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  1. The Long Beach cruise ship terminal has recently opened another lot that is accessible via shuttle. It's cheaper than the structure at $12 a day. You drive your car there and park and a shuttle will be there to pick you up. We are on the inaugural Panorama and was worried about parking (since it's 4000 people) but having the spill over lot has put our mind at ease.
  2. Have you ever been to a Benihana? Same thing.
  3. Ordered a snakebite on my last cruise. Bartender had not heard of it. Told him it was half cider and half Guinness. He was happy to give me cans of both since I had beverage package.
  4. Actually that's very well explained. Thanks!
  5. Casino bars stay open till 1:30 or 2am. Can't remember which. The piano bar will generally be open until midnight. The pizza place is open 24 hours. Pools and jacuzzi's close. I am with you OP, I am a night own as well and just like to walk the ship without all the people. Most open areas will be fine to hang out in. Could probably play some board games, scavenger hunt or just chit chat.
  6. Leave it at your hotel if it's hopefully in walking distance to the terminal. The Barcelona terminal, really just a dock, is kind of a mess.
  7. We sail on Inspiration and Imagination out of Long Beach several times a year. I don't see them going away any time soon. They are always booked and fit that nice niche for 3 and 4 day cruises. Food, service and cleanliness have always been top notch.
  8. Agreed. Nice that someone complimented the staff when it's usually the opposite and it's the ship or the staffs fault in some way or another.
  9. Define breaking even? I can easily drink 15 drinks in a day if it's a sea day.
  10. I did feel bad for the handful of kids on the ship though. While the pool deck was open, the slide was closed, the rock was closed and any events in the basketball\tennis court where also cancelled. Our room steward was great. Our room was kinda warmish to our tastes so I asked him if he had any fans, gave him $10, and a nice floor fan was there in a matter of minutes.
  11. Location of ship dock indicated by red boat like object
  12. My wife and I and her aunt and uncle were on this cruise as well. Quebec was very mild. I wore shorts and a light pullover longsleeve for the three days we were there after the cruise. We had zero issue with the port disembarkation process. Several local hotels contract with a local shuttle service and the Hilton was one of those hotels. Took two minutes to get off ship, one minute to find shuttle and ten minutes to get home. There were three cruise ships in town this weekend, not to mention a convention, so taxi's were at a premium. The port is clearly under construction so in a few months, I am sure OP's issues will be remedied. We loved the cruise and had no issues. Although I did personally find the CD to be annoying.
  13. After getting the upsell at the end of a massages I've had in the past. I am pretty much done with cruise ship spas. It just gets tiring. I did just get off an NCL cruise and they had 15 minute chair massages on the pool deck. I saw them one day but never again. I was going to get one but I never saw them again offering the chair massages.
  14. Yes, my wife did complain to me about having to get down early for tender tickets but she took it with a grain of salt as we both go to the fitness area at 6:30 anyways. I frankly couldn't have cared less about missing those ports. Sydney was a joke and the ships really have no business going there. I am 43 and still enjoyed swing. We really enjoyed all the shows, singers and the comedian. The irish guy was not that funny to me but the older generation liked him it seemed. I thought the ukrainian brothers show was meh. But yes, I would love to know from someone who is "in the know" how or what determines who gets a dock vs tendering. In the med, we've been on cruises before where we've been the first ship and still tendered. Who knows, those things could be scheduled months in advance. We were in Quebec for another two days so we stayed on the ship and enjoyed our drink package and some of the music on board. I do agree that the docking location was bad. Over the next two days, we saw ships dock right there at the base of the Citadel and thought...wow, that's a pretty nice location. But we lucked out because a shuttle that stopped at four different hotels was there and we took it for $5 per person and it took about ten minutes to get to the Hilton just outside the city walls. But that port is clearly undergoing some construction so it looks like they are experiencing some growing pains. I enjoyed the cruise but really, the older folks who felt necessary to chew out fitness staff and other crew really made me cringe. I would not hesitate to cruise with NCL again.
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