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  1. Thanks so much for posting! I miss the beautiful Viking ships, food, and excursions! Can’t wait until our next trip.
  2. I checked our itinerary and we were in Lofoten from noon to 6 pm. We did the optional sea fishing excursion and it was a blast. There were only about 8 people on the boat and we each caught several big fish (pollock)! We’re not experienced ‘fisherpeople’ but we had a great time. It was one of the highlights of our trip. We also enjoyed the optional excursions with the huskies and crab safari, both in Tromso. My favorite included excursion was a visit to the Ring of Brodgar in Kirkwell.
  3. The port times are shown on the Guest Statement (page 3) that was emailed to your son. We did this cruise in July 2018 and had a great time. Norway is a beautiful country with lots to do and see. They made a good choice with this itinerary.
  4. What was involved with the crossing ceremony? Looks messy! When we crossed the Arctic Circle there was a ceremony where some of the (brave) passengers jumped in the wadding pool filled with ice. They were rewarded with a shot of aquavit and a smidge of blue colored egg white on their nose! Lots of fun!
  5. Thanks for the great photos and info! I love to try new foods and products when I’m traveling. A couple of years ago in France I bought what I thought was laundry detergent only to find out when I googled it (days later) thatI’d been washing my underwear in fabric softner!
  6. Thank you both for the info. Do you know how frequently the presentations are offered? Looking forward to being on board this beautiful ship!
  7. How do you get tickets for the planetarium shows on Orion? We will be sailing in March. Sounds very interesting. Appreciate any info/comments. Thank you!
  8. Review the info at these links https://nzeta.immigration.govt.nz/ and https://www.eta.homeaffairs.gov.au/ETAS3/etas Also recommend that you check with your travel agent or directly with the cruise line.
  9. We did Into the Midnight Sun in July 2018. We had a great time and did a number of the included and optional excursions. We didn’t do the Royal Appointment so can’t comment on that one. Bergen – included tour – bus ride around the city with a few photo ops. Very good. Geiranger – optional RIB jet boat excursion – first time on a jet boat, very exciting! We also had time to do the included excursion which was a bus ride with a stop for the view/photos. Worth the time but, unfortunately, it was very foggy that day and we couldn’t see much. Lofoten – optional Sea Fishing – excellent – we caught several fish (pollack) and had a wonderful time! Tromso – optional Husky Trek Through Arctic Hills – excellent – loved meeting the dogs. Honningsvåg – optional King Crab Safari – excellent – another ride on a RIB jet boat. The staff pulled the traps on to the boats then we continued to an island where they demonstrated how to prepare the crabs. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of fresh crab in a tipi tent. Shetland Islands – optional Walking the Trails of Mousa Island – fair. Basically, a walk around the island. We weren’t able to get close to any of the wildlife. Orkney Islands – included Highlights of Historic Orkney – excellent. Beautiful scenery. Loved the time we spent at the Ring of Brodgar. Edinburgh – optional Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle – fair – the castle was super crowded; we weren’t able to see anything and left as soon as the guide’s short intro was completed. Greenwich – included tour – very good. We also had time to hike up to the observatory (on our own). Crowded but very interesting. We loved Norway and followed up with “In Search of the Northern Lights” in February 2019. The scenery and our experiences were a lot different in the winter! We really enjoyed both cruises.
  10. Sea days are good days to enjoy the spa and afternoon tea!
  11. We got a free silver spirits package when we booked in August 2018 for In Search of the Northern Lights in February 2019. Nice upgrade!
  12. Anyone have a photo of the closet with drawers on the Orion (or Sun or Jupiter)?
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