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  1. oy vey! Yeah, it's getting old. Really surprised by this move. I admittedly didn't watch any news all weekend (and have not even looked today) and thought we were good to go. Oh well. lol, we'll see what his poll numbers look like and I guarantee by the end of the week he'll be doing a tap dance to remove the mask mandate.
  2. Are we referring to all people or just vax'd? I was under the notion that he is following CDC in that if you are vaxd, you can go without, pretty much anywhere. With the exceptions being businesses that still want you to wear them. And even then, the list of businesses that are dropping the requirement seems to be growing and growing.
  3. Not CDC rule related specifically but I am interested in knowing.... Social distancing on open decks? Do I need to sit six feet apart from my wife when enjoying the sun on the Lido deck? Reservations? Do I need to make a reseveration for the gym or to use the sauna?
  4. Working through the process of obtaining my Italian citizenship. If I'm eligible....MSC out of Italy
  5. I think it's up to interpretation but it's pretty tyrannical
  6. I only know of RCLL taking applications for their "test" cruises. And that was months ago. Carnival has been pretty mum on test cruises. Funny, they've been pretty mum on ALL their cruises. I wouldn't hold my breath.
  7. Thanks!! Okay, so we're mad because they are mandating the 100% wearing of masks at all time? Well, as much as I want to cruise, the wife and I do not want to sit poolside wearing a mask. That could be a deal breaker for us.
  8. Can I get a TLDR version of what these new CDC restrictions are? Apologies, I wish I could be on here all day but my boss says I need to do some actual work.
  9. I am going to boycott the companies that boycott the boycott and if they serve alcohol to those 18 years old I am going to double boycott and if my kids can't cruise then I am going to boycott. viva liberte
  10. In thinking about this some more, it really sounds like what Virgin is doing with their dining options. They are still keeping a buffet (sort of) but making it more like a food court where you have different stations offering different selections. Sure, it's probably not much different than say what NCL does with their buffet, but I could see different stations offering differing dining options and none of the grossness that goes along with a buffet because you choose from a menu and the items are handed too you...much like an old school mall food court.
  11. We're the opposite. We do the MDR as many times as we can....breakfast, dinner, sometimes lunch. Regarding the OPs post, I would be down with that.
  12. Wish I had purchased NCL when it was at a low. I find myself more and more attracted to NCL even though the majority of my cruises are with CCL and I purchased 200 shares of CCL last year.
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