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  1. My thought would be that in these unprecedented times, there is NO certainty. Not now nor in the near future. This is a pandemic that some take seriously and isolate, practise social distancing etc. and unfortunately, others that do not. Then there are the unknowns, those who are asymptomatic and feel great about being out and about and those that show symptoms, haven't been tested, are still out and about and just don't care
  2. Chris sounded like he was enjoying himself and I think he feels safer on the ship than going home to the UK. That was my take anyway.
  3. The government is saying that if your a broad, you need to get home ASAP. Why aren't they telling the guys to do the same?🤣
  4. I never ever realized how big the American market is for fast food and restaurants. A chicken company throws a $20M party chartering a couple of cruise ships. Absolutely crazy crazy expensive.
  5. Just stating what I heard. Symphony did an empty day cruise on Saturday and is still in Miami today. Perhaps it's a Chick-Fil-A cruise too?
  6. There is another thread that says an NCL ship and the Symphony were used as hotels for the Super Bowl. Somewhere on this thread it says that it's doing the chick-fil-a charter along with the Oasis. Who knows?
  7. I can't imagine how much it cost them to take Oasis out of service for a week. No casino, no liquor sales. Must have cost a fortune. Chick-Fil-A is not that big here in Canada, must be a big company in the US.
  8. Also seems odd for Symphony of the seas to be in Miami on a Monday. Doesn't she usually do Saturday to Saturday cruises out of Miami? Another charter?
  9. "opened up the azipod and proceeded with repairs". Where do you get your information?
  10. He will likely say: no structural damage. Good to go. The facade surround of the dinning room has been blown out, but can be replaced. I think (being that it is above deck 5), that most of the damage would be to aluminum components and not mild steel. Harder to repair if aluminum but doable without an extended docking period IMHO.
  11. So you are saying, you are a "hanger on"? lol
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