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  1. I hear a lot of people talk about if baby will remember it. Obviously probably not at that age. But will I as a mom remember spending a lot of quality time connecting with my young child without all the every day tasks of shopping and cleaning and cooking? And will DH and me just be able to enjoy each other and our child(ren) without the stresses of everyday life? Absolutely. It won’t be the same experience as our honeymoon with no responsibilities other than us. But it’s a great family time. You just have to agree beforehand expectations and schedule.
  2. You certainly get a lot of people who say no. And a few that say yes. And it seems to me the people that say no haven’t done it, and the people that say yes have brought a young baby. We never brought our kids when they were that young, but for us it more financial. I think for quite a while I was on the probably not side. But we went with a bunch of extended family including my niece and her then 7mo. Yes we had a lot of extra helpers. But mom and dad had agreed before the cruise they would all retire early and focus on enjoying the days. We all still had a great time and no one felt put out with having to take care of baby. Still a great family time that we wouldn’t have had it they had chosen to stay home. I think it’s very much about expectations. Yes it’s more work to travel with a young child, but you lose the shopping and cooking and cleaning tasks.
  3. I feel your pain. We travel in packs as well and we do MTD. It’s never easy. I am in charge of planning it. I usually try to get tables of 10 (didn’t realize they had tables of 12. That was not offered in cruise planner last time I tried to organize). Sometimes I can’t get all the tables at the same time so try to get them as close in time as I can. Either way one of the first things I do when I get onboard is go to MTD with list of room numbers and explain our situation. Sometimes we can be accommodated for the times I reserved in cruise planner. Sometimes they tell me we have to do 5:30 or 8:30 or otherwise inconvenient times for us and not what I had reserved in cruise planner. If they say this I typically just say we will stick with our times I reserved in cruise planner because it’s usually just 15 minutes apart. Then after a night or two it calms down and they let us arrive together. Good luck.
  4. I can’t speak to what is more expensive as you will have to research options there. But as a mom (married almost 25 yrs) of three boys (now 22, 21 and 18) and having been blessed to do a lot of fun traveling and cruises together I will offer one piece of advice. Once my boys started hitting puberty and even a little before I felt I needed to be much more cognizant of not wearing pjs/lounging clothes without a bra, etc around the house. Your family might be more comfortable with that, but it’s one thing to consider. My boys never seemed to mind too much about walking around in boxers, lol, but I just felt it was weird for me to walk around like that. So that may be a thing to consider for your wife. Maybe ask your son and wife about their privacy concerns. You are the dad and ..ummm....probably more comfortable being in minimal clothing around both. They might feel different.
  5. We never cruised with very young kids (6ish and younger). But mainly because it wasn’t financially feasible. As our now 22, 21, and 18yo boys got older we have been blessed to have a lot of fun family times traveling together. I thought for a long time it was good/lucky/smart that we didn’t travel as much when they were younger. But then we took a cruise with my niece and her family who had a baby and toddler. I think the ship had childcare for that age, but they had just made the decision to enjoy the days and retire early together at night. It really opened my eyes. There are a lot of threads debating taking young kids on cruises. And certainly some people who have very strong/outspoken opinions. Childcare options don’t have to be the decision factor on a vacation. It’s still awesome to enjoy family without cooking, cleaning, shopping for food etc. I learned from my niece (and other threads) it’s all about expectations and agreeing as a family what days and nights will look like. Good luck in your decision. Sounds like you have great friends who value your friendship and I’m sure you will come to a decision that works.
  6. Maybe no sweet or fruity, and sadly I don’t think it’s served on RC ships. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention baby Guinness. Cafe Patron tequila and baileys. Equal parts. If you like coffee you will love this. I can’t do regular tequila but this is deceptively delicious.
  7. I would love to hear about anyone with personal experience getting reservations in the 7-8 timeframe. I would like to do the UDP, but am concerned about getting what we want in the timeframe we want.
  8. They just changed our itinerary a week or so ago to knock out St. Kitts, add San Juan, and a bit longer in St. Thomas. (Nov 10 sailing). Has RC changed itineraries twice in the past? I guess I better make sure the excursion is refundable if it does.
  9. Planning an excursion and want to make sure I allow enough time to get back to ship. Thanks!
  10. Do you stop at any bars or restaurants?
  11. Thanks for the heads up about geoblue. They are very reasonable I think. About $88 for DH and me, $137 if you add our 3 kids for a week cruise. That would easily pay for itself when we had to get tamiflu onboard a few years back at $200 each per Rx. I did notice a max age of 84 when I tried to quote it for my parents.
  12. We are on the November 10 cruise and didn’t receive an email. Is that because our TA got an email and didn’t forward?
  13. I get that for the diamond lounge, which they also had on this ship. But for suite/concierge lounge I think they should also provide other options if someone has the drink package. We have been in the suite lounge on the Harmony, Allure, Oasis and in every one of those we could get drinks from our drink package. I know those are different since its named "suite lounge" and only pinnacles are also allowed, so that makes it a slightly different animal. I just think suite guests should have a lounge in which they are treated like a suite guest, not a glorified diamond lounge.
  14. It was a 9 night cruise. The only night it was somewhat crowded, but still several tables available, was the last night.
  15. I agree. And at the risk of beating a dead horse, why can’t we get drinks on the premium drink package there? Pretty much any other bar I can think of onboard carries Kim Crawford sav blanc (not that fancy!) or decent vodka. First world problems I know. But just different than other suite/concierge lounges we have experienced.
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