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  1. So Los Angeles just updated their 2021 schedule looks like Voyager is doing 3/4 nights
  2. Looks like they took it down https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-releases/ Weird your link still works but it not showing on the press release page anymore.
  3. Possible but I'm not holding my breath. I think she will be at a huge disadvantage against NCL and Carnival but that all depends on what itienary she does.
  4. Wow Ovation and Quantum in Alaska, Huge capacity increase. I wonder what has caused them to reshuffle the deployments?
  5. I think this is the 2020 redeployment of Voyager.
  6. No its not easy in easy out and yes I've sailed out of San Diego several times. the traffic flow to the terminal and out of the terminal well lets just say its bad!! Now San Diego is 95 nautical miles south of LA and if you're sailing to Mexico every week and fuel being the highest cost of your business. Hey LA residents 2 hours south on the 5 freeway is a vacation of a lifetime!! Now if nobody cared about Chargers when they where in San Diego why would they care about them if they moved to LA ? 🤔
  7. They are going to build a new terminal in the outer harbor so no need to back up the main channel.
  8. Ive have not had any issues with closed loop sailings from the Port of Los Angeles, San Diego not so functional with traffic flow. Galveston is the worst port I've sailed from hopefully the new terminal improves the experience.
  9. There has been several articles in the last couples months hinting at Royal returning to California. Alaska is a possibility but the timing of her transit suggest its not. San Diego, San Fransisco, Long Beach, and Los Angeles all have shore power.
  10. That would be the PVSA not the Jones act. Keeping fingers crossed it happens.
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