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  1. 53 minutes ago, cruise kitty said:

    In Akureyri, we used Saga Iceland,  we did one of their group tours, we were in a minivan with probably 10 other people,  it was pretty affordable, (they give discounts if you book early)   & nice, as our guide basically drove the route opposite of what the buses were doing, so we didn't encounter any crowds.  

    Did you go to the hot springs? Was there an option for you if you didn't want to swim? We are going to blue lagoon and really don't want to do it twice!


  2. 48 minutes ago, dogs4fun said:

    Would agree with others - considering the OPs itinerary,  Edinburgh Castle is not to be missed.

    I can't figure out to which castle you are referring ... Craigcrook? Lauriston? Craigmillar? I can't think of another that is within the city (doesn't mean there isn't one). 

    Could you possibly be referring to the Palace of Holyroodhouse which is located at the opposite end of the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle?





    Craigmillar Castle

  3. Liked Edinburgh castle better than Stirling. Also would vote Windsor if you are in London area. Both these are nice areas to hang out. (Windsor is easy by train from London) 

    Not sure if there are tours but also loved Blackness Castle and Doune as they are not as "remodelled" as Sterling. 

    Not sure if you have a long port time in Edinburgh but there is "Edinburgh's other castle" it is within town limits and does not have a lot of "finished" rooms. We really liked seeing the more primitive castles. 

  4. 2 hours ago, dronnygirl said:

    We did an Iceland/Norway cruise a couple of years ago. It was our best cruise ever! Loved both but would personally choose the Iceland cruise as we also loved Shetland and a great opportunity to see Skye and Belfast.  Then book Norway next year!

    Love the opinions, please keep the feedback coming!

    I loved this response the most.  I tried to convince my husband the only solution is a back to back and then we do both but so far he hasn't given the go ahead! Perhaps just booking the next year solves the problem!

  5. We found a great Arbnb in Brockley. Again, near a station however not on main line but still only took 40 mins to get most places in London.

    When in London if you can make a day trip out to Windsor (simple to do by train) I find is is the most reasonable shopping and nice area to wander. Bath is also wonderful but a little further out. Still doable on a day trip. (Bath house at night is beautiful) 

  6. We are on a cruise with 4 ports in iceland. Is there enough time at myvatn spa on a tour first of Lake Myvatn out of Akureyri.We are leaning towards blue lagoon because we can get there on our own and leave when we want (using destination blue lagoon bus. ) We would have some time in Reykjavik that day also. The area outside Reykjavik also sounds very nice. Really not sure if we should lose a day for blue lagoon and miss a tour out of Reykjavik. Any opinions?

  7. We use the tube when in London but be careful. We had our luggage and the train shut down and we had to carry it up several flights of stairs. When we managed to get out of the station we called uber. (I know this will upset the black cab drivers!) Double check your routes if mobility is a huge issue. We did have wonderful people who assisted me with my suitcase!

  8. I noticed a post on one of the ports being a small town which would be lovely but also looking for ideas on the other ports and if there are any local tours as opposed to the large ship tour offered. (Small group as we cannot afford private.) 

    Would like opinions if seeing Iceland from the cruiseship is the best route. When you are sailing is it like Alaska and sailing close to shore? 

    Ports are: Reykjavik, Grundarfjordur, Akureyri, Seydisfjordur It is part of Carnival Legend cruise which also stops in Belfast, Portree, and Shetland Islands in July 2021.

    thanks for your help


  9. Wondered when cruise ships got into Tracy Arm in 2019. We are looking at a cruise that is in Tracy Arm July 1 and wonder if we should choose a  later departure. Does anyone know if Holland America goes to Endicott if it cannot get into Tracy Arm? 

  10. 5 hours ago, SRQbeachgirl said:


    Is fog the reason the ships can't get into Tracy Arm? Does it happen more frequently at certain times? We're scheduled for Tracy Arm in late May and I'm just trying to set my expectations accordingly.

    Too much ice breaking off the glacier. 2017 we cruised in july and could not get in. I believe that year not many ships went in.

  11. 6 hours ago, geoherb said:

    I'd go with whichever sailing fits your budget and schedule. I did not sail to Glacier Bay until my third cruise to Alaska. The first two went to Tracy Arm. Princess does offer a small boat excursion in Endicott Arm that will get you much closer to the glaciers.

    Small boat in Endicott is nice but it is costly. We were on Legend (larger ship) and booked small boat for Tracy's arm but ship went into Endicott. While we did get closer to the glacier We had a fairly good view from the ship and likely missed some time preparing to go to the small boat. Don't miss seeing Alaska because you have to do the small boat in Endicott arm and budget won't allow. I think in Tracy's arm the ship does not get as close but Endicott while it is a nice tour (take in a few extra areas) Just get to Alaska! 

  12. On 1/6/2019 at 8:39 PM, Italy52 said:

    Glaciers, thanks for the information.  This port is new for us and we have never seen it on an itinerary.  I am a little concerned about port time in Icy Strait as we really want to go with our favorite whale watching vendor but not sure there will be enough time.  I have sent an e-mail but they are on vacation at the moment; we hope to hear positive information when they return to Hoonah.

    Were you able to whale watch at Icy strait? How close did your cruiseship get to inian islands. (would it had made sense a small boat to inian islands?)

  13. We are planning the Holland America 14 day cruise. the cruise ship goes into both as I understand but they now have a zodiac that goes also. If I had one to choose to do the Zodiac or zodiac/ Catamaran in Misty fjord, which would you do. Please correct me if I am wrong that the cruiseship goes into both of these areas.

  14. We are planning the Holland America 14 day cruise. the cruise ship goes into both as I understand but they now have a zodiac that goes also. If I had one to choose to do the Zodiac or zodiac/ Catamaran in Misty fjord, which would you do. Please correct me if I am wrong that the cruiseship goes into both of these areas.

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