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  1. We just booked using next cruise and they said “current promotion is better than d+ discount” so no additional discount. So stupid. What is the point of the loyalty discount when the general public discount is almost always better than loyalty discount and not combinable?
  2. Thanks for everyone’s replies. I wish it were closer in cost but I agree. 2k is tough to justify for 150 vs 250 sq ft.
  3. Besides a bigger room, are there any benefits of a grand suite over junior suite? I don’t see a coastal kitchen, we get the drink package so concierge lounge doesn’t mean too much. And we typically plan our meals and show ahead so that benefit doesn’t help us much either. But we have never been on this class of ship so not sure if I’m missing something. just not sure it’s worth an extra 2k per room. I think I would rather have that for excursions and dinners TIA
  4. It’s not a premixed drink. I think it’s brewed similar to how beer is brewed. Most have 5% alcohol so similar to a domestic non-light beer. White claw and Truly are some of the more popular brands. They are flavored seltzer water with flavors like black cherry, raspberry, lime, grapefruit. They are very light and refreshing. I like putting them over ice. They have gained a lot of popularity among the college crowd. They are generally more expensive than domestic beer (we can get a 12 of white claw on sale for $14). Guys drink them as well and at least in our area of the country no one claims there are a fru fru for girls.
  5. You will have a fantastic time! There is no min or max age or group number for enjoying what a ship offers. It sounds like you have done your homework and know what you like and you chose wisely. Any ship will have families of course. We sailed Symphony last Christmas and are going on her again for New Years, and there is a big mix of couples, families and everywhere in between. Enjoy!
  6. I just meant that we only feel we are “competing” for suite privileges in the CK and deck areas.
  7. Why are the bananas being segregated from the other fruit? That is a disaster.
  8. I can’t speak about mangoes directly. Two of our kids have severe peanut/tree nut/shellfish allergies. We have cruised a lot with RC and in the MDR they are excellent as long as they know. Specialty restaurants require a little more work because you don’t go there regularly. Or at least we don’t. The only time one of them had a bad experience (which required an epi-pen, sent him to the infirmary, hives ALL over his body, passed out from the meds for pretty much the rest of the day) was at the windjammer buffet. They try to label, but I guess it’s sometimes missed. I wish our kids would avoid buffets. But they need to decide that out for themselves at their age (22, 21). I would guess mango is less common in food buffets, but can’t speak directly to that allergen. I would be more concerned about blender drinks
  9. I will not enter into a debate of who deserves to be where. But it does affect my cruise planning. If we do a suite on RC in low season it will be with some trepidation. We will most likely never make pinnacle, and we feel suite privileges are diluted when there are a lot of pinnacles sailing. Not saying it’s right or wrong, just our observation. We always get the drink package so it’s not about free drinks or even the suite lounge. It’s more about CK and suite/pinnacle deck areas. Soon on to be empty nesters we will be doing more cruises with Celebrity and other lines where suite guests rarely compete with non-suite guests for “suite privileges.”
  10. I would be very curious to hear if the key really allows people to jump the line at any time and get the same privilege as the Star class for the Florider. I understand people want privileges If they buy the key. But based on how many keys it seems RC is selling allowing this would IMO create a lot of unhappy riders and further dilute the value of any suite outside of star class. Only one of our kids still enjoys the florider, and it often already is such a long wait. If this is really a thing it would make more sense to me to just buy a couple private/semi-private sessions and avoid all the drama. Although times for those are pretty limited as well.
  11. I can’t see an issue as far as RC is concerned. DH and his family all dropped of their bags a few years back and went to a local sports bar to watch their team. Barely made it to the ship in time for sailing but their bags got to us no problems. I don’t know how RC would have any idea who boarded with their luggage or not.
  12. Thanks. After watching a bunch of YouTube videos I canceled the Columbus cove bungalow. If it was just me and DH that would be ok, but with our sons they probably want more action and not as long of a walk.
  13. Dizneydreamer what type of room/priority did you have? We are in a grand suite and currently have a beach bungalow reserved but would rather be at barefoot, I think. Barefoot is closer to most activities over where the bungalows are - is that right? I have read bungalows are at Columbus Cove?
  14. When is Allure scheduled for dry dock? Looks like 2020? We are sailing in November. Won’t be a deal killer for us, but we like st Thomas more than PR
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