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  1. The cruise lines may want to keep these programs around, because if we go into a recession next year, as some economist are suggesting, these are the programs that will win customers that are willing to not do staycations.
  2. I remember buying FCC (Future Cruise Certificates) on board during a cruise. They were $200 certificates that lasted 2 years, but would expire if not used during that time frame. You would receive a $50 OBC. Overall a great deal, a 25% return on your money if used within the first year. I wish they would bring that program back. I wonder how many times people did not use their certificates and Carnival got to pocket the money?
  3. This just shows that CCL is continuing to cut cost where ever they can. Next will be some type of cozy with Shaq's face on it.
  4. Now that the Celebration has made a few trips to Freeport, what is open in the Port?
  5. I have been watching ship traffic into Freeport for the past 3 weeks. Its amazing the amount of traffic every day and night. The ports are constanty busy with various cargo, crane and other ships. I will be surprised that they will be able to handle more than 2 cruise ships on a given day for the next couple of months. But cruise ships mean dollars to the port and port employees, so getting the port up and running is a big step for the local economy.
  6. We love the 4 day weekend cruise. These cruise are usually to Cozumel, or Freeport (HMC or Princess Cay) and Nassau. The reason we like these cruises is that we leave Thursday late afternoon. I'm in outside sales so this is actually a work day, but on a cruise ship (cell phones + iPad = office on the go). I take Friday off as a vacation day and we arrive Monday morning and I start my work week on a cruise ship. Living in Florida makes it easy. These port are FUN and relaxing. DW and I get away from life for a couple of days with good food, adult drinks and we dance the nights away.
  7. Well said. We are also Platinum and carry our cards in our pockets. We are always sending a lot of time on helping other cruisers that look to need help during the first few days of the cruise. I remember our first cruises and we appreciated all of the extra help.
  8. To answer OP's question yes our first Platinum cruise met and exceeded our anticipation. And we feel that way on every cruise since. Congratulations on becoming reaching the Platinum level. p.s. We had our phone's camera ready as we took our first step on the ship when we became platinum. A photo to capture the event!
  9. After watching the video I have concluded I have zero interest. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Will this mean there is also a ban on Cuban sandwiches from the deli? I really like those!
  11. This is a very nice perk! You will typically wait in a dining room with P &Ds. When the ships clear you will be the first group called. Here is best thing about the benefit, customs will not be crowded! You will pretty much have little to no wait. So, from the time you get off the ship you will walking through the parking garage in 15 minutes.
  12. I have had an unpleasant experience of being trap in an elevator. There was only 3 of us in elevator. The phone did not work. After about 5 minutes of yelling for help, we got a response from a maintenance guy who was very clear; do NOT pry to doors open. So we did not. About thirty minutes later we were safely released from our entrapment. I ask the elevator guy why we should not have pried the door open and crawl out. He said that the movement and prying the door open could make the car shift. He said think what would happen if the car shifted after someone was half way out. I think these people reacted poorly!
  13. Do not ask your fellow travelers do you have their I'd, passport, boarding pass. Ask them to take it out so you can see visually inspect it before you the house. Everybody should visibly inspect each other's documents, if you don't do it, you could be waving good bye to your cruise as it heads out to sea without you.
  14. There is a lot to do from the point of check in to the Muster drill. BE PATIENT!!!!
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