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  1. Sorry to go off on a tangent, but when I read the thread title, all I could think of was irons floating through the air, while your laundry places itself on the ironing board gently, and the iron goes to work guided by invisible hands, along the lines of Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice and the mops..."magic irons". Anyway, when I have used the irons, I have usually been the only person in the self-serve laundrettes. But I usually iron early in the day, to make sure I have my shirt/whatever ready and not panic at the last minute.
  2. Forgot to mention, but I see it was mentioned elsewhere - if you want the DotD souvenir glass/container, I believe you can buy it separately, sans alcoholic drink, for a lower price than the DotD would be if served in it. Someone else posted $6, IIRC.
  3. So speaking of "restaurants", I have noted something that possibly was discussed ad nauseum back when Horizon was first announced, so sorry of this is a dead horse that I am re-animating for the purposes of beating it again: On Horizon, Panorama, and Mardi Gras, there are no "dining rooms" - they are all "restaurants". On Mardi Gras we will have "The Palm Restaurant" and "The Flamingo Restaurant". On Horizon they are the "Meridian Restaurant" and "Reflection Restaurant". Compare to the Breeze with "Blush Dining Room" and "Sapphire Dining Room". Yeah, the ships still have "Main Dining". But I wonder whether this is a subtle effort to get the pax to explore the other "restaurants", and move away from the "boring old stuffy formal dining room for old people not in a hurry" (not my opinion, but one that seems to be growing).
  4. Well, that doesn't make much sense either - why cut someone off if you can extract another $10/drink out of them? Every time I have gotten to 14, the bartender has alerted me to that current state of affairs, and mentioned that, if I wish, I could buy additional drinks if I wanted to keep going, reserving the last "free" one at the end. I always turned them down, because at 14, I was pretty well done for the day anyway - that last drink was my night cap to sip on the way back to the cabin and on the balcony. Maybe that bartender was not being very discreet about it. My bartenders just stated the facts.
  5. Your first assumption is correct - you can still buy buckets'o'beer or DotD. They don't count towards your drink limit, either.
  6. That is a little disappointing - they made such a big deal out of Shaq's Chicken Shack, why not make it standard across the fleet via drydock upgrades and new ships? OTOH, there are times when Mr Heald has been provided (or chooses to provide) imperfect information, so we'll see... Has that been confirmed, or just supposition because they aren't shown on the deck plans ("yet")?
  7. Just keep in mind the $12 is the surcharge over whatever cost/price you may wish to associate with the "included" meals. So if it is lunch time and you would normally enjoy a burger+fries from Guys and some salad and other appetizers/sides from the Lido, you are forfeiting those, valued at maybe $5 to $10, in favor of paying $12 (or whatever) extra for something from Emeril's. So that meal is really effectively "$17 to $22" or however you want to value what you would normally have for lunch. Similar rationale for dinner.
  8. Nope. Any drink served in a special glass/container is not covered by Cheers - it would be an extra charge, the whole drink price. If you want the DotD served in a regular glass (regular serving size), Cheers covers it.
  9. I can't tell if that includes all applicable taxes and gratuities or not (did Carnival do any kind of auto-grat back then?). But even if it did: Today the cheapest 7-day Carnival cruise I can book out of Miami is $1230 for two people in one cabin, including taxes, port fees, and gratuities. So if the cheapest fare in 1987 was $775 per person with no airfare (based on previous comment)...the cabin total would be $1550. That's over $3400 in 2019 dollars! Hmm, not such a bad deal to be cruising today, hey?
  10. Indeed - if you simply hold the card near something, no swiping in a slot, it is RFID (or magic!). As mentioned, it appears the RFID element is used for your cabin door only - all other uses would require removing the card from the lanyard so it can be swiped. I wonder if the RFID upgrade is something Carnival plans for future dry-dock upgrades, or will be new-ship-builds only?
  11. Hah ha! That is a hilarious claim! There is a website that promotes getting High in these Times (hint hint) that has a page dedicated to the various "traditional flavors" of THC oils for vape pens, and why one has "naturally pine-y terpenes create a flavored weed oil that is crisp and refreshing" and another has a "sweet, fruity, almost grape-like taste". Those "tastes" are smelled by the non-smokers around you. Another site advertises "strawberry flavored liquid THC". It's like all those folks that smoke regular cigarettes that don't understand how obvious their smoke smells, and how it lingers on everything - their clothing, in their car, on their hands... Vape if you want, where allowed, but do not fall under the illusion that what you are doing isn't obvious to everyone else, scent-wise.
  12. No, you do not need to be paid in full to select the check-in time. The only thing that being paid in full gets you is the ability to print your boarding pass. Oh, and get on the ship, I suppose. I will be paying in full for our May cruise shortly (auto-pay enabled, so I don't need to, um, pay attention, yuk yuk...), but I have already selected our check-in time.
  13. Indeed, interesting. Might make Nassau interesting again. Or might just feel like I'm at Disney (Disney Springs that is, what used to be Downtown Disney), which I can do whenever I want, living in the Orlando area...
  14. Hmm, weird. According to everything I have experienced and read, if you booked in Jan 2018 for a May 2019 cruise it should not have allowed you to select a check-in time - at the time the rule was "six months out". Must have been a mild glitch, which may be why it "self-corrected" on three of them.
  15. Looking through the history of this board, there are posts in March 2015 that mention staggered check-in times now being assigned via emails/texts/phone calls from Carnival. In November 2015 it appears that's when the trial went full-blown in Galveston for cruisers able to select their check-in times. By May 2016 is was in "New Orleans, Galveston, Miami, Honolulu, and Norfolk" (quoted from an old post). So three years ago it was getting more widespread. It looks like it was pretty well fleet-wide by Jan/Feb 2017. So that is just over two years now. I can't find the timeline of when Carnival instituted the six-months-out rule for selecting Check-in. Or rather, it looks like it was all over the place by the time March 2017 rolled around, and it took them until late-2017 to get it settled down to "six months almost always".
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