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  1. Just wanted to say Romeinlimo was fantastic about rescheduling my tours with them for next year. I had already prepaid for a 2 day tour precruise and port tours in Naples and Livorno. I emailed Jany and she immediately transferred my booking to next year on my rebooked cruise. SO easy and painless.
  2. I wanted to ask if anyone has ever bought tickets ahead of time online for either the walls or the cable car? I'm fully aware that it's not necessary. However, I like the idea of not carrying extra kuna or euros with me for these things and also not having to stand in line to get tickets. Just wondering if anyone here has ever actually bought the tickets for either of these things online in advance and if it worked out well (the tickets were legit, managed to avoid standing in a big line etc.) Thanks!
  3. I’ve booked with Romeinlimo for a tour called Florence and San Gimignano. It’s private, and we are going to Florence briefly, then onto a wine tasting and lunch in Tuscany. It was easily arranged via email.
  4. So, I’m trying to book reservations for a couple shows on the website, and I’m running into a problem. As an example, I have Le Bistro booked at 6:00, then I tried to book a show at 7:30 and it says I have a conflict and won’t let me add it to my cart. Is there a minimum amount of time I need to have in between dinner and show reservations?
  5. I can’t stand buckles either. I got these Crocs wedges for my last cruise, and even though it looks like a buckle, they really just have a hook behind the buckle that keeps the strap fastened. Amazing.
  6. According to this port schedule, there isn’t a ship showing up at 7. Are you sure you have the date right?
  7. Google Greek Travelling. They have a tour that picks you up in a boat but you still have to ride the cable car down at the end.
  8. I’m doing the PKTravel semi private full day Athens in June and the description on the website says it goes to the museum as well as the Acropolis.
  9. I agree with wanting to learn new things, but it just seems obvious why anyone would ask about hair dryer wattage.
  10. I would think she would want to know if the wattage was sufficient to dry her hair or whether she should bring her own dryer.
  11. Hi! My husband and I will be on the Norwegian Getaway June 7 sailing out of Rome. We are staying at the Palazzo Navona from June 4-7. I'm looking for any recommendations for a non-touristy, not TOO expensive dinner restaurant for the evening of June 4. We will be on a food tour the evening of June 5th, and plan on making reservations for Roscioli on June 6th, so I'm down to finding something for June 4th. We'd like something close so sticking around Piazza Novona would be good. Anyone have a place to recommend? I'm googling and have found some options, but nothing that's standing out as
  12. I do think the price is high for what's offered, but I'm still debating for my 11 day Mediterranean Cruise out of Rome next June. I like the idea of priority tendering for Santorini in particular. I really dislike the whole lining up for tender tickets thing. Also the breakfast in the morning might be good for us since we have multiple early port days starting at 7, and it'd be nice to have breakfast in the room with no waiting or lines in the buffet or dining room. Still can't quite pull the trigger.
  13. slightly off topic, but how are prices at this restaurant? I took a look at the menu but saw no prices. Thanks!
  14. Sorry it took me FOREVER to respond to this, but I did indeed see this and followed up by communicating with the company about changes they are going to make to this tour starting Jan 2020. They are apparently going to arrange private boat transportation instead of using the ferries because they've noticed that waiting on the ferry to fill up cuts into their tour time. The price is going to go up slightly, but I think that's worth it. ANYthing that helps me avoid the cable cars would be worth it. So, my questions are: Which winery did you go to and were you there a long time? Do
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