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  1. No-one told anyone - it was requested. "Please change...". And I think it is a fair request. Frankly, I'm surprised the forum software supports fonts that render poorly in common devices. On my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy 10) it renders as a cursive type script too, and is much harder to read than the default.
  2. The current Drinks offer I have states the following: "Available on select sailings between June1, 2021 and May 31, 2022" That would explain why it isn't offered for that (presumably) July 2022 cruise. Maybe they'll extend the timeframe for the offer eventually.
  3. Yup. No change in offer codes AFAIK. "Book by January 30, 2021"
  4. I noted this in a different thread, but to help others who are wondering: I called Carnival (general line, I don't have a PVP) and got my cruise transferred after being on hold for no more than about 7 minutes. Got a better deal on price, too, for the exact same cabin on the same ship, and a better (for us) itinerary.
  5. My guess would be the entire industry waited to see what new guidance would be forthcoming from the new administration. No point making plans for an office party if the new head honcho of your business trashes the very basis of them.
  6. So I just called and got my booking transferred - took 13 minutes total, including about 7 minutes on hold. I did have to pay the new deposit ($200 total in this case) - agent insisted the old deposit can only be used as FCC to total cruise fare, not as new deposit, because it represents a re-purposing of blah blah blah... New cruise is same length (7 days), same ship (Mardi Gras), $250 less total cost, same cabin (we had picked that cabin on purpose), better itinerary (for us), and comes with $650 OBC ($600 for the canceled cruise offer and $50 due to another promo).
  7. Heh, I will be watching this thread for info, since I am in a similar situation - I just had a cruise cancelled, I took the FCC + OBC, so now I have a replacement cruse on hold while I figure out how to shuffle stuff around. I've never had to do this before, so I'm poking around here to look for info on what I should expect for timeline of FCC appearing somehow in my account, and other answers.
  8. Well, the cruise itineraries first got cancelled last year because a raging pandemic started to appear. Last I looked, the raging pandemic is still on-going, perhaps worse than ever. So yeah, for now, no end in clear sight. I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
  9. Well, they probably do. For all we know, there are normally x number of folks staffing the phones, but when stuff like this happens, they call everyone in for some extra hours and they have 1.5x or maybe 2x people. But they can't just go hire triple the staff for a week during the period after mass cancellations.
  10. Oh, and I have a substitute cruise on hold while I figure out how to transfer the FCC of my cancelled cruise (which was just the deposit) to the new booking. Guess I'll start looking through the various threads on that topic.
  11. Mardi Gras inaugural now set for 29 May 2021. The official press release can be found here: https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-cruise-line-notifies-guests-cruise-cancellations-0 "MIAMI, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Carnival Cruise Line is notifying guests of additional cruise cancellations, extending its pause in U.S. departures through April 30, 2021, and cancelling Australian operations through May 19, 2021. In addition, Carnival has cancelled the European itineraries for Carnival Legend which were to begin this
  12. All cruises canceled through 30 April 2021. Bummer, there goes my 24 April inaugural Mardi Gras cruise. From the Cancellation page: "Like other cruise lines, Carnival Cruise Line operations have been impacted by COVID-19. Currently, we have cancelled all sailings through and including April 30, 2021."
  13. Like @Honolulu Blue, I'll post my current thoughts on the matter: Cruise lines, including Carnival, might have no part in deciding whether vaccines are mandatory for cruising - it might be decided by the ports they visit. If most ports require proof of vaccination, that requirement will simply be flowed down to all cruises. And whether that included kids or not will also be beyond Carnival's control. Once the vaccine is distributed to "enough" of the population, I agree, a relaxation of social distancing requirements is both a good idea and likely to happen. Those th
  14. Interesting comment on the Lido coffee. My wife and I both think it is a little weak tasting. I now instead go to one of the Cafes or Bars (e.g. Lobby Bar) with the espresso machines and order Americanos for our morning coffees.
  15. We often book aft balconies. For Mardi Gras we booked one of the forward facing ones, just to see what it will be like. Yes, probably windy, but thought we'd give it a go. I will note I don't think I would ever book an aft balcony on Mardi Gras - the nice thing about the aft balconies we've experienced was the lack of anyone / anything significant between us and the wake behind the ship! Yeah, maybe the two or three decks below with similar balconies, but not a huge pool and surrounding deck chairs extending for much of your sightline. Maybe deck 14 - high enough from the "Summ
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