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  1. Perhaps not “fair” for room steward and loss of gratuities for them. Although I’m not sure how Royal doles out assignments for room stewards.
  2. I’m glad it worked our for you and hopefully celebrity will figure out the equitable situation for 2-1 would-be cruisers. We had less than 36 hours notice (while in Singapore) when we were told we would not be able to board because we had a 2 hour layover in HK. We were told we will get a full refund. Haven’t seen all of it yet. But no FCC.
  3. Definitely not calling them. Some random salesperson won’t have any clue. But I will try to email them. Thanks. We shall see I told my TA today I need to give it some time before I can book another adventurous cruise like this. So much time and energy planning and such a disappointing end and treatment of passengers. However looking at various cruise line threads and cruises being quarantined/prevented from docking it’s been a tough ride for all lines and passengers at this time. I think the lines that will keep loyal passengers are those that make it right, or make an effort. Which I know is subjective. It will be interesting to see wheee we are 6-12 months from now.
  4. I really hope Celebrity offers FCC to those of us booked on 2-1 that flew through HK and were denied boarding because of that. I am open to sailIng Celebrity again - especially if they make some effort to recognize those of us caught in the crossfire date.
  5. I’m not sure. I need to sort all that out this week. We only get insurance for “big” trips (or for my older parents). We have only had to file claim once so don’t really know the details and process. And my TA handled this insurance so I’m not familiar with what exactly will be covered. Our purpose for getting insurance is for needing to cancel for health or family emergencies, not situations like this. This week I plan on finishing my self-imposed quarantine with a bunch of house projects and figuring out what is possible for reimbursement and what forms and receipts I need etc. But we are back and healthy. And I agree. A definite eye-opener as to what I need to look at future insurance and how ports will just completely shut down.
  6. We were supposed to be on the millenium 2-1 sailing. Found out about 35 hours before we were supposed to board there was a change of itinerary through a 2 am-ish Singapore time call from the stateside concierge. She seemed surprised we were already in Singapore. We changed our air reservations to accommodate the new itinerary. Then our travel agent informed us around 10 am Singapore time because we connected through HK we would be denied boarding. Which the 2am caller didn’t bother to tell us. They sent our travel agent the “official letter” which I still have only to see on other posts. We are supposedly getting a full refund of cruise fare. So far we have received about 75%. I know celebrity has different profit centers which refund different times so I’m assuming we will eventually get it all back. If we had been given the option before leaving for Singapore we would have gladly taken FCC and the $500 airfare deviation fee. We did get insurance but didn’t have the cancel for any reason. I’m guessing we will be out for airfare and hotel and food etc. I don’t know what the answer is, but wish we had booked 2-14 so at least we had the option before we left. And I feel I’m more fortunate than those on the 2-1 cruise because the change of itinerary and ports was crazy. Add that to the stress of airline changes and wondering if you will be quarantined when you return. We have always said if you can’t handle things going completely out of your control don’t travel. But this one is extreme for even us!
  7. We don’t use it a lot, but I recently booked a 14 day Antarctica/south America cruise that was almost 2 years out when I booked it. Usually I just use my TA but my TA gave me a heads up when it was released and we happened to be cruising at the time so I booked onboard. I had my pricing and room I wanted when I went to NC. Same pricing as what RC website said. And refundable deposit (for a suite) and some OBC. We booked another cruise a while back and I went in with room numbers and pricing and got the NC perks of OBC and refundable deposit. But I appreciate the heads up to be aware of pricing. Maybe me and my iPad scared them. 😂
  8. We are canceling our cruise on the PG this fall. Too many variables in the room switcheroo and we decided we can't wait any longer to make plans so we needed to make the call one way or another. On top of the "upgrade" issue DH is not a fan of taking that much time off from our family business so close to next week when we are getting ready to leave for 3 weeks on an Asia cruise. So we booked a Caribbean cruise with my sister and her husband this fall - which won't the FP but we don't see each other that often so will be a lot of fun! We will make it to FP one day, just not this year. Have fun everyone and maybe one day our paths will cross. Cheers - Cindi
  9. Thanks - I was actually trying to avoid the PC. We are getting a suite and didn't want to compete with all the pinnacles for the suite benefits.
  10. Awesome - thanks so much for the quick reply!
  11. So sorry to ask this - I am pretty sure I have read it but can't find it with the search engine here. Does anyone know the date of the ship of the 2020 Presidents Cruise? We are looking at the Harmony in October and early November and the November 8 is very limited on suites so it made me curious if that was the Presidents Cruise. Thanks -
  12. Thanks for everyone's replies. Guess we will cool our heels in other venues! The laundry will definitely be nice!
  13. I’m guessing I know the answer to this question is no, but just thought I would ask. We are elite, and are traveling with another couple that aren’t. We are both in suites though I don’t know if that makes any difference. I’m guessing they will not be able to join us at any of the events discussed in this post?
  14. Holiday sailings are also higher than other times. My SIL booked her kids last October for $59.
  15. They were $60. For reference we paid $89 in the cruise planner and they were selling for $99 on the ship.
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