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  1. First, what would one possibly do with $850 on board credit? Second, did your TA explain to you or did Carnival indicate why they were taking the $600 and leaving your the 200? ETA, I thought they were only transferring the OBC to a future booking of the same ship? No?
  2. Alcohol related but I am always surprised how many bartenders don't know what a "snake bite" is. One glass...half Guiness, half cider. It's delicious.
  3. I just wished Carnival implemented their Cheers program like NCL does.
  4. I was on the inaugural Panorama cruise and I did not think much her as a CD. She was a nice person for sure, just didn't seem to have the spirit I've seen from other CDs.
  5. We brought home our first FSF and our dog loved it. Ended up buying a few more off ebay.
  6. Nice write-up. We are on the west coast so a lot of our friends and family have been to resorts in Cabo. We are looking at one (AI) now since our March cruise was cancelled. The long wait for drinks was unfortunate to read about. We really just want to sit by the pool and have drinks and be lazy. Pretty much what we do on a cruise lol. We also love the food on CCL so the food stuff is a bummer to read about also. Will definitely have to read some reviews before we make that decision.
  7. No, not worried. If you are...you should just cancel all your cruises. Leave bookings open for the rest of us.
  8. We've never had a bad cruise. We did though have bad passengers to deal with on a cruise to Quebec. A couple ports were cancelled due to weather and you would think that these senior cruisers were told there was no food left on board. Geez, they wanted the cruise line to provide for them something to do from morning till night. We just laughed at them. One gaggle of women were so miffed that all the gym classes were full, they actually told the head trainer to add more classes. I don't know, we couldn't have cared less about missing the port for Anne of Gree
  9. This. But I am not old nor am I in any risk group so I would surely cruise without a vaccine or even if the lines said no vaccine required.
  10. Were book for March on the Miracle out of San Diego. Even as a huge CCL and cruising cheerleader, my optimism has waned in recent weeks.
  11. I've said it before and will sail again, the cruise lines can pull it off. We all are well aware of MSC in Italy right now doing just fine. Not a peep from them except when they kick off people for not following the protocols.
  12. Well, the lockdown is set for only three weeks. That being said, I don't see cruises happening here until March\April
  13. It was supposed to be doing some cruises out of San Diego. Nice to see another ship on the west coast.
  14. Was thinking the exact same thing but couldn't find a nice way to say it.
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