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  1. Liberty is usually 3 or 4 day cruises, and Ecstasy usually 4 & 5. D&Ps don't cruise those lengths as much as the 6+ day cruises, so that makes more available. The 3/4/5 day cruises also attract new cruisers a bit more often, and they often do not recognize the (potential) value of FTTF. These are the factors, IMHO, that may make it more available than other cruises.
  2. I see that you have made a choice, but for giggles, here is my assessment: If I had been to neither sets of ports on those itineraries, I would pick the Breeze Eastern Carib, because it is a bit cheaper, and from what I understand FLL is just an easier port. It is also closer to where I live, since I would drive, but that should not necessarily be a factor for you. We have visited those ports (our order was GT, SJ, StK, StM) on an 8-day (Sunshine out of Canaveral) and we had a blast! But I'm sure the other itinerary will also be fantastic - we have a S Carib booked for some point in the future (going to Bonaire instead of Curacao). Either way, you should have lots of Fun! Fun! Fun! (Gah, I sound like John Heald!) Also, FTTF may not be released yet - it might become available around 8 months out (search the forum, I am sure that question has been asked like a thousand times), and may pop up again as folks cancel it or if Carnival releases more slots (depends on D&P cruise numbers).
  3. Normally in a fruity-type mixed drink (i.e. not a martini) with a reasonably good mixer I don't usually notice what type of liquor is used, unless really bottom shelf/well stuff. I do like my margaritas with Patron, though. But I have had a couple of Bloody Marys where I should have specified the vodka - not sure what rotgut they put in, but it wasn't anything I would normally use.
  4. Because on Cheers you are likely to want to upgrade to top shelf, since there is no additional charge. Someone not on the Cheers package will probably be happy with whatever is the regular pour for the pre-made drinks and not pay the extra. But if they were willing, the bar staff would likely do it because it is extra revenue. So I don't think it is Cheers-specific in policy, just a reflection of the reality of who wants to exercise that option and whether the bar staff are capable and willing to accommodate. I suspect if you know & tip your bar staff well and they aren't too busy they will accommodate an upgrade for a pre-mix drink, even if you have Cheers. But if they are slammed, I can see them saying "no upgrades".
  5. So the OP is referring to drinks such as the Drink of the Day, or a pre-made mix drink like Kiss on the Lips (edit: or Miami Vice, very popular) where they have jugs of it sitting around to make serving the popular drinks go faster. In those cases, they don't want to take the time to make up a special version just because the customer wants Grey Goose vs Tito's (completely picked at random). I'm not sure if it is official Carnival policy or a "tribal policy" of the staff just to keep things moving. In general, if they have to mix it up for you, then you can change up from whatever they normally reach for to a better version. Most of the time when I order a drink at my favorite bars on board, they ask me would I like it with one of the top-shelf liquors. So the trick is to order something they have to make up for you anyway. Even at the Blue Iguana, the headlining drink Blue's Patron Margarita is made up for you, not from a pre-made mix (as far as I have experienced), so if you wanted you could swap out the Patron for something else (not sure why, though).
  6. Yeah, NYC and Baltimore are about 200 miles closer to Bermuda than Canaveral. I guess that is just enough distance to allow them to stay over two nights, even on a six-day cruise, because they aren't also going to Grand Turk or some other port. I see there is an 8-day cruise out of NYC to Bermuda that also visits Grand Turk, and they still manage to stay from 9am on one day to 3pm next day. the extra cruising day helps, obviously. The 7-day out of Baltimore is best of all for time spent in Bermuda - approx 52 hrs docked there.
  7. Good info here, thanks everyone! We are going to Bermuda in September, but annoyingly the stay is one overnight, 4pm to 4pm, which means rush off the ship, see some of Bermuda in the evening, get back on board because they roll up the sidewalks, then next day get out there again, but don't linger too far into the afternoon. 4pm to 8pm the next night would have been nicer, and two full nights even better. But the itinerary from Canaveral doesn't seem to allow for that timing.
  8. On the Sunshine and Liberty, IIRC, the bars are positioned such that you can order a drink as you walk by in the Promenade without getting into the actual casino. But if you really don't like smoke, even that may be "too close".
  9. The Steakhouse will have the best selection, although as noted the better wines are available in bottle only - but the wines by the glass are still OK by my tastes. You don't need to be dining there to get a glass of wine (or any other drink). Casino bar usually has a good selection too.
  10. You mean a copy of the FunTimes? It varies by ship, itinerary, and evolves over time to an extent. I suggest a Google search for "Carnival funtimes" with your ship name.
  11. I like the specificity of SbyS vs B2B: it clear delineates that one means you get off one ship and onto another, while the other implies that one stays on the same ship for both. Regarding B2Bs and staying on board: So, which is it? Do you have to leave the ship for a B2B or not? These two posts conflict.
  12. Amusingly, that is exactly the same reason many folks only do 6 day or longer cruises, and won't do a 3 or 4 day cruise...the passengers get a little too lively!
  13. Not sure about Carnival's soup cups, but most soup cups have handles...that's why they are called "cups" and not "small bowls".
  14. Well, that's just like, your opinion, man. IMHO, while it isn't cheap, it is well worth it. I won't do it every cruise, but I could see doing it every now and then, especially if on a new-to-me class of ship. Like the Mardi Gras... Weird. Because they make such a big deal out of not being able to sign up until on board. Maybe certain TAs (or all TAs) can get folks signed up ahead of time? We signed up for this when we first boarded last cruise (Sunshine, Dec 2018). We were the second or third couple to sign up, IIRC, and there ended up being two tours of 16 people each. We could have probably waited until the next day, but hey, the line up wasn't that bad. Though the staff were a little confused - we went to the shore excursion desk (quick line up), as Carnival's website says to do, but we were redirected to Guest Services to sign up there instead (no line up).
  15. Mr. Heald posted previously that the Dream departed New Orleans later than planned for the re-positioning, so that had a knock-on effect on arrival in Galveston. No idea what caused the late departure.
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