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  1. The Getaways Itinerary has changed a lot more than the one listed. Any cruise line has the right to change the itinerary, that is the chance you take. Between medical emergencies and advanced changes I rarely go on the itinerary I originally booked. If it is that important to visit a particular island it is probably best to book a resort there and not count on a ship stopping there.
  2. Yes, and there are quite a few threads on this topic. This thread was from March, right before AARP announced the change.
  3. Why is a cluster??? Relax, Pixels is the only show to book. Why are you getting this upset over pre booking shows? There are two other shows, Beautiful Dream, and Live Love Legs, but you do not need reservations for them.
  4. This is the menu from Fish and Ships on the Ovation that someone posted. I can't wait to try everything next week. The picture from the OP looks like potato wedges, which would be just fine with me.
  5. Lots on CC about it. Here is just one.
  6. Bob answered you correctly. You asked "Would I be allowed to switch from a jr suite to an inside without penalty? Same sailing" and Bob answered yes.
  7. pages. I think you may find a few in the previous 97 pages. I have not seen any of the offers since the Royal Up program started.
  8. The menu does not change for dinner, but the salad bar is fantastic and contains all the appetizers and desserts. The salmon is wonderful.
  9. Since this is only the second sailing of the Ovation in Alaska there are not a lot of reviews out there yet, but other than the Internet being slow, I have not read a bad review yet. I don't know what you are reading. You definitely cannot compare one part of the world with another. I am looking forward to my Ovation cruise in two weeks. If you go on board convinced you will have a bad time then you will. A cruise is what you make of it.
  10. Just choose the documentation you are bringing from the pull down menu.
  11. I booked a JS when the itinerary was first released. The price has almost doubled and the ship has been sold out for a while. I usually book early to take advantage of price drops, but not so with this Alaska cruise. Maybe it is because it is the first time for the Ovation in Alaska, but the price has only gone up and up.
  12. Unfortunately that is the risk you take booking through a TA. You can try to call in the morning, hopefully the price will be the same. Since you did not book directly, RCI cannot do anything about the price drop.
  13. Your kids who are booked in the inside cabin are guests so the answer is no, only people booked in a JS or above or Pinnacle status are allowed in Coastal Kitchen.
  14. I love the review so far. Was the Alaska lecture in Two70 in the compass or publicized in some way? I am sailing next month and would like to see it.
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