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  1. I didn't hear that one yet, but I don't pay much attention to Carnival news. That's not such a bad policy and if it's true the, I say, score one for Carnival for having integrity. Tom
  2. I agree and thanks for pointing this out. People trying to make smart decisions about the lives of themselves and their families doesn't necessarily mean they are scared. That said, millions of people have died from this plague so people actually have a right to be scared. I'm mostly afraid that irresponsible people will cause the good trend bubble we have going on now to burst and cruising will go away again. I applaud the lines from trying to do the best they can do and it's unfortunate that some states are putting politics above the safety of the people. Cruising
  3. I know you're saying this sort of tongue in cheek, but I don't think those of us who are vaccinated are so afraid of others. I can only speak for myself, but my fear is that we'll get even more cases on ships and have to do another shut down and the cruise industry will be compromised even more than they are now. Many of us feel, and the science shows, that vaccination, and/or other protocols, gives a better chance of getting through a cruise without and major outbreak. I know that a recent cruise had a couple of cases, but they were asymptomatic and it hasn't seemed to spread like it did ea
  4. It seems to me that anyone not willing to show proof of vaccination is very likely not vaccinated. You'd think they could put a sticker on the badge to show that proof was presented. So, they would not be requiring vaccination, exactly, you would just get benefits if you are vaccinated. I don't know how you police it, but we have to show our ship cards all the time so it could be pretty apparent. If they make us use arm bands or necklaces or whatever is in vogue these days for electronics the it would be even easier. Everyone I know that got vaccinated is
  5. This is totally understandable. Even RCI's vaccination story is not very comprehensive. They keep changing it all the time. I don't know what Carnival does about kids. It would seem to me that a lot of their business would be catering to families. To be fair, I think Royal's 5% of unvaccinated people are supposed to be kids that legally can't be vaccinated right now. Still, you have a good point. I just couldn't bring myself to sail on "Carnivore" cruise lines again 🙂 Of course, it's been a long time and may be totally different these days. It would be interesting to know
  6. Viking Serenade was our first cruise ever. It was only 3 days and we always joke that it was like the gateway drug for cruising. We were instantly hooked. We went on one Mariner to Mexico cruise and got to go to Cabo San Lucas for a day, then we were redirected and ended up in San Francisco for a couple of days then back to San Pedro. We got treated really well, but everyone brought clothes for Mexico, not cold San Francisco. We still had a blast and have good memories. Tom
  7. Yeah, the gratuities are kind of a hidden cost. The always advertise the prices without including gratuities/service charge, and always put the cost in tiny print in the ads. The cost of gratuities has slowly been inching up over time as well. So, if it says $70 for the package per day, it's really over $12 more. I don't know why they can't just advertise the real cost since there doesn't seem to be any time they don't add on they surcharge. Tom
  8. I confess to very little knowledge about them, since I don't think we have them in Oregon, but people were, including us, were avoiding going outside until we set sail... because of them. And, I can say, we all certainty, there were swarms of them around. 🙂 Tom
  9. Yeah, I haven't heard anything Texas not allowing private companies to set their own rules. I think that is only in Florida where they're passing those restrictions. It seems to me that might be fair in government jobs, but if you're a private company you should be able to set your own rules for hiring or who gets to enter your establishment, or whatever. I'm not a big fan of Texas leadership, but it's unfair to pin this on them. BTW, Galveston is a beautiful port to sail from with very friendly and hospitable people. We love it. Tom
  10. This is a pretty good plan. I mean, we already have to pay extra for wanting refundable deposits and we get discounts for early booking, etc. It makes sense that vaccinated people, willing to show proof, could get a discount since they could be a lot less problem for the company. Also, there are discounts for seniors, military personnel, essential workers like doctors and nurses, etc. Also, they are giving people everything from college tuition to lottery tickets to get vaccinated. Why not offer a discount on cruises! This may even give people the chance to offer the information instea
  11. Also something nice about Oregon and, I'd imagine, all places where there are no cicadas. I will say, on one cruise out of Florida we were inundated with Love Bugs (not the Herbie the VW type, but the biter little fly type) before we finally left dock. They were everywhere outside and not all that friendly. Tom
  12. That would be very cool. We are on Ovation in September going to Alaska so I know this wouldn't be happening too very quickly, but it would be real nice. I remember when Mariner used to sail out of San Pedro to Mexico. They took it out after the Swine Flu hit, but I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it or if there were other factors. I think, traditionally, the West Coast has not been a big draw for cruisers. Tom
  13. Yes, that's kind of what I'm saying. The news media is just chomping at the bit to get any kind of news about COVID. If 2 people had norovirus they'd never blink even if they people were gagging up their buffet. But, 2 people test positive, but have absolutely no symptoms and it's a big deal on every single news network and talk show. I hope that, at some point soon, they can move on and stop trying to sensationalize it so much. Tom
  14. I'm guessing masks will be required for some things. First, if you are not vaccinated, especially. Second, if we're in some close quarters like elevators, shows, inside venues, etc. But, as I said, it's only a guess. I don't mind wearing a mask occasionally. I agree that if I had to have it on all the time it would be very annoying. I'm hoping that is not the case. One of the reasons we got vaccinated was to be good citizens and do our part in trying to overcome this pandemic. It's nice to see the CDC relaxing rules for vaccinated people. It seems to be working.
  15. We've been on cruises before where a norovirus breaks out and that causes a lot of rukus as well. I think we will always have some risk when we're sailing because of the confined quarters and people coming from so many places. Tom
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