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  1. Had enough of it??? I'd like to, but we can't get our house sold 😞
  2. I've yet been able to use My Vegas rewards on a cruise due to being on promotional prices.
  3. How did you find out which pier you were leaving from?
  4. When will you be there in December? Are you by chance on the 12/8 out of Puerto Rico?
  5. How do you get a day pass? I didn't see that option on their website.
  6. On my June LOS cruise I'd say it was about 80%. I was impressed!
  7. I don't think drinks (alcohol) are free from 11am-11pm any longer. I have heard only 5-8 (or something similar to that).
  8. Too bad this isn't "shareable" to other sites/pages. Thanks for sharing your experience as a learning tool for others.
  9. I paid $249 in June on LOS and got a USB. Make sure you are aware it is YOUR responsibility to make sure they take your pictures. They don't just take random pictures.
  10. I couldn't agree more with your statements!
  11. Thank you! Valley Church is now marked off my list... :D
  12. We have reservations at the Sheraton in Old San Juan after our cruise as it appears everything is within walking distance. Staying at Embassy Suites (close to airport) night prior to our cruise. Royal Caribbean docks at the Pan Am pier in Old San Juan. I used booking dot com to find our places to stay.
  13. Galveston Limo - if you book online it's $40/round trip per person.
  14. And, wouldn't it depend on when you get it?
  15. My advice is to get a private driver with Bodden Tours in Roatan. They will take you anywhere you want to go and have their own monkey/sloth/parrot sanctuary. Very highly rated on TripAdvisor.
  16. Never saw a trolley one during our visit. And yes, the Courtyard had a van to take you places, however they charged for the service.
  17. When we cruised out of Galveston, we used Galveston Limo both from and back to Houston (we flew in a day prior). Very inexpensive and easy to use! We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott which is about as far from the pier as you can get (I think). There wasn't a lot down in that area, but it was all we could find/afford.
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