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  1. "opened up the azipod and proceeded with repairs". Where do you get your information?
  2. He will likely say: no structural damage. Good to go. The facade surround of the dinning room has been blown out, but can be replaced. I think (being that it is above deck 5), that most of the damage would be to aluminum components and not mild steel. Harder to repair if aluminum but doable without an extended docking period IMHO.
  3. So you are saying, you are a "hanger on"? lol
  4. Which could be for a number of reasons. One hour is nothing in the grand scheme of things, especially if your itinerary remained the same. The one hour delay might be caused by increased activity in the port, slight changes to freighter/tanker departures/arrivals etc. If your itinerary is the same and your time in ports is not shortened, then they most likely feel confident that they can run at their required speed.
  5. I've heard the term "Genie" for a while now, but have no clue. What is a "Genie"?
  6. Twenty years ago, we all got envelopes addressed to the various individuals slated by the cruise line, for a tip. Into these envelopes went the suggested amount in cash. We would then distribute said envelopes on the last night of the cruise. I was always surprised by how empty the dinning room was on the last evening. It was eerily quiet in there. More empty tables than full. Then came auto gratuities. Business in the dinning room picked up on the last night, not ten to twenty minute wait busy like it had been all cruise, but almost full capacity. But the line at the customer service counter was huge! Then it dawned on me - people were lining up to remove their tips.
  7. Hmmm. Never ever thought it worked like that. So cash is not always king if the auto gratuities are removed. Interesting. I would hate to have to be part of that system. Poor cabin stewards that get a tip, knowing it is not for them if you pull the auto tips. So if the auto tips are paid and we tip anyone, do THEY get to keep it?
  8. What does that mean? Please explain in great detail as this post is very confusing. Can you put it in layman's terms.
  9. This is what someone has said on a different thread: "I'm leaving Mariner on the 18th, staying in a hotel for 1 night in Miami, and then joining the ship in Fort Lauderdale on the 19th."
  10. Oasis is apparently headed for Ft Lauderdale. Scheduled to arrive there on the 19th of November. So, 10 days from now, which I believe is what a normal TA crossing length would be.
  11. It's so sad that you have to do all this to protect yourself. Maybe if these cities treated theft as a real crime, it might go along way towards curbing the behaviour.
  12. That was a very long investigation. I wonder what the findings were?
  13. Any idea why the extensive delay? Seems to me if it was deemed fit to sail more than a week ago, something is amiss?
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