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  1. Honestly, I’m surprised with the generosity of the cruise industry in general. My experiences with the airlines have not been very satisfying. Flight delayed or cancelled? Too bad for you. Hotel rooms overbooked? Good luck. I think NCL is being more than fair.
  2. Every time we leave the ship we wear a money belt (under our clothes) containing our passport.
  3. What a nice surprise! Have fun!
  4. Zitsky, Thank you for the quick reply. We’re not foodies or wine connoisseurs by any means but we love the Chef’s Table! So far we’ve enjoyed the Asian, Indian, Xiang, and Norwegian menus. On our last cruise the server showed us how she learned to use chop sticks as a child. We tried it and ate the entire meal that way. We have very fond memories of that first night on the cruise, such fun! Can’t wait to try the other menus.
  5. Zitsky, what did they charge you to upgrade the wines for the Chef’s Table? We had the silver spirits package for our last cruise so it was covered. We didn’t get the package this time but I’d like to upgrade for the two dinners at CT. Enjoying your report!
  6. Yes, it was! I just looked at the pre/post excursion last night. It’s offered with the Paris & Heart of Normandy river cruise. Sounds wonderful.
  7. Not stalking, just interested. We have another 6 months until our cruise departs (Australia/NZ). I saw DA last week, it was very good. Have fun!
  8. Hi Zitsky, when is your cruise & where are you going? Will you be able to report in and let us know how it’s going?
  9. I am a US citizen and understand that I need to get an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Australia and an ETA or e-visa waiver for New Zealand. Viking is offering this service through Generations VISA Service for $125 per person USD. I did some research and found I can do this online via the official websites for Australia ($14 USD) and New Zealand ($30 USD), total $44 USD. Has anyone done it online and did you have any problems traveling? Just want to be sure I'm not being foolish trying to save a few bucks. Appreciate any help, thanks!
  10. So how does the TA benefit from taking over your booking? I assumed they got a discounted price from Viking then passed some of the savings on to you (customer) in the form of OBC. We book the cruise directly with Viking, then do our own airline tickets and travel insurance, I am a ‘control freak’ but wouldn’t mind some OBC!
  11. We’ve done 1 Viking river cruise & 2 ocean so far. We’re booked on another ocean cruise (Australia & NZ) in March. We book DV cabins and haven’t had any problems securing included or optional excursions. For Australia & NZ we’re also booking several private tours. The food has been great. We’ve had 33 dinners so far and with one exception, they have all been very good to excellent. One time I ordered vegetable lasagna and it wasn't very good, my fault. We’ve had 4 fantastic meals at the Chef’s Table and 2 at Manfredi’s. Note that there are no up-charges for the specialty restaurants and included beer and wine with lunch and dinner. We enjoyed breakfast at the World Cafe or Mamsens and lunch at the World Cafe or Pool Grill. Plenty of choices. Before Viking we cruised on Princess. Much prefer Viking. No kids, no crowds, no casino.
  12. I called Viking yesterday to inquire about the sale. They offered $500 off per person for an 18 day cruise (DV). We book our own air so I didn't look at that. Was hoping for an included silver spirits package or OBC.
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