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  1. Tried it this morning and it is working by showing FCC but has lost cruise history . The IT section really need upgrading
  2. After our cruise was cancelled earlier this year we have been considering what to do next. My first thoughts is to book again for either later this year or early next year. There are some interesting cruises I am interested in but on thinking it through i have decided that I will not book anything until Seabourn have decided what conditions the cruises will take place in. I am not interested in sailing if I have to ware a mask everywhere, I am no interested if the swimming pool Is not available , I am not interested if the Gym is not usable . I am not interested if Dinning is not open booking. I can understand that they do not want give details of any of these situations for fear of putting people off booking , but I really believe these thing should be made clear before bookings are accepted..
  3. I just got an email form Seabourn saying in spring 2022 the Ovation was going to stop at sharm el shiek for an overnight stop. Great I thought but when you look at the itinerary it says it does not stop there. I wish Seabourn would sort their IT department out
  4. I think Royal Caribbean are going to use Ravenna about 80 miles away. but are organising transport to there from Venice airport
  5. I notice Royal Caribbean have cancelled Venice for 2021 and moved to another port in Italy. I wonder if Seabourn will follow . It make sense as Venice is being spoilt by Cruise ships.
  6. As this will be your first Seabourn voyage could you tell us what cabin you think is the worse on the ship ? I have sailed many times on every deck but have never had a bad cabin.
  7. slight correction to my booking cruise dep May 5 but cancelled on March 11
  8. AT LAST. Received today Cruise cancelled on March 11 , requested refund March 12 received today May 31 (81 Days)
  9. When trying to look at terms and conditions of this new 10 pc offer , seabourn`s site says cannot find page ???
  10. As Seabourn cancelled our cruise they gave us 100 pc refund and additional 25 pc fcc. The fcc was on my Seabourn acc within the week but the refund I was told 45 days , then 60 days , then was told soon and the latest was yesterdays estimate. We were looking to rebook our cancelled cruise for next May , The FCC was approx £1200 but I notice the fare for next year has gone up by £750 so it is not worth as much as you think. It was all via our TA . Once you book with a TA Seabourn will only deal through them
  11. After 79 days was told it was being prioritised and should be paid into my credit card in the next 17 working days ie 3 1/2 weeks. I am not holding my breath.
  12. I notice that they still have the option of on board credit with the difference rather than match the lower price.
  13. The timing was brilliant , I was just about to book an early November cruise on the Sojourn. It is not cancelled yet but I think I will wait a bit longer to see what happens.
  14. January 22, 2013 955 posts Australia Report post #17 Posted 7 hours ago That may be the case in the smaller suites (23sq m) I think, on about deck 7 or 8 (near the front of the ship) which may differ but most suits are identical and have both separately. I have not been in or even seen a penthouse suite so I can’t comment on that. The last time we were on the Quest Sojourn and Odysses In V6 cabins there was no shower attachment in the bath tub. It was a couple of years ago so the might have fitted them now.
  15. Well just had a glass of bubbly in my garden instead of in the Sky bar as we leave Dubai.What a shame.
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