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  1. We've sailed the NCL Jewel to Mexico and the Carnival Legend to Alaska. Jewel was ok, loved the Legend. Like the food better and enjoyed the comedy club. We were never bored. Liked the ship enough to book it to the Caribbean this year.
  2. There is much worse things to be another at than a kid having fun with a costume. Sarcastic Mama your daughter will grow up too fast, enjoy the times when she wants to be silly and innocent.
  3. Winter weather in the Southern California coast can be quite variable. It's December and we are going to be in the mid 70s. It's not tropical but it's usually quite mild. Unless we get a storm front rolling down from Alaska or its an El Nino year. A light jacket and dress in light layers and you should be fine until you get to more southern latitudes.
  4. Hello everyone, I thought I would tap into the wealth of Knowledge on the Boards. I'm looking for suggestions for excursions for someone with limited mobility. My MIL walks with a cane and can not do anything very strenuous. so I'm looking for something that the In-laws can do on their own or something that we can do with them that would be interesting for all. I've searched the boards and could not find anything specific to Belize. Suggestions for Roatan would be appreciated also. TIA
  5. Ok I saw the movie, but i"ll ask anyway. .....What's a Dikfer?
  6. I hope they offer this on all the ships, perhaps rotate the offerings. One of the things I enjoy on vacation is the opportunity to try new foods. Whether or not i like them, at least I had a chance to try them.
  7. You buy it on the Carnival website in the Fun Shops. It's on board credit that is applied to bar purchases only. You can also purchase Cruise Cash which can be used for any onboard purchases.
  8. Sprite and scotch.........nooooooooooo!!!!!!:loudcry: Jk. Glad cheers worked out for you. My problem is they require all adults in the room to have cheers, it would work for me but for my wife it would not be worth it.
  9. I told my wife that I'm just bringing dress slacks and a button down shirt on our upcoming cruise. Then she corrected me and said I was bringing a suit, .........so I'm being a suit.:D
  10. Thank your Husband for his service. Dress up and be proud and have fun, you deserve it. You will not be out of place.
  11. Booked Western Caribbean Oct 2019:D:D:D!😀
  12. Welcome and congratulations on the cruise! Best wishes on your recovery.
  13. Not a silly question. On the home page if you click on the main banner on the sales/specials you get a calendar view. I have not seen it for the other cruises.
  14. Sometimes things are so hectic around my place that's the only room you can get any rest in.😁
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