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  1. Yup. Beats working! We missed Athens on a cruise because of the riots there a few years back. Was bummed because I love history and wanted to see the Parthenon but understand passenger safety is foremost. Ultimately is was great. We went to Olympia and had a great visit there. Missed Halifax once because of weather in October. I think those are the only two ports missed in more than a dozen cruises.
  2. It will be more challenging going solo. (Always easier to flirt when you have that wingman) But depends on what kind of person he is...i.e, outgoing etc. I second the pools and jacuzzi. Generally the ladies will be in groups. The fitness area is also good.
  3. You can find pics of the gym here and it shows the spin bikes as being Keiser spin bikes so I would say no, your "Ryde" branded spin class will not be offered. On that ship, you will probably get the following....yoga, stretch, spin, some sort of cardio kickboxing, ab class and maybe a cardio step aerobic class. Link to pics...https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/carnival-magic-513/fitness-center-246063/fitness-center--v11827162/ I don't know about the unlimited pass. I took a yoga class last month on a Carnival ship and there was no cost.
  4. You must have loved Isaac Washington as your bartender
  5. Interesting take on things. Ultimately I think the cruise lines know cruisers are pretty savvy. I would say that on almost all my cruises, there are more return cruisers than first timers. People will "do the math" so to speak and if it makes sense, they will continue to buy. If the lines raise the prices on beverage packages, you will see a return of sneaking on booze, or simply cutting down on their drinking. And we know the lines make their money from the casinos and booze so I don't see them biting the hand that feeds them. Just take a look at what happened when Holland tried to charge for a second entree. Did not go over well.
  6. Perhaps he was just generalizing the on-board coffee shop...Starbucks has pretty much become ubiquitous for coffee shop
  7. I love these Cheers threads because it always turns into a bunch of teetotalers shaking their fingers at anyone who wants to cut loose on their vacations. In the locked thread about chair hogs, a guy here actually looked up my old posts and quoted me in a post I made last year how my wife and I can easily drink ten drinks. It was laughable.
  8. Wouldn't be that worried. Being from San Diego. Home is not that far away. I am far more paranoid about noro. I realize noro is a super super slim chance, but I'd rather be stuck then it coming out of both ends.
  9. Not a chair hog. You are with the chairs. Not a problem to me. People who have a problem with it probably roll out at 9am on a sea day and wonder...."Why are there no chairs?"
  10. I'd disagree, the poster made the comment before the OP posted about her condition. After reading her first post, the OP could easily come across as being an unfriendly, not outgoing, pain in the butt. etc etc. Quite frankly, after her first post, I was thinking this person was a real peach and glad I am not on her boat. BUT, now I get it. Her concern is genuine and I am sure it affects her daily. Again...BUT... The whole issue would be moot if the OP had indicated the causation of her request....Instead of saying..."I don't like strangers and they don't like me".
  11. I have never seen anything like what you've listed on any cruise
  12. Chill out there tough guy. I am thankful this post was created because while I was aware of the trial run, I had not heard if it was completed or still imposed.
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