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  1. we were supposed to be on the westerdam right now for 28 days and then we had a 3 week china land tour booked. maybe next spring? in april we will probably visit some of the caribbean islands we have missed (by air not sea) and then drive through the southern USA instead of our asia trip. we are hoping to do a family cruise through new england and eastern canada in june. if it doesn't work out we will probabaly fly/drive there. not gonna worry about it now. we have a good friend in switzerland near the italian border who we are hoping to see in july. if things are reasonably "normal" in her area in july, we will go. i guess you just gotta be flexible.
  2. not sure what point i was trying to "push" other than doing your research.
  3. if the object of the quarantine was only to keep the japanese safe, why were the passengers kept apart? i think it might have been an experiment to see of isolating folks actually stopped the spread of the virus?? just a thought.
  4. that may be true but i wouldn't go on that ship - too big!
  5. not everyone knows how to do research. and some of the news stories are misleading or proven inaccurate at a later date. just be careful!
  6. i heard italy has some coronavirus. don't know what they plan to do. just keep well informed as your departure date gets closer. dh heard about it on the al jazeera app.
  7. we were booked on the westerdam starting feb 15 for 28 days and then a land trip for 3 weeks in china. everything was cancelled and refunded, thank goodness. we are thinking the middle east, turkey, georgia, armenia and azerbajian in april. gonna hold off a bit and see what develops. in late june we are doing a cruise in eastern canada with family. then we will visit friends in europe and travel with them around europe but unsure where. we generally don't book too far in advance. in fact, it wasn't till cruise #3 that we even knew what final payment date was cuz we had booked past that date.
  8. if 2 months pay really was thousands, the cruiselines would be way more open about their pay scales. i'll bet ya it is in the low hundreds plus maybe a few hundred more in grats. i'd love to see a published salary scale for room stewards and kitchen help.
  9. wow. The generosity of some of the folks here is underwhelming. The crew spends several weeks doing biohazard duty (probably not even mentioned in their contract) so send them home with an extra few hundred bucks and all is done.
  10. i'll bet those collective bargainers never thought of a situation like this - i certainly would not have. i don't think there is anything in their agreement preventing princess from doing more than what was agreed upon.
  11. i wonder what is happening with the crew and how they are feeling? have not seen any info about them.
  12. after seeing the effects of quarantining passengers in tight quarters i would hope that princess management would come up with a better plan for the crew. i wonder if part of the problem contributing to the rapid spread of the virus was that sick crew members still had to work. if that is true, we pretty much know how the virus spread? i have sympathy for the passengers but i really feel for the crew - many of whom are the ages of the passenger's grandchildren. i hope princess will pay for any medical care the crew might need.
  13. interesting that 99% of the stories on the news and posts on here are about the passengers and not the crew. not judging, just commenting.
  14. slightly off topic. if you are on the feb 29 or later sailing, princess has canceled all their early spring diamond princess sailings. "Based on the prolonged quarantine period, and the anticipated time to prepare the ship to return to service, we unfortunately must cancel additional Diamond Princess voyages through the April 20 voyage. We are preparing Diamond Princess to return to service April 29, 2020 for the start of Japan's annual Golden Week celebrations." perhaps HAL will follow with the westerdam??
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