the Serenade of the Seas in Cabin 8566 (Oceanview Balcony) and due to several price drops, I'm considering moving up to Deck 9 in a cabin like 9610 (Spacious O.V. Balcony). The website says the OV Balcony has 179 sq ft/20 sq ft balcony and the Spac. O.V. has 204 sq ft/41 sq ft balcony. I'm sailing in the cabin with only one other person, my niece. Will the extra sq footage feel noticable? I assume it is worth the <$50.00 to switch to the Spacious OV? Many thanks! Lynne
  2. Hi, we were on the Breakaway in late June in the Baltic Sea and it appeared that the pools were heated a little. The only covered pool was in the Haven. Given that your sailing is in October, I'm guessing it will not feel like pool weather, except for the days that you are very far south in the Azores. Might be a good sailing to get the Thermal Suite pass!
  3. Hi Nooreen, we sailed on the Breakaway week of June 16 and I can confirm that there were no separate lines once off the ship for NCL tours or Private tours. Same immigration/border control lines for all. We toured with SPB and they had multiple vans/mini buses departing for tours and it seemed that once one filled up, they would take off. We were in the Haven, so we were escorted to a staff elevator and were off within 3 minutes (a key reason why we booked the Haven). We ended up waiting for our SPB group to fill up for about a half hour on the first day. Second day was much faster through immigration. If I were not in the Haven, I would just ignore whatever grouping and announcements that the Cruise Director is announcing and get in line and get off. Enjoy St. Petersburg! We loved our 2 days there! Lynne
  4. Hi, just thought I'd share that we did use the Bag O Laundry offer and sent it on Monday of our sailing and it was back on Weds. I think they tell you it will take 4 days as the worst case, but often is back sooner. We were in the Haven so maybe it comes back quicker for Haven guests, not sure. Was a very handy service! Lynne
  5. Hi all, Anyone currently sailing or just off the Breakaway sailing in the Baltic Sea? Other than new carpeting and change to Syd's Pour House, are there any other obvious changes or improvements? Thank you! Lynne
  6. Hi all, New NCL and new to the Haven on the Breakaway for 9 nights in June for Russia/Scandinavia. Traveling with DH and son age 18. We were lured by the Haven because we booked late (end of Feb) and the ship appeared to be quite full and after reading SO many reviews about how crowded this ship can be/feel in the buffet and elsewhere and the lines to disembark in key ports like St. Petersburg, we decided to splurge. Seriously considered Viking, Seaborne and Azamara given the Haven cost, but our availability of dates due to work and having an 18 yr old with us (not sure how fun those other ships would be for him!) tipped us over to the Breakaway. Hoping that having the Haven seems to be "worth it" especially to DH who is still smarting at the cost lol ; ) What are your tips for taking full advantage of the benefits of the Haven? Any "secrets" of the Haven alums? Thanks all! Lynne from Boston
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