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  1. Hi, I'm just off the Navigator of the Seas and sailed with my 89 yr old Dad, 55 yr friend and I'm 56. The ship was sold out, my two flights to/from MIA/BOS were 100% full and we had a blast. I'd definitely be more concerned about Disney/Univ vs. a cruise right now simply because you are in such close proximity to other people standing in the lines and you HAVE to keep touching the seatbelts on rides. Royal was taking the temps and not allowing people from the affected areas to board...the parks are not doing those things. They MADE you wash before entering the buffet and were constantly wa
  2. Hi, what company or boat did you go snorkeling with? Thanks much! Lynne
  3. Since I'm sailing on the Navigator, I don't think there is Star Class or Genie anyways...correct?
  4. Thanks, glad Dad could stay in our cabin. Do you know if they would be willing to give him a key to our suite so he could come/go? Thank you! Lynne
  5. Hi all, we are a party of 3 sailing in two cabins (me and a friend in one and my Dad in the other cabin across the hall). My question is: if I bid on a two bedroom Grand Suite, RCI told me that we couldn't officially move Dad into our GS. I understand that. But, could we keep his cabin (not cancel) and simply allow him to sleep in our Suite. He's 89 and I like to have him nearby, especially at night. Would anyone (the Cabin Steward) know or care??? I don't mean to get sneaky, but I'd love to get the GS and still have Dad close by. Thoughts? Lynne
  6. Hi all, CoCo Cay first time here! We're three adults without any kids traveling with us and I'm looking for recommendations for a relatively quiet, oceanfront (not pool) area with chairs. We don't want to swim in pools or go on the slides or anything...just a lovely place to lay on the beach and swim in the ocean. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you! Lynne
  7. Hi, I have a good friend on the Carnival Pride which left Baltimore for Bermuda on a 7 day sailing, planning to port in Bermuda on 9/18-9/20. Anyone see if they have changed their itinerary due to Humberto? Lynne
  8. Ship: Serenade of the Seas Sailing: 9/11/19 Boston - Bermuda Show: Vibeology Thoughts on the Production: I thought this was one of the best cruise productions I've seen! Thoughts on the Cast: excellent voices! Did you do a Behind the Scenes Tour?: no Would you see the show again?: yes Any other notes?:
  9. Hi all, it's been awhile since I've sailed on RC. Will there be a robes in my balcony cabin on the Serenade of the Seas from Boston to Bermuda? Thanks much! Lynne
  10. Little Brit, are you planning to do any land touring before or after your cruise? Honestly, in late Sept/very early October, the most reliable foliage will be at higher elevations, rather than at sea level. A car trip to the Green Mountains of Vermont or the White Mountains of New Hampshire would be pretty reliable to have beautiful colors. Enjoy!
  11. Depending on your return flight plans...are you ticketed into Hartford or Boston? If Hartford, you can take a taxi/uber to Hartford and take Greyhound bus to Boston and taxi/uber to the cruise terminal (or take the Silver Line T). If Boston, then I would just park at Black Falcon cruise terminal and take a taxi/uber from Logan airport after the cruise. Enjoy! Lynne
  12. Hi, Lucca and Bricco are excellent, I also like Limoncello and Antico Forno...both very traditional but yummy Italian food. And, NO ONE orders desserts in the restaurants and instead like up (as the OP mentioned) for cannolis at either Mick's or Modern Pastry shops (the debate rages on which is better) on Hanover St. Manga! Lynne
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