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  1. The 1750 BBC shipping forecast is for Force 9 SW winds in Portland Sea Area so I guess they are heading around the corner of the Kent coast for better shelter. Quite unusually strong winds for this time of year.
  2. Flu has never caused the complete cessation of cruising for months and as far as I am aware the closure of ports. I personally cannot see ports running the risk of allowing ships to Dock unless they can prove they are Covid free. I suggest their attitude will to treat Covid more like the risk of Yellow Fever being brought into a country. At present various countries require proof of vaccination if travelling from a Yellow fever area.
  3. According to Marine traffic all 3 Queens are finally together again - in Weymouth Bay. Wish I was still yachting in that area!
  4. My annual travel insurance is due for renewal in May and as far as I can see any new policy will not include cover for Covid-19 according to British insurers. I have cruises booked in July and March next year. I have made enquiries with my travel agent and they will not do anything until the time of the cruise, final payment is due for the July cruise. Without adequate insurance I am very reluctant to proceed with the bookings even though I will lose my deposits. Unless a vaccine is developed I cannot see how I can risk going on these cruises or book future cruises particularly as I am over 70 with underlying conditions. Another complication is that the British Government advice currently is that I should not cruise. As it is not known when this advice will be lifted any new annual insurance will not cover me as the risk is already known. So I cannot see how cruising will be easily resumed unless there is considerable change to these various restrictions.
  5. I was not saying the process was intriguing I am well aware that IMO/SOLAS regulations require ships to be at least 12 miles off shore to get rid of waste.
  6. QM2 has done the same off Durban and Queen Victoria did the same yesterday in the Channel. It is intriguing to see how often the ships are having go to sea for their "housekeeping" operations.
  7. Was wondering if anything else has been posted on your Facebook group about Durban fuelling as QM2 arrived there over 36 hours ago. After anchoring until this morning it has now been circling to the NE for about the last 10 hours https://www.iol.co.za/ios/news/south-africans-trapped-on-luxury-cruise-ship-off-durban-want-to-come-home-45698624
  8. Seems there are more crew on than you suggest. Marine traffic shows Queen Elizabeth set sail again at Midnight last night destination not specified.
  9. Thanks for taking the trouble to get this information it seems my memories of boarding in the past aren't totally wrong. Seems to be a strange approach to CWC members that they are now operating.
  10. We are due to board Queen Victoria on 8th December for the 12 day pre Christmas cruise. Having just checked our tickets I was surprised to find they show a boarding time of 1500h even though we are Diamond CWC members. Previously the time has been 1230h. I had not seen any reference to a change in boarding priorities and was wondering if this is something that I have missed.
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