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  1. Thanks for taking the trouble to get this information it seems my memories of boarding in the past aren't totally wrong. Seems to be a strange approach to CWC members that they are now operating.
  2. We are due to board Queen Victoria on 8th December for the 12 day pre Christmas cruise. Having just checked our tickets I was surprised to find they show a boarding time of 1500h even though we are Diamond CWC members. Previously the time has been 1230h. I had not seen any reference to a change in boarding priorities and was wondering if this is something that I have missed.
  3. Being just off the New Year Queen Elizabeth.a cruise I can tell you not only have they introduced this system but they seem to be getting pushier about selling drinks. I was invariably asked if I wanted a double gin (2 oz) instead of a single (1 oz) and in spite of asking for draught tonic on the side I was being pushed to have a bottle of Fever Tree Tonic (nearly twice the price). And you have got your wish of a price rise as well - for a double gin and tonic the price was also about $2.50 higher for the two of us than last New Years Eve. We are off on Queen Victoria to San Francisco on Thursday so it will be interesting to see if we have a similar experience.
  4. Thank you for the picture we were delighted to see you captured us enjoying ourselves at the champagne pouring as well! I think you will find it was Queen Victoria however. We also enjoyed it so much we will be there again on QE this year. Maybe the weather will be better and we won't miss Bruges this year.
  5. As Host Hattie suggested should have read El Cid sorry about that
  6. Not the Commodore or Captains selection. I called Cunard and they quote the price in sterling. These packages are different to the create your own packages that seem to have appeared more recently.
  7. We did Seville with Cunard about 4 years ago and the pickup drop off was Avenue El Vid which is about 15 minutes walk from the Cathedral
  8. I am not sure if you are paying in sterling but regarding the price of the wine package I have just purchased one for my January cruise. I was charged in sterling and the exchange rate worked out at $1.35 against the published dollar price. That makes the package even more of a saving for UK passengers as the market rate for sterling is $1.26 to $1.30 at the moment.
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